How to make yogurt in a yogurt maker

Yogurt, of course, is not bread, it is easier to cook. There are special techniques for using the multivariate preheating function, lasting up to 12 to 24 hours, for making yogurt. The temperature in this mode is not high, which is used by housewives for their own purposes. How to make a yogurt in a yogurt maker and get maximum pleasure from the finished product?

For reference! Pasteurization is carried out for 30 minutes at a temperature of 63 degrees Celsius. This will kill all bacteria, including the good ones. In the laboratory, the strain is grown at 37-38 degrees Celsius. This is considered optimal conditions. Already at 45, bacterial growth slows down dramatically.

Useful properties of yogurt

Previously, yogurt was considered beneficial due to the bacteria contained, but Japanese-born doctor Hiromi Shinya, of Japanese origin, claims that most dairy products are harmful to an adult. Yogurt bacteria do not reach the intestines and, for the most part, are foreign to the internal conditions of the stomach. To this we say one thing:

  • Few people think about the benefits and harms, the main thing is that yogurt is a tasty and loved by most people product.

Thanks to this, yogurt continues to consume billions on the planet, regardless of gender and age. Product like children. More interested in how to make yogurt at home, to avoid the appearance of extraneous tastes, to cook a quality product.

Typical yogurt with fruit pieces contains less fat and protein than regular milk, and more carbohydrates. The drink is considered a dietary product. Few can withstand low-calorie foods, it’s impossible to eat sweet in a low-carb diet, but salads are not excluded, which means that yogurt is also allowed.

Are there any reasons for recommending a separate intake of proteins and carbohydrates? The fact is that an excess of sugar violates the absorption of amino acids. Therefore, eating separately, we get an excellent result, eating less. Chicken serves as protein foods, while vegetables, fruits and yogurt act as carbohydrate foods.

How to make yogurt in a yogurt maker

First of all, take care of the leaven. Many advise taking Activia yoghurt or Bio-Balance without sugar in small containers. Others say that it is impossible to do this: bacteria of Escherichia coli multiply in the final product. The specified scenario is possible. We believe that it is not much more expensive to buy leaven at the pharmacy. They sell ferment for yogurt, and not specific, but a host of brands. Here and traditional Bulgarian wand, plus thermophilic bacteria, and incomprehensible bacillus from the mountains, supposedly prolonging life. Choose the taste and color.

This is interesting! It is believed that kefir( a related drink) came up in the Caucasus. Sour milk used Mechnikov. Considered it to prolong life.

Evitaliya yogurt sourdough is a small pill, enough for 2 liters of the finished product. Let us tell you how to make about 3 times more tasty yogurt from a single leaven tablet. That does not contradict the instructions allowing, in addition to the first batch, to produce three more, about one and a half liters.

Sterilize the banks with boiling water. This will protect against E. coli( atypical species) and other infections. Imagine that you have to roll up the banks. It is allowed to be sterilized in aerogrill for 6 minutes at a temperature of 250 oС.You will also need a thermos with a volume of at least 0.5 liters for yogurt sourdough. Pour boiling water into the container and close the lid.

Pill the tablet thoroughly on a small platter, in the meantime, pasteurized milk is boiled and cooled to 45 degrees. Eyewitnesses say that the hand must barely withstand the temperature obtained. Now pour the leaven into the small bottle that came with the pill. Pour the powder on two thirds of the tank with milk at room temperature, cover it with a lid and begin to shake vigorously. As a result, the leaven will dissolve.

Immediately powder the banks do not spill. It may turn out bad. Ferment for yogurt does not want to dissolve completely. It is time to pour evenly the contents of the bottle in cans. A quarter of the leaven must be left. We take a sterilized two-liter jar, pour the milk in there and fill it with sourdough. There is an easier option:

  1. Starting yoghurt with boiling milk. From the two-liter bottle of milk purchased, we leave the part for dilution of the leaven. This is about 100 grams.
  2. Pour the starter into the bottle, shake it thoroughly.
  3. The resulting mixture is much easier to pour equally into 6–7 two hundred gram banks, with exactly a quarter of the starter yogurt remaining in the bottle.
  4. We supplement the cans with warm milk at a temperature of 45 ºС and put the yogurt maker in the compartment.

The cooking time is indicated on the starter package or in the instructions for the device. It’s easy to make yoghurt with hands - it remains to wait 12 - 14 hours, and it’s ready. The resulting product can be whipped with a mixer for consistency. And now it's time to take care of the yogurt sourdough. The remaining half-liter of milk is supplemented with a quarter of the starter in the bottle. The mixture is poured into a thermos, after pouring boiling water from it.

