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Making pumpkin puree is almost effortless and will seem simple even to the most inexperienced housewife. After all, what could be simpler than baking a pumpkin and smashing it well with a blender? At the same time, there are so many variants of this puree that you can get confused - especially if you come across them for the first time. The article will tell you about popular recipes for pumpkin blanks for children and adults and will reveal a couple of secrets that will help you process the fruit correctly.

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Why are pumpkins so good as blanks? It's simple: it is chock full of nutrients. The pulp of the fruit has a high content of beta-carotene and vitamin A, as well as potassium and iron, has a very low calorie content, but contains a lot of useful fiber. By the way, pumpkin seeds are also very useful and have a vitamin value, so when cooking, they can not be thrown away, but dried and processed. But if you are cooking pumpkin puree for the winter for children, then you should refrain from such an idea - the baby’s body can react badly to the seeds.

In addition to ordinary pumpkins, there are also “sugar” or “baby pumpkins”.These small fruits have a denser and sweeter flesh, are considered less fibrous and have a brighter flavor. For mashed potatoes - ideal.

Pumpkin for mashed potatoes can be boiled, stewed and baked - depends on personal preferences. But still, the best heat treatment is baking. The fact is that with prolonged heat exposure, pumpkin( like any other vegetable or fruit) loses a significant portion of nutrients. And the oven, in comparison with a frying pan and a saucepan, is the lesser of evils: pumpkin puree will become much healthier for the winter, and if you slightly sprinkle the slices of olive oil before baking, it tastes better.

If the pumpkin is caught with large and hard streaks, then do not try to clean it immediately - better send it to the oven with the peel. After baking, the flesh will easily separate, the main thing is not to get too close to the “body”.

The Best - Children

If you want to make pumpkin mash, which kids will enjoy, then there are a number of rules:

  1. Before preparing large portions, be sure to take an allergy test. It is enough to break a small piece of pumpkin and give the child a try with the mixture.
  2. Pumpkin is absolutely contraindicated for those little ones who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestines.
  3. In the past - does not mean better: an acceptable age for the introduction of pumpkin - 6-8 months.
  4. The jars must be sterilized as thoroughly as possible.
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The pumpkin mash recipe for babies is quite simple: only sugar pumpkin and water are needed.

Pumpkin is completely cleared of seeds and cut into small slices, and then sent for 40-50 minutes to the oven at a temperature of 180-200 degrees.

In order to keep the slices "not squandered" and not dried, pour some water into a saucepan or in a baking pan. Then the fruit will remain soft, although the surface will be slightly astringent, and the mash with such a pumpkin will be tender.

Baby puree is recommended to wipe and not to beat - so you will be sure that all the veins and lumps are removed.

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Variations are possible

Everyone cooks pumpkin puree in their own way: a recipe with condensed milk - sweet, or with the addition of a tender zucchini - almost caviar. Whether it will eventually become a preservative is a matter of taste. In some cases, mashed potatoes can even be deep-frozen. You should not be afraid: most experienced housewives agree that "wateriness" after defrosting can be avoided.

If we talk about those versions of mashed potatoes, which are classified as dessert ones, then pumpkin and apple puree is most in demand. For the winter, this recipe is suitable for those who adhere to proper nutrition - this is, without exaggeration, the best low-calorie sweetness, and the combination of flavors is almost perfect.

In some cases, it is customary, the process is similar to making jam: apples with pumpkin are broken and then cooked over low heat with the addition of a small amount of sugar( 3-5 spoons are needed for 2 kg of fresh fruits).This puree can not be called a pantry of vitamins and even more so - dietary, but if you take the risk, you will get a culinary hit.

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There is a more useful way - pumpkin puree without sugar, but with the addition of cinnamon. Fruits are baked( note that the apple needs much less time to cook!), And then blended with cinnamon to taste. By the way, this puree is also suitable for babies, but you should be extremely careful with cinnamon.

If it seems to you that the puree has turned out too thick, you can safely dilute it with water, but do not forget to beat it well again.

And now we are making a 180-degree turn, and we will look at pumpkin puree for the winter, the recipe of which is simple, but you can use the preparation as a side dish for almost any second dish.

Only three ingredients are needed for it - water, some salt and a torpedo gourd. The pumpkin is divided in half and, as usual, baked, but with a slight addition of butter. Then they are separated from the peel, whipped with salt and, if necessary, water is added - always warm!

And if you want to taste pumpkin soup in a cold winter, you will not need to run to the market: you will open a jar( or take out a container from the freezer) and taste the flavors of summer.

Video-recipe mashed pumpkin and apples

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