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Sherbet with peanuts, the home recipe of which will be described step by step below is familiar to many since childhood. Soft, sugary sweet fudge with lots of peanuts will surely appeal to both children and adults. Although this dish belongs to traditional oriental cuisine, there are no ingredients in its composition that would not be available. Classic sherbet with peanuts is prepared with a lot of butter and sugar, so it has a high calorie content.

What is sorbet?

The word sherbet( also sorbet or sorbet) has several meanings. So called the traditional drink of oriental cuisine, made from rosehip berries, rose petals, licorice and spices. Now the recipe has been modified, and various fruits and berries, honey and spices are added to the sorbet. In addition, fruit ice cream or frozen ice is also called sorbet.

Peanut sorbet ─ is an oriental sweetness that has nothing to do with drinks. This is a candy made of nuts and fudge, which is cut into small pieces and served as a dessert. In terms of composition and caloric content, sherbet is equated to candy, this is a satisfying and nutritious delicacy. The basis of modern manufacturers usually take condensed milk.

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Read also: Tips from the master: how to make juicy beef baked in the ovenThe common ingredient is peanut, which is used in large quantities. You can buy it already fried or fry yourself in the pan.

Sherbet with

Butter Based on 1 cup of peanuts, you will need another 3 cups of sugar, 1 cup of full-fat milk, 100 g of butter. The mixture has a liquid consistency, so it is poured into a large form, and when ready, it is already divided into pieces.

If you take the form of a larger size, the treat will be cut into small portioned slices. You can also put it in a plastic bottle and cut it into slices, like a roll.

Cooking process:

  1. Peanuts are fried in an oil-free frying pan. Milk is poured into the pan and 2 cups of sugar are added to it, boiled over low heat for 30 minutes. At the same time, you need to caramelize the remaining glass of sugar and pour it into the boiling mixture.
  2. In the next step add nuts and butter to the pan. The pot is not removed from the heat, the mixture continues to languish on the stove for another 40 minutes.
  3. Sherbet with peanuts is almost ready. It remains to pour the hot mixture into the mold and let it cool until it hardens. It is recommended to cover the form with parchment paper or smear it with vegetable oil so that the sherbet is easily separated and does not stick to the walls.
  4. The mixture should cool for a few hours in a cool place. When it is cooled to room temperature, it is put in the refrigerator and continue to cool. As soon as the consistency becomes firm, sherbet is taken out of the mold and cut into pieces with a knife.
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The recipe for home-made sherbet with peanuts at home is simple, but time consuming. If you cook the mixture in the morning, it will cool completely and will be ready for use in the afternoon. Ready sherbet served with berries, sliced ​​fruit and other light sweets. It has a rich taste, against which chocolate candies may seem bland.

Sherbet without butter

Each housewife decides for herself what to make sherbet with peanuts. Butter adds to the dessert fat and calorie content, but there is an option to cook it without butter. For this recipe you will need a pound of peanuts, a glass of milk, 3 cups of sugar, a few spoons of cocoa, as well as 350 g dry milk.

Instead of powdered milk, some prefer to use infant formula.

Cooking sherbet:

  1. Sugar, cocoa and milk are combined in one saucepan and simmer. The mixture must be continuously stirred until the grains of sugar begin to caramelize.
  2. Next, remove the pan from the heat and cool slightly at room temperature. Powdered milk can be poured only when the syrup has cooled to 80 ° C.Together with the powder, the whole peanut is poured, the mixture is stirred and poured into the mold.
  3. Sherbet cools at room temperature, then in the refrigerator. Next, it is taken out of the mold and cut into portions. Honey and spices can be added to the peanut sorbet, and the finished dish is decorated with powdered sugar.

The exact nutritional value of home-made nut sorbet is difficult to calculate, since each housewife uses different ingredients. The approximate caloric content of the peanut sorbet is 400 Kcal per 100 g, it contains about 5.7 g of protein, 13.9 g of fat and 55.2 g of carbohydrates.

The taste of nut sorbet has been known since childhood. It was produced in the form of a long creamy sausage with a honey flavor and a viscous consistency. There are a large number of homemade sorbet recipes with peanuts, which differ from each other. They can contain butter, condensed milk, commercial toffee, honey, cocoa and spices. It is very nourishing and sweet for the liver, so it is best to cook it rarely and eat in small portions.

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