Error None in the washing machine Atlant

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In the Atlas washing machine, the error None appeared on the scoreboard. What does this mean? Your Atlas washing machine, when washing, formed too much foam.

On electromechanical models without a screen with a fault code None, all 4 indicators are lit.

What you need to do and how to troubleshoot the problem, read on.

Pay attention! If you see that the Atlant washing machine is displaying the error None, and the floor is filled with foam, immediately disconnect the AGR from the network.

Material content:

  • 1 Causes of malfunction
  • 2 How to remedy the situation
    • 2.1 Rubber cuff lost its tightness
    • 2.2 Disruption in the drain system

Causes of malfunction

I’m in theThis increases the likelihood of a short circuit.

Do the following:

  1. Manually drain water using a drain filter. In most Atlant washing machines, the filter is located on the front panel below the hatch. Open the door, substitute the container and remove the filter.
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  3. Remove all laundry from the machine.
  4. Clean the foam tank.
  5. Turn on the rinse mode. Repeat it until all the foam is gone.
  6. Dry the filter.
  7. Carefully wipe the control panel.

To understand how to fix the situation and remove the error None, you need to understand the causes of the fault. This often happens:

  • As a result of the use of low-quality or non-machine washable powder.
  • Due to excessive use of detergents.
  • Due to the softness of the water: the softer the water, the better the powder dissolves and foams.
  • When washing bulk and porous linen( curtains, tablecloths, tulle).The fact that the drum is full of light things does not mean that you need to pour a lot of powder. This laundry is accompanied by a large foam formation.

How to fix the situation

How to reset the error None and solve the problem if you poured powder according to the instructions, did not install a filter for cleaning and did not erase porous things? Why then washing machine Atlant gives an error code?

Let us analyze the main causes of the problem.

Rubber cuff lost its tightness

The cuff could leak out over time, as a result of which it lost its tightness and began to leak water. Small sharp objects could damage the cuff during washing.

How to check and replace:

  1. Unplug the washing machine Atlas from the network.
  2. Bending the cuff, you will see a metal clamp.
  3. Hooking it up with a screwdriver, move around and remove the clamp.
  4. Detach the door cuff from the top panel and fill it with the inside of the machine.
  5. Remove the two screws and remove the top panel of the Atlas eraser.
  6. . To remove the inner clamp, unscrew the fastening screw.
  7. Now remove the cuff from the front.
  8. Examine it at the time of damage, install patches, or replace the cuff.

Video will help you with the work:

Disruption in the drain system

If after checking the cuff error None still burns on the CM Atlas, you need to check the entire drain system. Signs of its violation is the formation of water and foam under the car.

To check:

  1. Examine the drain hose and its connections with Atlant and sewage. Tighten all connections, check the hose for damage and cracks, replace if necessary.
  2. The drain filter is also inspected at the time of leakage.
  3. Checked pump. After you get to the pump, see if there is water under it. Then carefully inspect the pump.
  4. Outlet to be replaced if damaged. But before we figure out how to get to it.

How to replace the pipe from the tank to the pump and remove the error None in the Atlant washer:

  • Drain all water from the machine and disconnect it from the mains.
  • Remove the dosing tray and check the drain filter for residual water.
  • Disable communications.
  • Lay Atlant washing machine on its side, opening access to the bottom.
  • Unclench the clamps that secure the nipple.
  • Disconnect the nozzle from the tank.
  • Unscrew the pressure chamber from the tank connection.
  • After disconnecting the clamp, remove the nipple.
  • Install the new item in the reverse order.

Be attentive to the choice of powder for washing machine Atlant. If the error is no longer displayed on the board, then everything is done correctly.

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