Choosing an electric sprayer for the garden at Alyexpress


To ensure a large harvest in their beds and in the garden gardeners are increasingly using mechanical tools. One of the most popular tools in the country is a sprayer. This tool is used for:

  • destruction of pests and treatment of plants with the help of chemicals;
  • quality spraying of fertilizers and other nutrients;
  • watering plants;
  • destruction of weeds.

At the present time, electric and gasoline springs are replacing mechanical sprayers, which are successfully used not only in the suburban area, but also for other works:

  • cleaning windows, walls and other objects;
  • whitewashing of the walls;
  • disinfection of premises;
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The electric sprayer is in the form of a knapsack, so it is convenient to use it both in large and small areas. Depending on the model, they have a tank with a capacity of up to 25 liters and several additional nozzles for spraying (jet, fan, cloud). The main advantage of this tool is the telescopic handle, which allows you to easily spray small trees, bushes and beds.

Now consider in more detail several popular models in different online stores.

This product can work up to 9 hours without recharging and spray up to 500 kg of liquid. It has built-in protection against excessive pressure in the tank, as well as a triple level of filtration of the working substance (water, herbicides, pesticides, cleaning agents).

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On the Chinese site, one of the popular models is the Sprayer.

The main technical characteristics of this sprayer:

  1. Plastic tank with a capacity of up to 16 liters.
  2. 12V battery, which provides 7 hours of continuous operation.
  3. Small size.
  4. Overpressure protection.

One of the most popular models on the Rosette site is the Sadko SPR-20H.

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The main features of the model Sadko SPR-20H:

  1. Hybrid operating principle (battery or hand pump) allows the use of the product after the end of the charge.
  2. Work up to 3 hours without recharging.
  3. Quickly replace the battery.
  4. Plastic tank up to 20 liters.
  5. 2 internal pumps (pump and diaphragm), which work separately. The diaphragm pump is powered by a rechargeable battery. The pump is started by means of a lever located on the left side of the product.
  6. A special filter for cleaning the used substance.

Before using the sprayer, be sure to read the instructions or see the video on the Internet.

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