Yogurt sourdough is warm, like cans, for 12-14 hours. Next, put the container with the lid ajar in the fridge. From the thermos merges yogurt starter in sterilized dishes. Perhaps that's all. Add that to the preparation of yogurt and cream is used. The fatter the base, the thicker the final product will be released. Sugar and pieces of fruit are added to taste.

What else to do in the

yoghurt maker To make sour cream, you will have to wait less, but you need some leaven! Half a liter of sour milk or ryazhenka will do. Sour cream is a fat product, so cream will be needed, in terms of the volume of 200 g jars that fit into the working compartment of the device.

Making sour cream in a yogurt maker:

  1. Sourdough kneaded with cream.
  2. Pour the mixture into cans.
  3. We set the timer for 10 hours.

In principle, everything. Two differences from yogurt:

  • used store leaven instead of special;
  • took cream instead of milk as a base.

In the recipe used ryazhenka. It is possible to cook in a yogurt maker. Unlike sour cream, it uses baked milk as a base. If you can not buy the store, known cooking methods at home in the oven. For this, the milk is aged for a couple of hours at a moderate temperature with the lid of the container open so that it is melted. The rest of the procedure is the same. Ferment for ryazhenka bought in a pharmacy, or it is allowed to replace sour cream. The mixture is placed in the yogurt maker for 7 - 8 hours. At the expiration of the time ryazhenka eat.

Not a device, but a fairy tale. This is at a consumption of 20 watts. Now let's see how to make kefir in a yogurt maker. Recipe difference:

  1. Leaven from bifidobacteria.
  2. Sour cream solution made from sour cream or ryazhenka.
  3. Cooking time 8 hours.

Readers have already guessed how to make kefir. Bifidobacteria, according to the recipe, are mixed with the specified amount of sour cream or ryazhenka. Next comes the standard bottling process. The yogurt maker turns on for 8 hours. After the specified time the product is ready.

Finally, there are recipes for making cottage cheese in a yogurt maker. To do this, you need a special leaven, bought in a pharmacy. Dilute the powder with milk, mix well. The mixture is poured in cans and placed at 12 - 16 hours in the yogurt maker. The resulting product is filtered with gauze or other methods, pressed, cooled for 4 hours. Cottage cheese is ready to eat.

As a result,

Many methods have been invented for the preparation of fermented milk products. And most of them use others as ingredients. You should not be tempted to chase away the same bacteria several times. Sourdough wonder sold in a pharmacy to prevent the multiplication of pathogenic microflora. For this reason Evitaliya is used a maximum of 3 times. This maintains the normal composition of the bacteria.

Breaking the rules, wanting to save 50 rubles, it is possible to get various diseases. As a result, much more will be spent on medication. It is necessary to understand and buy the starter for yogurt where it should be. In this case, the home and happy, and health will remain in order.

The shelf life of the yogurt is 7 days, and the finished starter for it is 18. This is due to the reproduction conditions of the pathogenic fauna.

Yogurt and human health

Today it is fashionable to maintain a good shape. Yogurt is used by those on a tight diet. The point is not to disturb the intestinal microflora from lack of food. Of course, the absence of cholesterol quickly gives effect. But is a tasty product so useful, where did the idea of ​​application come from? Questions worth considering, today we will talk about the preparation of yogurt in the yogurt maker and about the aspects of the consumption of fermented milk product.

One of the first to question the benefit of yogurt was an American doctor of Japanese descent Hiromi Shinya. This figure of medicine at the age of 30 took over the post of head of the department of endoscopy in the clinic, where the physician had to greatly admire patients, including cancer patients. During the period of forty years of medical practice, Hiromi had the impression that most modern ideas about proper nutrition are wrong.

The fermented milk bacteria contained in yoghurt, which are the main arguments of the manufacturers' marketing policy, in fact do not tolerate a weak solution of hydrochloric acid, which is part of the gastric juice. The beneficial properties of yogurt are lost when food enters the body. It is unlikely that fermented milk bacteria will benefit. But there is an effect of diluting feces and "relieving constipation" caused by the components of cow's milk, including lactose, which can provoke flatulence. From yogurt less gas output. But the perception of slags perceived by people is just ordinary diarrhea.

So do not rush to make chocolate yogurt in a yogurt maker. According to Dr. Hiromi, dairy products should be left for children. And yogurt is also concerned. An adult feeds on vegetables and plant food by 85%, the residual 15 are milk, meat, cheese and other animal products. It came to this theory simply. In a person with 32 teeth, incisors make up 15% of the total. The theory is based on an analysis of the structure of the jaw apparatus of predators and herbivores. Yogurt is a delicious product. Athletes include it in the diet to brighten the severity of a sports diet. The fat content in the product is relatively low, but a slight excess of carbohydrates will help compensate for the loss of strength during training.

