Choosing a gasoline mover for the garden at Aliexpress


Work in the garden is a hard and exhausting work, to facilitate which people come up with different tools. One such is a gasoline mover. This tool is used to make holes in the ground when planting trees, installing poles and fence posts. It has a simple and practical design that facilitates the work of the gardener. Almost all motoburs work on gasoline and are started using a manual self-starter starter. The depth and diameter of the finished holes depends on the diameter of the screw.

You can buy a motobur for a garden in a retail network or on the Internet. In online stores a huge selection of tools. Below we compare several models with similar technical characteristics.

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The main advantages of the tool are:

  • two-contact engine with power, l. from.;
  • a wide range of used screws (from 80 to 200 mm);
  • average depth of drilling (up to, meter);
  • light weight (9 kg);
  • easy to use.

A slightly cheaper similar motobur can be purchased at Alyekspress.

Its main advantages are:

  • a rather large volume of tank (, l), which increases the autonomy of the work;
  • high engine power (5 l. from.);
  • rubber handle;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • high level of security;
  • a wide range of used screws (from 80 mm to 300 mm).
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When ordering a motorbike from Aliexpress to Russia, delivery will be free of charge.

One of the popular models on the Rosette site is Vitals BUM 52o.

This is a modern model, which has an economical engine with power, l. from. It works on a mixture of gasoline and oil, which is prepared immediately before use. Motobur Vitals has a chrome inside of the cylinder, due to which the service life increases several times. The presented tool is equipped with an effective protection system, which instantly shuts down the engine in the event of a breakdown. The main advantages of the Vitals motobike are:

  • A powerful engine with an air cooling system;
  • the opportunity to work in pairs;
  • an effective protective system;
  • large tank volume;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • Long service life, which is achieved through the use of a chrome cylinder;
  • light weight.
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Whichever motobur you choose, be sure to read the instruction manual or watch the training video on the Internet.

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