Secrets and recipes for harvesting sea buckthorn for the winter

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With the arrival of autumn in the garden ripen the sea buckthorn, which can be recognized by the branches, densely plastered with berries. Harvest is allowed for processing. Recipes for sea buckthorn for the winter can be both thermal and natural. The second method is preferable, since a maximum of vitamins is stored in the berries.

Basic storage methods for sea buckthorn

Consider how to save sea buckthorn for the winter and their vitamin value. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Sugar. The fruits are perfectly preserved if you pour them sugar in the 1: 1 ratio. At the same time, containers should be placed in a refrigerator, setting a temperature of +4 degrees, not more. With the arrival of winter, such sea buckthorn can be started up for the preparation of fruit drinks, various drinks or just tea. Another good option - sea buckthorn, rubbed with sugar for the winter in a ratio of 1: 1.
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  2. In the water. Strange, isn't it? Usually water is detrimental to fruits and berries. With sea buckthorn everything is different - it can be stored in water for quite a long time. All you need to do is to place the washed sea buckthorn in pre-sterilized jars, close the lid and send to the refrigerator stored at + 4ºС.
  3. In the cold. When harvesting, cut the branches straight with the berries and send them to a cold room with a temperature of 0-4 ° С, distributing them in one layer or placing them in a suspended state. This recipe for sea buckthorn for the winter allows you to save the fruit until spring. In addition, do not need to engage in processing.
  4. In dried form. Yes, sea buckthorn fruit can be dried. To do this, they are collected before the arrival of frost, so that the skin was dense and round. The harvest is laid out on large planes. It can be pans or large pieces of plywood. Substrates are sent to the shade( strictly, not in the sun) and left until the fruits are dried up. Drying is carried out already at home in dryers or ovens, setting the temperature to 40-45 ° C.Infrared heaters may also be suitable.
  5. In the freezer. This option is very convenient and not time consuming. In addition, it allows you to save almost all useful components.

Rules for harvesting sea buckthorn

Recipes preparations for the winter will help to save the useful properties of sea buckthorn. But regardless of what you are going to do, you should observe some nuances:

  1. Only whole who are allowed to be processed without bright orange-colored berries are damaged.
  2. Fruits must be dense. Overdue use is undesirable: they contain much less nutrients. And besides, instead of the berries in the cooking process, you get a shapeless mass.
  3. Sea Buckthorn ripens only by the end of August, therefore it should be bought with the onset of autumn. If you offer a berry before - be sure to use chemicals.
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Golden recipes for sea buckthorn blanks for winter

And now let's consider the most popular and simple options for harvesting sea buckthorn fruits.


Buckthorn, as a rule, immediately after harvesting is allowed for processing, preparing from it jam, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, butter. But sometimes it is frozen to enjoy fresh vitamins in the winter. This is the easiest recipe for cooking sea buckthorn for the winter.

The procedure is done immediately after harvesting:

  1. With the cut twigs remove the berries. At this stage, a lot of patience is required, because collecting is too laborious and time consuming.
  2. "Harvest" is thoroughly washed, several times changing the water. Keep all rubbish, twigs, insects and foliage out.
  3. Washed berries spread on a towel evenly, blot and leave to dry.
  4. When the sea buckthorn is dry enough, it is put on a baking sheet or tray in a single layer and sent to the freezer for an hour.
  5. Frozen sea buckthorn berries for the winter, poured into plastic containers, not forgetting to write a date on them. Shelf life is 9 months. Take into account, it is impossible to freeze the berries again, so the amount needed at once should be thawed.

To freeze the berries faster, set the lowest temperature in the freezer.

It is best to freeze the berries at -22 degrees. At higher temperatures, the skin may crack and the result is a shapeless mass.

Drying in three ways

How to prepare sea buckthorn for the winter using drying? We offer three ways, but not whole berries, and cake.

Option 1

The collected fruits are dried until complete evaporation of moisture. Next, distribute the berries on the baking sheets in an even thin layer. And sent to the shadows to fade.

Drying is carried out only in the shade, because the sun's rays destroy useful carotene in them.

When the berries are sufficiently dried, they are sent to the oven or drying oven, where the final drying of the berries takes place. The drying temperature should not rise above 50 degrees. During the work it is necessary to control the driedness now, so that the berry does not burn and does not dry out.

The second option 2

The harvested crop is sorted, the bad berries, twigs, leaves are removed, and then they are thoroughly washed in cold water. The first stage of drying - disposal of surface moisture remaining after washing. The second stage is drying on trays in one layer for 5-6 at a temperature of 50-60ºС.