Carbohydrates are consumed before lunch, with proteins, it is desirable to take separately. No need to drink in the second half of the day naked protein( milk contains an excess of lactose).Another argument in favor of yogurt in sports nutrition is the need to replenish glycogen in muscle mass. The main thing is not to overdo it with the dose. We will not give exact calculations, but half a liter of yogurt contains 15 grams of protein and twice or three times more carbohydrates. If you drink 70 grams of beef steak with a glass of yogurt, you will get a good dinner option after a workout.

As an option, it is recommended to eat a couple of pineapple slices with the meat. The enzymes contained in it contribute to the breakdown of protein. However, bother to brush your teeth, after rinsing your mouth with water, because fruit juice has a negative effect on enamel.

As for yoghurt, despite the attacks, the product has several undeniable advantages. Almost does not cause flatulence caused by lactose. People who are unable to absorb the enzyme, suffer from a lack of lactase in the body, it is fixable if you take a couple glasses of yogurt. Milk that has undergone a fermentation process is digested better and faster. Therefore, children drink yoghurt, in addition, the product has no contraindications for allergy sufferers. Why not say about milk.

Homemade Yogurt and Yogurt Makers

In the factory, milk for yogurt undergoes heat treatment to increase the shelf life of the finished product. Naturally, the bacteria are added later, otherwise, no matter how thermophilic staphylococcus may be, it is unlikely that the microflora will survive, and the output will turn out to be standard sour milk.

Yoghurts in their pure form do not have an exquisite taste, so it is customary to add pieces of fruit or berries to milk. This increases the pleasure of eating the finished product. In the light of the above, please note that homemade yogurt in a yogurt maker does not boast a long shelf life, as purchased. But add bran, vanilla and fruit add to taste.

Now a few words about making yogurt in a yogurt maker. Usually ferment is taken( for example, Activia yoghurt) in a ratio of 1 to 8 relative to milk. For example, 125 grams and 2 liters, respectively. The higher the fat content of milk, the thicker yogurt turns out( it depends little on the leaven).Consider the fact, based on your own preferences and objectives of the diet. Athletes should drink liquid yogurt, milk should be taken with a low percentage of fat.

Then you need to pour milk into the bowl and bring to a temperature of forty degrees. The yogurt maker does the work, and the multicooker owners will have to turn on the heating( 40 ° C) for 15 minutes in Multi-cook mode. In the absence of an option, simply start the device and monitor the temperature in an affordable way.

Now it is the turn to add components to the milk. Please note this is not done in the multicooker bowl. Ferment is added from Activia yoghurt( any similar one with an undelivered expiration date), as well as:

  • berries;
  • fruit slices;
  • sugar;
  • vanilla;
  • bran.

The mixture is poured into jars. The lids on top are not completely twisted, so that the yogurt breathes a little. Then:

  • Multicooker bowl washes.
  • A towel or a small cloth made of cloth is placed on the bottom so as not to scratch the protective coating.
  • Banks are exposed and flooded with water to the level of yogurt.
  • Now the task is to bring the water temperature to 40 degrees and maintain it for 6 hours.

By the way, today there are not only special yogurt makers, but also multicookers with the appropriate mode, as well as bread machines that can give a wonderful meal. Anyone can try a battery for this. But with a ridiculous price, yogurt makers hardly have such an extravagant step.

Before buying household appliances, you should think about what is needed. A bread machine, for example, will provide fresh baked goods, some models - and Easter cakes. It is even more original to fill in fresh yogurt with pineapple slices, accelerating the absorption of proteins. Yogurt maker and yogurt can diversify nutrition. Including, children's and sports.

And a few words in conclusion. Please note that as the temperature of the pasteurization of milk increases, the density of the yoghurt increases. This is used to get the desired result. And, although the temperature in the yogurt maker is 40 degrees during the preparation, the product should be stored in the refrigerating chamber:

  1. A sour taste appears if the yoghurt wanders longer than 6 hours. It will not be perceived by pleasant sourness.
  2. Yogurt is stored( and produced) in the dark, otherwise a salty taste, a feeling of unhealthy fatness will appear. After cooking, wrap the lids of the cans tightly or then do not complain about the poor quality of the yogurt cooked in the yogurt maker.
  3. With long-term storage, yogurt will become bitter. It is recommended to remind of maintaining as sterile conditions as possible at the time of manufacture. Non-observance of both factors will provoke the appearance of bitterness or rot taste. And rancid means yogurt is time to throw out.
  4. The increased storage temperature causes the taste of fermented yeast.

Now the reader knows how to make homemade yogurt in a yogurt maker and how to store the finished product.

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