Choosing a reliable grinder for home

  • Device selection by power
  • Material used
  • Device configuration
  • Manufacturers rating
  • Rating of the best models of electromeat grinders

Progress does not stand still, and household appliances are rapidly developing, thereby capturing more and more kitchens. Practically in every kitchen there is such a device as a manual meat grinder. Recently, however, there are more and more electric models. Since it is now quite easy to get confused in many functions and brands of manufacturers, and accordingly make the wrong choice, we will try to tell you how to choose an electric meat grinder for the house in 2018.

Choosing a device for power

In order to choose the best grinder, you must start with power. It is one of the most important characteristics, because it depends on the quality and speed of the operation for grinding meat. In order to comfortably perform this operation at home, a unit with a rated power of 400 to 800 watts is required. The units of this plan are not expensive, they can grind about one and a half kilograms of meat in one minute.

In case of urgent need, you can purchase a unit with a capacity of over a thousand watts. However, it is worth remembering that the more power the device has, the higher the power consumption and noise level of the device during operation. One of the advantages of high-budget models, is the retrofitting of the device with additional nozzles, and the ability to control the speed of work.

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Material used

If you really want to choose a grinder for the house that will serve you faithfully for a long time, without causing any problems and difficulties in operation, you need to carefully approachthe process of selecting the material from which the device case and accessories are made. There is no great difference in the material used for the manufacture of the hull, whether it is plastic, steel or other alloys - this will not affect the operation. The only requirement for the material is its compliance with a single hygienic standard. With regard to the internal filling and nozzles, it is necessary that all elements are made of high quality metal alloys, alternative materials can not be used categorically.

For ease of use of the meat grinder, choosing it should pay special attention to the weight and overall characteristics of the device. It is advisable to purchase a high model, since under it you can substitute the dishes deeper, for the convenience of collecting the already prepared minced meat.

Completion of the device

If you wish to purchase a good electric meat grinder, first of all you need to examine the tool kit attached for the most effective, and most importantly convenient, use of the device. In the current models of electromeat grinders offered to the consumer, the set should include the following products:

  • The knives should be made of high-quality stainless steel, it is necessary to give preference to models with curved blades. If you have the means, you can think about buying a grinder with a set of self-sharpening knives.
  • The structural element by which the meat is fed to the knives, the so-called auger( internal spiral-like part), must be made exclusively of stainless metal. In a set of some meat grinders the plastic screw is provided to relieve the cut fruit and vegetables from metal smack.
  • When choosing a meat grinder, we recommend the option with the presence of three or more grids( disks) of various sizes. All of them are designed for the preparation of a particular product, be it chicken or pork mince, pate, baby puree or something else. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the grids, the larger it is, the better.
  • For the convenience of the grinding process, the kit includes a plastic tray designed for the convenience of placing meat or other products that are to be processed. The installation tray is on the neck of the device.
  • In order to ensure convenience and maximum security, in the process of feeding food to the meat grinder, you must use a plastic pusher.

The above describes the basic elements of a complete set of devices necessary for safe and convenient use of the unit. In addition, manufacturers of expensive meat grinders have long excelled in preparing various additional attachments that will turn your meat grinder into a real industrial combine. The most common are the noodles for cooking sausages and sausages, the so-called kebbe. In the package of some models include vegetable cutters, forms for meatballs, cookies, juicers and other third-party nozzles.

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Manufacturers rating

Which company should you prefer when you are going to choose an electric meat grinder? Most often, the choice of people tends to popular brands, and we see nothing wrong with that. If a brand is known to everyone in the market, then this means only that it has proven itself well among users, provides a long warranty on its devices and supplies a complete set with additional devices better than those of competitors. At this point in time, the following companies provide the best meat grinders on the market:

  • Moulinex
  • Philips
  • Bosch

The above assessment of companies engaged in the production of electric meat grinders is just our subjective judgment, because each of us prefers this or another brand. After all, companies do not always manage to create perfect copies. In addition to choosing a device by brand, you should focus on your wallet. It is worth noting that a good option with a good price, are the devices from the company Aksion, not included in this list. You can get a good meat grinder from this company a little more than one and a half thousand rubles.

Rating the best models of electric meat grinders

Now let's take a closer look at the best meat grinders from the above-mentioned giants for the production of household appliances.

Moulinex ME 657

It is a multi-functional model, complete with nozzles for cutting cubes, tomatoes, and kebbe. The build quality of the device at the height, does not play anything and does not creak. Significant deficiencies were not found.

Philips HR2710 / 10

Inexpensive unit, made in a neat minimalist design, quite compact and powerful device.

Bosch MFW 67440

Bosch devices have long been known for their quality. This grinder works quite quietly, but this does not mean that it is not doing its job well. The device is designed simply enough, therefore, in order to wash it you will not have to suffer much, dismantling and assembling it. The package bundle is wide enough, and includes all the popular nozzles. Metal design looks very stylish.


It is a kind of analogue of meat grinders from more expensive manufacturers. The package bundle is as good as the Bosch model described above. The pricing policy of the device is on a level, and the design is approximately the same as its counterparts. Many people speak rather warmly of this model of electric meat grinder.

Axion M 21.03

Inexpensive domestic version of grinder. Despite its fairly low price, in the region of three thousand rubles, the device copes with the task. If you need a good device for little money, then this option is for you, its price-quality level.

We tried to tell you how to choose an electric meat grinder for the house in 2018.We can say that to select an excellent model of the meat grinder, you need to make a pinch of effort and the chosen option will be a great help in your kitchen. The most important thing is to adhere to the above tips, and when choosing to pay attention to the power, the material from which the device is made and the manufacturer. We hope that this article has helped you in choosing the best meat grinder.

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