Kalanchoe blooming - the best decoration of the window sill

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Choosing plants to decorate an apartment, amateur looking for ornamental Kalanchoe - video

Choosing plants for decorating an apartment, amateur looking for ornamental Kalanchoe - video

Choosing plants for decorating an apartment, amateur looking for decorative flowering Kalanchoe -

These are the flowering kalanchoe. A native of Madagascar, brought to Russia for its medicinal properties, is very unpretentious. Over the years, various forms of this succulent have been bred, up to 100 species of Kalanchoe have settled on the windowsills and in the greenhouses of the country.

How to propagate Kalanchoe blooming

A native of a hot climate growing on stony soil, saving water to reserve a flower is unpretentious. It will grow on soil consisting of sand and brick dust, mixed in equal proportions with hardwood humus and peat. Do not give up a small amount of fertile humus and birch coals interspersed with small pebbles. But you can simply buy ready-made soil for geranium, it is also suitable Kalanchoe.

The planting capacity of the plant is chosen so that it is convenient to place the roots in it, but the excess volume is harmful - the earth can sour. The plant is transplanted every year in a large bowl, in a fresh substrate. At the same time, any pot should have a good drainage layer.

Planting material can be obtained by cutting off a part of the stem from the top of the plant after the end of flowering, and rooting it in raw sand. Flowering species of Kalanchoe give seeds from which you can get seedlings. Kalanchoe can flourish as a vivifying plant, which separates the baby, falls into the ground and takes root. It remains only to extract it carefully and put in a prepared cup. The appearance of the children on the sheets does not depend on whether the plant has blossomed.

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While the plant is taking root, the soil should be wet. Later, excess moisture is harmful. The leaves and stem are shrouded in a layer that does not have pores, and the moisture from the plant does not evaporate.

Photo Kalanchoe with good care at home

In order for the plant annually to please fans with its decorativeness, you need to create conditions for its development:

  1. Place Kalanchoe on the brightest window and cover it from the direct rays of the sun.
  2. With the onset of spring, produce watering in small portions once a week, with top dressing for flowering cacti once a month.
  3. In the summer, provide fresh air and give the opportunity to bloom and increase the green mass.
  4. In August, prune the blooming bouquets, cut and form the desired plant shape. Reduce watering twice, fertilize the mixture with nitrogen. Lower the temperature to 18 degrees and reduce the daylight hours to 9-10 hours, giving good light at this time.

Everything, the biological rhythm of a flower is sustained, and if the species is blooming, the bush will be pleased with the lush color.

These conditions are ideal for the growth and development of a healthy flower. But unfortunately, sometimes the plants do not want to bloom. It is necessary to look for the cause in the wrong agrotechnology of a plant or its infestation by parasites.

Sometimes it happens that a flowering shrub bought at a flower shop no longer buds for several years. How to care for Kalanchoe flowering, which purchased in the store. It is necessary to know that fresh flowers coming from Holland in containers contain a substrate with temporary flowering. Later, the soil becomes skinny, unable to provide the plant with nutrition.

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How to transplant flowering kalanchoe? It is necessary to take a large container, remove the plant from the container and gently shake the old soil from the roots to the maximum. After that, carefully place in a new place, to seal the soil, the plant should be watered well, but let the water flow through the drainage and remove it. Subsequently, watering a flowering plant only after drying the coma of earth inside the pot, trying it in depth to moisture.

The reasons why a home-grown shrub does not enter flowering can be excessive care. The plant blooms when it is necessary to give offspring. Therefore, watering should be moderate to the stinginess. This will save Kalanchoe from the development of fungal diseases. Overflow for succulents is much worse than drought.

The plant deprived of light will not bloom. In the shadows it will be oppressed, it may die. In the bright spring and summer sun, the leaves will get burned, and will be sick for a long time. And if you do not create a short bright day to a Madagascar resident from August to December, it is unlikely that the Decembrist will bloom.

Secrets, how to make Kalanchoe to bloom annually

Experienced amateurs of succulents find ways of annual flowering of Kalanchoe, and even throw out the color to a significant date.

Immediately after flowering, the plant is cut to a stump and cleaned for a month and a half in a dark and cool hanging with a temperature below 15 degrees. Then it is exposed to the light, and make ordinary watering and dressing. During the summer, Kalanchoe grows green mass. At the same time pinch growing leaves, forcing the plant to bush. So do until November.

Esoterics believe that Kalanchoe has a strong aura. It cleans the house not only from harmful impurities in the atmosphere, but also negative emotions. Plants with red and orange flowers charge the surrounding energy.

Now, you should provide the plant with bright light for 8 hours and darkness at another time of day, after a month the Kalanchoe will push the buds. Now the place of the flower on the windowsill with a temperature of 18 degrees and long flowering will warm in cold winter.

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Sometimes people are surprised that Kalanchoe blooms profusely in the winter in the offices and does not want to please during home care. The reason is that office workers are in the service of 8 hours. The rest of the time in winter is dark. And the energy saving mode allows you to keep the temperature in the room during the off time. That's the whole secret. At home, the same result occurs if the plant is kept in a non-residential room, not including the light in the evenings.

Using the properties of the plant to blossom after a period of rest, you can artificially create conditions and get unusual Kalanchoe bushes that bloom even in summer. But in the summer and so lacks a variety of flowering plants. Therefore, the bloom of the Decembrist in winter pleases lovers more than the forcing in summer.

Care for home flowering Kalanchoe - video

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