Comfortable haircut for both a sheep and a foreman with a typewriter from China

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Sheep wool is a favorite material of many textile enterprises of the world, as well as ordinary consumers. Ultra-thin, sinuous and cordless fibers have unique thermal insulation properties.

Every spring and autumn, farmers plan to shear their sheep. To do this, the master will need a quality machine from China. Sharp blades perfectly cut dry hair. The device can be used even for cutting young animals. And this procedure is carried out in the first year after their birth. This model has many unique features.

A number of invaluable advantages

For any shearer, the speed and quality of the process is of paramount importance. Although the sheep or sheep are quite calm animals, yet the haircut for them often becomes a real stress. As a result, the animal begins to get nervous, which can lead to numerical cuts. Therefore, manufacturers took care of the following technical characteristics of this model of the sheep shearing machine:

  1. The rubberized handle will allow the master to securely fix the power tool in his hand. With a strong vibration, he can not slip out.
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  3. The length of the device is 36 cm, and the power cord m. Thus, you can work at a decent distance. The case is of medium size, which will tightly grasp the machine.
  4. The knife block is made of stainless steel, therefore it is not afraid of water. The blade has 13 double-edged teeth. If desired, you can order attachments of different sizes: 8 or 9 cm. They differ not only in the width of the plate, but also in the form of notches (smooth or conical). There are models in which the outermost teeth are slightly curved outwards.
  5. The power of the device is 690 W. The farmer will be able to choose one of six speed modes for work. For a minute, the motor shaft makes up to , 00 revolutions, which allows you to quickly serve a small herd.
  6. The durability and reliability of the device depends on the quality of the components. They are all made of metal, not plastic, like many manufacturers.
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At optimum loads, the engine rarely overheats. For such cases, the device has two cooling systems. On the side panel there is a filter, which is closed by a grate. This membrane is very easy to remove and clean.In turn, it protects the engine from clogging. The kit includes:

  • storage case;
  • instruction;
  • a bottle with lubricant;
  • brush for cleaning;
  • tool for removing knives.
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You can buy such a machine for shearing sheep from sellers on the website AliExpress. However, you will have to pay , 04 rubles for it.While other suppliers of such products put a price of 7-10 thousand rubles. Only the power of such machines is half that.

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