Error H20 in the washing machine Ariston

You have noticed that Ariston's washing machine has stopped washing normally, and the display shows the error H20.Moreover, a malfunction code may appear in any washing mode, however, “Spin” and “Drain” work properly.

Let's figure out what that means.

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  • 1 What does it mean error H20
    • 1.1 Signs of failure
  • 2 Causes and remedy for failure

What does it mean error H20

Error code H20 for CM Ariston and Hotpoint Ariston talk about problems with water set. This means that for normal washing it is either not enough or a lot.

Next, you will learn how to fix the damage at home and remove the error H20.

Signs of damage

Visual signs confirm the presence of a problem in the typewriter Ariston:

  • After drawing water, the washer immediately drains it.
  • Washer collects enough water for normal operation.
  • CM Ariston stopped taking water.

Be careful! If on the display of your typewriter Ariston( Hotpoint Ariston) error H20 was highlighted, and then another trouble code, the second signal indicates the cause of the breakdown.

Causes and Troubleshooting

How can I solve the problem at home? You need to understand the reason why the washing machine gives an error, and then start to solve the problem:

  • Water is not supplied to the Ariston typewriter. Inspect the feed valve, if it is closed, then unscrew it. Maybe the water supply in the whole house was gone.
  • With a weak head, the CMA can also produce an error H20.Again, open the supply tap to full power.
  • Blocked bay filter. The fine mesh of the filter does not allow debris that can get from the water utility. Sometimes the filter becomes clogged with small particles, so it is necessary to rinse it and put it in place.
  • Self Drain. Washing machine Ariston for a long time trying to pick up the water, then the fault code lights up. Perhaps the drain hose was lower than the tank. What to do? Raise the hose to a normal level, above the tank.
  • System failure. Is the code highlighted for the first time? Try resetting the error by rebooting the machine Ariston. Disconnect it from the network for 15-20 minutes. After switching on, the error should disappear.

You have applied all the recommendations, but nothing happened. So, a real breakdown happened, you need to decide: fix it yourself or call the master.

  1. Failure of the filling valve. SMA Ariston does not take water. After entering the program gives the code H20.Valve requires replacement.
  2. Problems with water level sensor. CM fills in an irregular amount of water or immediately drains it after dialing. Check the chamber and pressostat hose, they may be clogged or damaged. Clean or replace them with new ones. If the level sensor is broken, it must also be replaced.
  3. Washer does not pour water at all or takes it, but not enough. At the same time, the error H20 is on. The reason is in the control unit. Remove and inspect the unit, as well as all its elements - you may need a spike or sweep. In case of malfunction, the device must be replaced.
  4. Valve wires or contacts are broken: it will not receive signals from the control board. Check the wiring and replace the blown contacts.

Video helps you clean the filler valve at home.

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