12 best Samsung TVs according to buyers

  • Low-cost LCD models
  • Models with Smart TV support
  • 3D TVs
  • Premium TVs
  • Conclusion

South Korean Samsung has long and firmly won the preference of many buyers. And TVs in this case are not the last. The model line of one of the most popular brands can offer options for every taste and budget: from small and budget to top-end and expensive ones.

It is very difficult to choose the most suitable TV from several hundred options presented by Samsung. To help readers and orient them in such diversity, we have compiled the TOP-best Samsung TVs in 2018.In the review we took into account user feedback, the subtleties of "stuffing" and the functionality of devices, as well as the opinions of leading repair specialists.

The models presented in the rating are in line with the latest trends in the field of telecommunications and will satisfy any, even very demanding user. Having carefully studied the list, you can buy the best Samsung TV and enjoy high-quality and functional equipment for many years.

Low-cost LCD models

Samsung LT19C 350EX

One of the most inexpensive and popular TVs - "baby" with a 19-inch screen. It is so convenient and compact that some users prefer to use it as a monitor. The TV has a huge number of connectors, equipped with the option "Picture in Picture" and HDMI ports. To him simply connect the game console or computer. There is a USB port, so attaching a flash drive is easy.

The TV is suitable for both analog television and digital broadcast channels T2-DVB.This is almost the perfect solution for a small children's or kitchen.


  • two HDMI connectors;
  • good sound;
  • build quality;
  • colorful picture;
  • attractive price.


  • long response time when switching channels;
  • external power supply.

Samsung UE40J5100AU

Excellent TV with a high-quality picture and a good viewing angle. A small frame around the edges and bright lights make the image very colorful and juicy. The optimal picture TV selects with the participation of 24 True Cinema. If desired, you can easily synchronize this model with a smartphone or tablet, there is also a component and USB output.10 Watt speakers with a DTS decoder provide high quality sound. You can set a timer to turn off automatically.


  • large diagonal - 40 inches;
  • excellent quality TV and video playback;
  • stereo system;
  • reception of digital broadcasting;
  • fast response when switching programs;
  • support most popular video formats;
  • good price.

Negative moments:

  • is not high enough frequency( 100 Hz) can create difficulties when viewing;
  • does not support FLAC;
  • does not have a Smart TV system;
  • when playing analog broadcasting noise is suppressed some time after the program is switched;
  • remote control is not sensitive enough; it works only with proper pointing;
  • does not provide a jack-3.5 headphone output.

Samsung UE32J5205AK

Continuing the rating of the best Samsung TVs of 2018 is an incredibly light and elegant model with a 32-inch display. There is a high-quality backlight system Edge LED and Full HD.Viewing angles are quite wide. Provides smart TV and very "punchy" Wi-Fi. Unusual placement with two stable legs and a stylish thin frame will make this TV a modern decoration of your living room.

Positive moments:

  • stylish design;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • bright LCD screen;
  • Smart TV system;
  • powerful Wi-Fi;
  • simultaneous viewing of two TV channels;
  • built-in digital tuner;
  • good surround sound;
  • average price.


  • legs diverge very widely, because of this, the TV does not fit on each stand;
  • power supply is very hot.

Models with Smart TV system support

Samsung UE40 H6203

If you want to join the fairly fashionable smart TV technology, pay attention to this model. Due to the minimum width of the frame, the TV looks like it consists of a solid display. Characteristics of the picture when displaying digital channels are wonderful. The frequency is 200 Hz, so watching a movie on it is a pleasure. Screen diagonal of 40 inches, support for almost all popular formats.


  • high-quality image;
  • stable software;
  • wireless Wi-Fi system;
  • Smart TV with fast Internet access;
  • good sound;
  • comfortable stand;
  • assembly without backlash;
  • increased refresh rate.

Negative moments:

  • is not a quick enough review when switching channels;
  • buttons on the remote are unusual;
  • few connectors sweat technique of the old generation.

Samsung UE49 KS7000U

Ultra-modern TV with Smart TV support and Ultra HD quantum resolution. A considerable diagonal - 49 inches, support for all types of tuners. To improve the contrast ratio, UHD Dimming fragments are used. This technology improves color transfer and image clarity.

