Which is better: a blender or mixer?

Infomercial blender Vaytamiks kilogram ice making snow, spending 3 seconds. 1000 W of power ready to crush anything. According to the Vaytamiks manufacturer, not a home blender - Professional Series appliances. Still not convinced? Let's try together to decide which is better - a blender or mixer.


The device is specifically developed to quickly and accurately make cocktails. Wait a minute, because the mix - the mixer. Not when you want to get a chilled drink. Blender filled with ingredients, ice, after ten seconds, the output is crisp, refreshing cocktail. The solid components are ground into tiny particles. Reveal the answer to the question, what is the blender. He knows how to grind.

Blender, mixer natives, abandoned Russians English, in Russian terms are translated the same way - to mix. Indeed, each of devices designed mastered the chef job.

The invention of the blender belongs to Stephen Poplawski, a native of Poland. A typical device consists of two main parts:

  • glass container with a lid, the bottom of the knives;
  • Stand the motor.

home blender

Blade speed is high, since blender uses the laws of hydrodynamics. The edge of the blade resembles a propeller, the retracting top ingredients, grinds and throws aside. The resulting milled product begins to creep up the walls, giving place to the untreated weight. Capacity special upwardly expanding shape, contributes to this process.

It remains to add that the blades are made of steel, very sharp. It helps the blender grind. Mentioned about ice, snow has become, people want bread, an unusual sight. Joker filmed movie about products Vitamix Blender turns into crumbs cell phone.

Unlike time to mention powerful blenders from the ordinary. Standard for grinding solids liquid part is required. Powered advantageously filled with the laws of fluid dynamics, to create a directional flow of the ingredients required to knead with water, broth, milk. Powerful models, ignoring hydrodynamics, able to make a paste, resins, peanuts, cabbage puree.

The important point. The buyer, who faced a low-power blender knows does not work without liquid. You want to get the fruit, vegetable puree, the excess water is simply spoils the taste. Subtle nuance limiting the use of low-power blenders exclusively cocktails, soups.

On the other hand the advantages of high-power blender is certain: the unit is versatile. Make mincemeat crumble sugar, whipped cream. Typical applications Blender:

  1. Getting fruit puree.
  2. Cooking soups.
  3. Mixing drinks with ice.
  4. Cocktails.
  5. Grinding spices.
  6. Mixing liquids and powders.
  7. Whipping cream.
  8. minced meat production.
  9. Preparation of mayonnaise.

blender shortcomings stem from overly rapid rotation of the blade. It will quickly master the task, there is a factor of the nutritional value. Parameter drops encountered high speed blades, the heat coming from the engine. Aspect relates to use of raw products requiring careful handling. However, in the first approximation the result issued by the blender, the positive, the speed is impressive. Twin-screw juicer is unable to demonstrate such a quickness. Efficiency blender is 100% because grinds pulp indiscriminately. Waste-free production. In contrast to this juicer spit out a number of cake.

Vitamix infomercial shows: seeds, cuttings take out the apples do not need. It turns into juice. Drinking is a thick, retain complete list of trace elements. Raw foodists know that apples contain iodine bones. One fetus is able to provide people element 24 hours. When throwing a bone to the spin, the usefulness of the resulting juice is reduced. These are the advantages of large capacity blender.


Differences from the mixer blender visible to the naked eye. Confuse the two devices is simply impossible. Mixer invented in the mid-19th century specifically for beating eggs. There are a variety of dishes for cooking which in one form or another is required to perform this procedure, Ralph Collier once said: favorite child will fill the air bubbles product is much better than do person. These are the advantages of the mixer.

The idea is that the wire paddles immersed in protein, begin to rotate in different directions. Thick egg product, behind the wire frame is an air gap. Then the weight of the protein closes for a paddle. The air is absorbed is converted into vials. Beating occurs.

Here's the key difference. Paddles move slowly in the mixer, or air does not have time to penetrate into the interior of the product. The meaning of the invention is lost. Mixer can not grind ingredients and is not intended.

inexpensive mixer

Besides whipping egg whites mixer will help:

  • make the dough;
  • whipping cream;
  • cooking cream.

To discuss the shortcomings of the mixer is meaningless. Copes with its tasks. Appointment mixer - whisk, blender - grind. In light of this note: experienced housewives want to see the kitchen both subjects, instrumentation functions are different.

Hand blenders

There are devices that are difficult to categorize. Say Bamiks - blender wrong. To put it more precisely, in 1950, Swiss Roger Perinzhake invented a new kind of cooking devices, called Bamix (Beat And MIX).

The handle is equipped with a multi-speed motor, supplemented by several attachments, one resembles a cross knife standard blender. In addition there is the capacity, which resembles an accessory food processor with a grater, shredding inserts. In one mode, the handle is inserted into a groove vessel sets in motion a circle with a float.

This simple device helps to fully replace a food processor, eliminates the issue, it is better to choose a blender or mixer. Submersible device to help make the stuffing, mashed potatoes, cream, whip the egg whites, grate carrots, shredded cabbage. For operations, there are several nozzles and a number of engine speeds. Above mentioned: in a blender blades are moving quickly, mixer unhurried.

The submersible mixer

Probably guessed that one liter of cocktail, crushed ice kilogram for three seconds will not, in general, both Bamiks devices perform tasks. Food processors will, multifunctional. What is the mixer, when the hand Swiss unit.

Blender vs mixer

Mixer whisk, blender pulverizes the last instrument can still perform more operations. World Internet bypassed video: Bamiks immersed in a beaker with 50 grams of milk. After a while, whipped white mass fills the entire container. The resulting foam is so dense that resembles the consistency of cream air, it does not arise from a glass ostentatiously turned upside down.

The above led to the conclusion: the blender can replace the mixer, which is more out in the field of food industry. No one would ever think to whip blender dough in the bakery, in the home and a small amount of baking quite'll manage this device.

On the contrary, the mixer to grind the product is unable to. Cook spices, minced fail.

instead of a conclusion

I wanted to mention: not only produces powerful Vitamix blenders are capable to cope with the task. Korean brand L`Equip not so well known, but it is cheaper. characteristics of the device is not inferior advertised Vitamix.

In the East, have fun in their own way, Korean experts, testing device, forced to do the edge of the blade a number of operations:

  1. Firstly, the blender L`Equip 3 seconds transformed into snow kg ice. Stylized response to the West. However, the snow has turned out not so thick, more crumbly, white and soft.
  2. Then it was the turn of bricks. Lecturer of the package took a few shards, little different from the red brick, half a minute in a blender turned a handful of dust debris, issuing two ceramic eggs the correct form. Now we know manufacturing techniques souvenir East.
  3. Hands testers took the cell phone of one local producer... after 20 seconds communication apparatus crumbled metal chips with inclusions of plastic.

Quality infomercial so-so, the author's idea gives a professional materials Vitamix, but the world saw the benefits of the blender manufactured Korea. It is surprising that the experiments are not split from the glass bowl. Says a lot, when the phone Koreans would like to try the device even on something... Today, our readers got plenty.

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