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These two options are only suitable if you have a few berries. In the case of a large crop, it will be better to dry the cake first.

Option 3

Another option for drying sea buckthorn with maximum benefit is drying the cake. In this way, you kill two birds with one stone: make juice or jam from squeezed liquid, and then use dried cake to make fruit drinks, butter, aromatic tea, jelly, wine, tinctures, and put them in pies.

Dried cake or berries, first soaked in boiling water, and then used for its intended purpose.

For work, you will need a colander, juicer, metal sieve, spoon, gauze and dryer:

  1. The berries should be thoroughly cleaned of twigs and other debris, washed and dried to remove all moisture.
  2. Put the berries into a food processor and chop them so that the fruits burst and do not turn into a shapeless porridge. You can just use the crush without holes.
  3. Next, the resulting mass is sent to a metal sieve, and fray with a spoon, collecting the separated liquid in a separate container.
  4. Shake the cake in gauze, pre-folded in 2-3 layers, and carefully outlast from the residual liquid.
  5. Juice is sent for further processing, and the cake is transferred to an electric drier and dried until ready( about 3 hours).

Ready dried cake is transferred to a dry container with a tight-fitting lid.

Sea buckthorn jam in minutes.

No time to mess with sea buckthorn? Now we will tell you how to prepare sea buckthorn for the winter quickly and easily. To do this, you need 1 kg of sunny berries, 0.8 liters of water and 1.5 kg of granulated sugar. This option is considered the most useful and tasty. The fact is that in the process of cooking in the berries to the maximum preserved nutrients that are important for the body, especially in autumn and winter:

  1. Collect the berries. Carefully review the fruit, remove damaged or dry, remove the stem and wash. Put on a towel and dry well. The berry must be dry, otherwise the jam will get moldy.
  2. Sugar is combined with hot water, set on fire and brought to a boil with constant stirring.
  3. Cook the syrup for 3 minutes, then filter through gauze or flannel.
  4. Quickly transfer sea buckthorn fruits to hot syrup,
  5. Sea buckthorn fruits return to hot syrup, bring jam to readiness.

Still hot jam is poured into pre-sterilized jars, turned upside down and wrapped with a blanket.

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Sea buckthorn compote

What else can you cook for the winter from sea buckthorn? Compote! It is also rich in nutrients and vitamins. In addition, it will enhance immunity in the winter.

For the preparation of compote, it is desirable to collect the fruits slightly immature, so they do not burst during cooking.

For the realization of the recipe for sea buckthorn for the winter requires 1 kg of berries. For this amount take the same amount of sugar and 1.3 liters of water.


  1. Berries are thoroughly washed, the stalks are separated, dried on a towel and laid out on sterilized jars.
  2. Syrup is brewed from water and sugar and berries are poured over them.
  3. Each jar is sterilized. To do this, use a large saucepan or a deep metal basin with boiling water. Take one jar of jam, put it in boiling water, and leave it for a while. For a half-liter jar, the sterilization time is 12 minutes, and for a liter jar - 17.
  4. They close the jars and send them to the storeroom.

Sea buckthorn jam without cooking

It turns out you can cook sea buckthorn for the winter even without cooking. This is done in an uncomplicated way. The truth will have to use a juicer. If not, a blender and meat grinder will do. Obtained by this method, sea buckthorn mass is just perfect for making pourings for casseroles, cakes, cutlets, fruit drinks, stewed fruit, or you can simply serve tea in a bowl and eat with spoons.

Only two ingredients will be required: sea buckthorn berries in( 1 kg) and 0.8 kg of granulated sugar. Then follow this scheme:

  1. Berries should be thoroughly washed, dried on a towel and twisted on a juicer, collecting the liquid mass in a container. Keep in mind, when using this unit, the best jam is obtained, since a little skin gets into the liquid. As a result, the jam will get a slightly mealy taste.
  2. Pour in the granulated sugar and stir until it is completely dissolved. Everything, jam is ready. It remains only to decompose the banks, close the lid and set in the refrigerator to remain. Leave on the light or even worse, jam is impossible in the sun, because it reduces the content of useful components.
  3. The remaining cake can be used for further preparation.

Having missed the berries through the juicer press, the cake should be ground again. This will pull the fruit from the pulp as possible.

Over time, the jam is stratified to form three layers: light yellow jelly, orange pulp with pulp and a transparent syrup. When using the contents of the jar, it is desirable to mix.

Sea-buckthorn is a storehouse of utilities. They eat it not only in autumn, but also in winter. Using our advice, you can keep the berries fresh for a long time. Give yourself a spoonful of bright sun!

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