A huge advantage of this TV model is the subwoofer. Integrated sound power - about 40 watts. The model has a huge number of connectors for various needs: 3 HDMI ports, optical and RJ-45.


  • Ultra HD;
  • excellent image quality;
  • stereo technology, subwoofer;
  • widescreen viewing;
  • support for many television standards;
  • attractive appearance;
  • "smart" smart TV;
  • DLNA support;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth;
  • option 24p True Cinema;
  • provides protection against children;
  • Time Shift feature.


  • no 3D;
  • uncomfortable remote.

Samsung UE40KU6300U

Unusual model with a concave screen 40 inches. There is Ultra HD technology and high-quality LED backlight. Together they give a very clear and beautiful picture. TV can be synchronized with a smartphone, computer or tablet. There is a function "Smart TV".

The sound is quite good, although it could be better for a device of this class. The TV supports various tuners, including those with free channels of digital broadcasting.


  • unusual curved screen;
  • fast "Smart TV";
  • intuitive control;
  • simple and convenient remote control;
  • good picture quality;
  • support all popular formats;
  • provides protection against babies;
  • 24p True Cinema;
  • auto sleep timer;
  • "Picture in Picture" technology.


  • "eats" quite a lot of electricity;
  • no Bluetooth;
  • no audio output.


Samsung UE40H6200

A chic model for a spacious living room. The screen is 40 inches and Full HD technology. The three-dimensional image is realized with the help of shutter technology. Increased to 200 Hz refresh rate allows you to watch programs with much greater comfort. There are many connectors on the case, including 3 USB ports, so there will be no problems connecting various peripherals. There is a Smart TV function that interacts with the Internet through a “smart” Wi-Fi connection.

The TV is equipped with a pair of speakers of 10 watts each. If you want more, you have to connect an additional speaker system.


  • nice design;
  • increased frequency;
  • high-quality image;
  • wireless Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth modules;
  • a sufficient number of different connectors;
  • 2D to 3D conversion system;
  • stereo sound;
  • Picture-in-Picture;
  • multi screen;
  • Time Shift;
  • sleep timer;
  • work with Skype.


  • 3D shutter technology;
  • glasses may seem heavy;
  • browser can not display complex compound pages;
  • remote uncomfortable;
  • case is quite “flimsy”;
  • when attaching to the wall will have to buy non-standard bolts;
  • no voice search system;
  • glasses on batteries.

Samsung UE48JS9000T

One of the first lines among the TV with a 3D image takes this model. The TV has a high-quality sound and a stunning picture. This contributes to the maximum refresh rate - 1,200 Hz. The screen is curved, so the image turns out really dynamic and alive.

Excellent sound provides 4 speakers with a total power of 60 W and a modern subwoofer. The screen has a diagonal of 48 inches. With proper installation, you can feel yourself a full owner of a mini-cinema. The device supports as many as four interfaces and can convert a 2D image to 3D.

There will be no problems with management. The TV understands not only voice commands, but also gestures. It can also be controlled remotely using RS-232 technology. Happy owners of this model can optionally pause the broadcast, record the image on external media and view 2 channels of broadcasting simultaneously. The device features allow you to watch movies and programs in the original 4K format.


  • great functionality;
  • curved screen;
  • gestures and voice control;
  • gorgeous sound;
  • excellent image quality;
  • support almost all existing formats;
  • maximum update rate;
  • technology "Time Shift";
  • "picture and picture";
  • 3D image;
  • excellent internet speed.


  • included no 3D glasses;
  • no camera;
  • heavy;
  • is missing Skype;
  • only 1 USB 3.0 port;
  • is quite expensive.

Samsung UE40H6400

A very popular TV with a diagonal of 40 inches, allowing you to easily watch video in three-dimensional format. It has most of the modern "frills", while it has a favorable price.

