Do you know how tasty salted red fish at home?

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video There is a simple recipe for salting red fish yourself. Of course, it is easier to choose it in the supermarket, already prepared and cut into thin slices - it remains only to put it on toast with butter and eat. However, it is much safer to purchase a whole carcass and cook it with your own hands. So the hostess will be confident in the quality of the fish and its freshness, as well as in the fact that when it was salted, no dyes and harmful additives were used.

The classic recipe for salting red fish.

The recipe for salting red fish at home is simple and does not require any unusual ingredients. The most difficult task is to correctly separate the flesh from the bones so that they do not fall into the finished fish later. For 4 kg of fish you will need 10 tablespoons of salt, 5 - sugar, as well as lemon, bay leaf and spices to taste. Fish should choose chilled, but if you can buy only a whole carcass - it is weighed after defrosting.

Getting Salted:

  1. Before salting the red fish, it must be cut in order to preserve the maximum amount of meat. To do this, use a sharp knife to make one large incision of the head to the tail, passing it along the ribs and the spine. Knife beam inserted from the side of the abdomen.
  2. Then, with the same knife, cut off the upper part of the pulp behind the gills and lay it aside. The next step in the red fish salting recipe is the separation of the second half of the fillet. Use a knife to hook the ribs and spine, carefully separating the bones from the meat. It will be more convenient to carry out this manipulation, after cutting off the head( immediately behind the gills) and the tail.
  3. Next, you need to remove hard ribs that will interfere with the finished fish. To begin with, they are held under the knife, trying not to grab a large amount of meat. After that, a small amount of bones will remain;All these manipulations can be avoided if you buy already prepared peeled fillets. It will cost more and may contain dyes that will give the meat a rich red color. However, if you need to quickly pickle red fish at home, you should not waste time cutting the carcass and take ready fillets.
  4. When the fish fillet is ready for pickling, you need to prepare the mixture. Salt combine with sugar, spices, crushed bay leaf and pepper. All ingredients are mixed.
  5. Next, you need to properly lay the fish. To do this, choose a container in which both halves of the fillet will fit so that they do not need to be cut further. The classic way to pickle red fish is to soak the pulp with salt mixture from all sides. The bottom of the pot is sprinkled with salt, then one part of the fillet is laid backwards on it. The upper part should be put on the bottom, and between them add a layer of salt, and sliced ​​lemon as desired. From above, the fish is also filled with a mixture.
  6. The recipe for salting red fish means that it will be infused for several days in the refrigerator. During this time, she will run the juice and completely soaked with a solution. The taste will be more saturated if you cover the container with an airtight lid that will not let the air through.
  7. Fish from the refrigerator should not be consumed immediately. It should be washed under running water to remove excess salt. It is also recommended to leave it in water for 10 minutes, so that the pulp remains salted evenly, and not just on the surface. When the carcass is cleaned of excess salt and dries at room temperature, you can eat it.
  8. Before eating, a red fish must go through another stage of preparation. The classic recipe explains how to salt the red fish along with the skin, but before serving it must be removed. With a sharp knife make a cut in the center of the fillet, and then separate the skin from the pulp, trying to leave as much meat as possible.

There is a way to quickly pickle red fish, but still no housewife will have time to cook it if the guests are on the threshold. The finished peeled fillet, cut into small slices, is completely soaked in salt in the refrigerator during the day.

How to choose red fish for salting?

The choice of high-quality fresh fish for salting is the key to its taste and health safety. It is better to purchase it in supermarkets, since there must be documents on all veterinary and sanitary inspections. Red fish in natural markets and from the hands of fishermen may contain helminth eggs and other microorganisms that are transmitted to humans when eating meat.

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There are general rules for choosing fish that should be guided:

  1. A fresh carcass should not produce an unpleasant smell, as well as the aroma of spices or spices.
  2. The main indicator of fish freshness is its eyes and gills. Eyeballs must be whole, convex, and on their surface there should not be a turbid film. If the eyes and gills are missing, it is better not to take the fish.
  3. If the fish is frozen, there should not be a lot of ice on it. Its thick layer suggests that the carcass was frozen more than 1 time, which is absolutely not recommended.
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In addition to the general rules, you should not forget about the recommendations that concern red fish varieties:

  1. The color of meat should not be too intense. If it is unnaturally red, especially if this individual has short fins, the fish are precisely tinted for the best presentation. It is not recommended to eat such dyes.
  2. Normally, red meat of fish has light streaks on the cut. Dyes evenly make the cut red, and this fact is worth paying attention to when buying fillets.

Salmon carcass should not have spots on the skin. They appear during the spawning of this fish, and the meat becomes less saturated.

There is no one method for correctly salting red fish. The amount of salt and spices will depend not only on its taste, but also on the shelf life and the degree of its purification from helminths and microbes. Fish that have absorbed salt for several days or more will be stored longer. Ready salted red fish turns any everyday dish into a delicacy: sandwiches, salads, pancakes, tartlets. This product looks harmoniously on a festive table, but it is rather nourishing and compact enough to take it with you as a snack. In addition, red fish contains a huge amount of useful vitamins, minerals and fatty acids necessary for human health.

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A quick and tasty recipe for salting red fish - video

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