How to cook cherry liqueur from fresh berries

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Meeting guests is not only a pleasant, but also a responsible event. Homemade cherry liqueur goes well with meat dishes, fresh salads and even sweet pastries. If you want to surprise your friends at the holiday table, then prepare it according to one of our recipes.

Cherry pouring

In the harvest season, residents of our country traditionally devote their free time to harvesting fresh berries and vegetables for the future. Fresh produce not only tasty pickles, salads and jams, but also extremely tasty alcoholic beverages. During this period, you can make homemade cherry liqueur, which will warm and delight you throughout the cold season.


  • cherry - three kilograms;
  • vodka - two and a half liters;
  • sugar - 500 grams;
  • water - two liters.

Pouring cherries on vodka is prepared for six weeks, so please be patient. The result will exceed all your expectations, as well as give a lot of positive emotions.

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So let's get down to business. Enumerate the fresh ripe berries, rinse them well, remove all the twigs and leaves. We do not recommend to remove the bones, since they will give the treat a rich taste and aroma. Pour the cherries into clean three-liter jars and fill them with vodka diluted with pure spring water.

If you want to get a strong enough drink, then the berries should occupy only half the free space of the container. For ladies' liqueur fill the jars with cherries on the "hangers".

The infusion should be infused at room temperature for at least two weeks. When the specified period passes, you will notice obvious changes. The fluid level will decrease, and its color will change. Strain the drink through a sieve and two layers of cheesecloth, and return the berries to the jars and add sugar to them.

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After two weeks, strain the contents of the cans, and then mix the separated juice with the liquid, which was obtained in the first stage. The “male”( strong) version is completely ready for use, but with the “female” liqueur you need to work a little more.

So, send the berries back to the jars and fill them with boiled spring water. Do not forget to periodically shake and turn the dishes. When 14 days have passed, drain the liquid and combine it with a strong liqueur.

"Ladies" liqueur has a sweet taste, in which there is a slight sourness.

It is very pleasant to drink, but you should not get carried away with the drink. Exceeding the modest “female” dose threatens with a headache and loss of strength for the whole next day.

Pour the mixture into bottles and seal them. Try making cherry soda at home! Thanks to her, you will be ready to meet unexpected guests and you can always put on the table a natural, tasty drink of its own making.

How to make an alcohol drink

The bright color and rich taste of this drink will delight even the strictest critic. It does not need complex equipment or any special ingredients. That is why you not only easily make cherry liqueur on alcohol, but also get great pleasure from the process.

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Required products:

  • fresh or frozen cherry - one kilogram;
  • sugar - two glasses;
  • alcohol - one and a half liters.

Not only fresh, but frozen berries are suitable for this recipe.

We will describe the recipe of cherry liqueurs in detail below:

  1. Process and sort out the berries, remove all the branches and leaves. Fill the jars with cherries and pour in the alcohol. Close the dishes with capron caps and send it to a cool place for 14 days.
  2. When the specified time has elapsed, strain the contents of the cans. Pour the liquid into suitable bottles, close them tightly and put them in the refrigerator. Mix berries with sugar and return to the jars. After a while, add some water to the cherry and leave it alone for two weeks.
  3. In the next step, you need to mix the berry syrup and spirit tincture. Do not forget to dilute the drink with water, achieving the desired taste. After that, cherry pouring should be bottled and sent to storage until suitable.

Homemade drink from two ingredients

Prepare for any friendly party, bachelorette party or family celebration is very simple. With the help of our recipe you can surprise the guests and impress them. How to cook cherry liqueur without vodka? Recipe flavored drink will not cause you trouble. Just carefully study all the steps and repeat them in the correct sequence.

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  • five kilograms of cherry;
  • two kilograms of sugar.

So, how to make cherry liqueur at home?

To begin, thoroughly rinse the three-liter jars inside and out. After that, put some berries in them and fill them with sugar. Repeat this operation until the dishes are 70% full.

Close the jars with gauze folded in several layers, and then fasten the "covers" with an office elastic band. Send the blanks to a warm place for three or four days.

When the active fermentation process begins, remove the gauze and plant a medical glove in its place. Do not forget to make a puncture on the "finger" so that the rubber does not burst. Again, send the banks in the heat and do not touch them for three weeks.

When the gloves begin to deflate, strain the juice that has been squeezed out using the same gauze or special cap( there should be comfortable holes in it).Return the berries to clean jars and re-fill them with sugar.

The taste of the finished drink will depend on the correct ratio of ingredients. Therefore, sugar should not be less than 30% of the total berries.

Pour clean cool water( not boiled) into the jars, and then send the blanks to the pantry for one month. After about 30 days, strain the liquid and pour it into a suitable container.

As you could be convinced, everyone can make cherry liqueur. If you doubt the quality of the finished alcoholic beverages sold in the supermarket, feel free to use our recipes.

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