Positive qualities:

  • high-quality display of 3D format;
  • 2D to 3D video format conversion;
  • enlarged screen through the use of thin bypass frames;
  • wide selection of connectors for peripherals;
  • excellent sound and image;
  • LED lights;
  • TimeShift function;
  • easily copes with an external disk of 1 TB;
  • Smart TV with Internet;
  • Clear motion technology;
  • protection from kids;
  • voice control system;
  • built-in media player that supports most popular formats;
  • automatic shutdown system after 4 hours of operation, if no action was taken with the device( a great feature for forgetting);
  • democratic value.


  • a small range of brightness selection;
  • periodically observed the appearance of artifacts;
  • to get used to the menu;
  • is missing the picture-in-picture feature.

Premium models of TVs

Samsung UE78HU9000

A real wonder of fantastic films about the future.78 inch LCD panel, with support for 4K resolution. The screen has excellent image clarity and an incredible refresh rate of 1,400 Hz. The screen design is concave, which also improves the viewing quality, because the viewer's eyes are located at the same distance from the center of the image.

Gorgeous sound provides 4 built-in speakers, the total power of 70 watts. With this content, connecting an external acoustics system is optional. The device has its own video camera, so that through the TV you can easily communicate with friends on Skype.


  • high-quality sound( 4 speakers) and image( 4K technology);
  • increased frequency - 1 400 Hz;
  • concave screen;
  • availability of its own Skype module and camera;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • 4 HDMI output;
  • stereo sound;
  • voice and gesture control using Motion Control;
  • network management on the principle of a laser pointer - very convenient and fast;
  • function "Football Mode" allows you to feel the effect of presence;
  • Picture-in-Picture and TimeShift;
  • wide viewing angle.


  • lack of Bluetooth module, so connecting external speakers requires additional wires;
  • "pulls" a lot of electricity;
  • very sensitive remote;
  • remote unit with a fairly noisy fan;
  • is very expensive.

Samsung UE65KU6500U

In spite of less functionality than other models, this TV deservedly falls into the category of the best. Such problems as braking or spontaneous restart are not peculiar to it.

The 65-inch curved LCD screen has sufficient pixel density. Thanks to the standard 4K UHD and HDR, it clearly conveys the smallest image details. There are ample opportunities for connecting external devices and support for most of the known formats. Smart TV is stable and fast.

The disadvantages include the lack of support for 3D format. There is also no voice control option. At the same time, the TV supports TimeShift technology, high-quality recording of television programs and other “bells and whistles”.


  • high-quality image feed;
  • widescreen review;
  • high-tech lights;
  • stereo sound;
  • progressive scan;
  • teletext;
  • built-in analog TV tuner;
  • support for modern television standards;
  • support for Dolby Digital;
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet;
  • a large number of connectors;
  • sleep timer;
  • protection from kids.


  • lack of support for three-dimensional images;
  • there is no voice and gesture control;
  • missing camera and multi-brand remote control.

Samsung QE65Q9FAM

The advanced model of 2017 is a smart TV with QLED support with quantum dot technology. The design is based on the LCD matrix and has a high-quality LED backlight.

Stylish and very modern TV.The screen is flat, the frame is frameless and made of metal. TV can be mounted almost closely to the wall, which makes it a real decoration of any interior. The model has excellent functional equipment and excellent viewing quality. The TV provides the highest possible viewing angle, excellent contrast and beautiful light and super deep black shades. Implemented Q HDR 2000 technology to extend the range of dynamics. This allows you to view the smallest details of the image.

Key Benefits:

  • Quantum Dot technology;
  • great picture;
  • SVA matrix( 120 Hz);
  • minimum video signal delay in the gaming mode;
  • smart stereo with a total power of 60 watts;
  • Smart TV with fast Internet access;
  • technology QLED;
  • support most TV formats;
  • decoders Dolby Digital and DTS;
  • subwoofer;
  • support for most modern video formats;
  • "picture in picture" technology.


  • only 3 diagonals to choose from( 65 /77/ 88 inches);
  • is quite expensive.


Samsung makes so many different TV models that everyone can find a “home friend” based on their own preferences and financial possibilities. For the kitchen, nursery, large and small living room - you will find everything with Samsung.

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