Error codes washing machine Miele

Error code What does mean Causes of How to remedy the situation
F01 The drying temperature sensor is faulty. The thermistor, which controls the drying temperature, has failed due to a short circuit.
  1. Inspection and replacement of the temperature sensor in case of malfunction.
  2. Checking contacts and wiring. Repair damaged areas.




An error means that a problem has occurred with the drying temperature sensor. Why the code is on the CMA board:
  • Disconnection of sensor connections.
  • Thermal sensor breakage.
To reset the error:
  1. All contacts between the thermal sensor and the module are tested.
  2. Thermistor is replaced with a serviceable part.
F10 There was a problem during the water flood. Causes:
  • There is no water in the system, or the inlet valve is blocked.
  • Clogged water intake hose, inlet filter.
  • Problems with the main module.
To solve the problem, do this:
  1. Unscrew the gate valve.
  2. Remove and clean the intake hose and the strainer between it and the valve.
  3. Diagnostics of the electronic board.
F11 There is no water drain. For what reasons the code was highlighted on the screen:
  • Low pressure in the water supply system.
  • Pump filter, drain pipe or pump clogged.
How can I clear the error:
  1. The pressure in the water pipe is checked.
  2. Clean the filter, pipe and drain pump.
F15 Hot water intake. Check if the connection is correct. Shut off hot water.
F16 Too much foam.
  • Dose of detergent exceeded.
  • Water does not drain well.
What to do:
  1. In the future, reduce the dose of powder.
  2. Check the drain pump and nozzle for blockage. To remove the foam, turn on the rinsing mode.
F19 Water sensor malfunction. Inspection Sensor. It is possible to hit a small object.
F20 Fault in the heating system. Why did the Miele washing machine show the error code:
  • Breakdown of the heating element( heating element).
  • Thermal sensor malfunction.
How to fix the situation:
  1. Replace the heater.
  2. Install a new thermal sensor.
F29 Failure of the drying heater. TEN drying does not work. Replacing the heating element.
F34 The hatch does not close tightly. Why the washing machine gives an error:
  • The mechanical parts of the door were worn out: lock, tongue, handle.
  • Breakage of the electronic lock of the hatch( UBL).
How to repair a Miele washing machine:
  1. Replacing broken door elements.
  2. Installing a new locking device.
F35 Unable to open the hatch door. What happened:
  • There was a blockage in the lock hole.
  • Defective elements of the control board.
  1. The door is being opened.
  2. The keyhole is then inspected and cleaned.
  3. Repairing electronic board.






Electronics malfunction. Problems with the control module. Change or repair of the main unit.
F46 Incorrect connection of the display. Contact break or control board failure. Repair and change items.
F47 There were problems with the BAE / SLT interface.
F48 There were problems with the SLT interface.
F51 The pressure switch is faulty. Pressure switch failure. Install the serviceable item.
F53 Speed ​​sensor out of order. Sensor breakage. Replace Item.
F55 Incorrect operation of the CMA time control element. Change parts.
F56 Reduced speed( do not reach 400 rpm). Probably broken engine tachometer. Checking the winding and the tachometer itself.
F62 Mode selector does not work. Installing a new selector.
F63 Problems with the operation of the system that controls the trajectory of water. Inspection and repair of the system.
F64 Trajectory sensor failed. Sensor change.
F65 Defective lights in the drum.
F81 Drying unit does not work. Replace the drying unit on the CMA Mile.
F83 Drying temperature exceeded the norm. The thermistor may have broken. Thermistor and Heater Check.
F92 Chances of losing a washer fungus are high.
F93 Breakdown of the additional unit relay. Repair, change of relay.
F96 An alternative water supply is not included. Check Items.
F100 Disconnected from IK6.

Over time, parts of the Miele washing machine wear out, unforeseen breakdowns occur. How to extend the life of the washer? Repair or replace defective items.

Self-diagnosis of the machine will help determine which element of the SM has failed. If a fault is detected, it immediately shows the error code on the display. Be careful - and you will understand how to fix the damage with your own hands.

Fault codes of Miele machines( Mile)

Taking into account the error table data, you can try to repair the Miele washing machine yourself without the help of a wizard.

Error codes washing machine Miele

Error codes washing machine MieleError Codes

Error code What does mean Causes of How to remedy the situation F01 The drying temperature sensor is faulty. The thermistor, which controls the dry...

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