Rating of the best sterilizers for baby bottles

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  • Rating the best sterilizers for bottles

From the moment of birth, each parent is trying to protect his child from all sorts of viruses and bacteria that constantly mutate and can cause incurable diseases. The main and important point is the sterilization of children's dishes, because it is the most effective way to handle containers. It is worth saying that many still boil the dishes, which is not always convenient and practical. In the forums of young mothers, the discussion about the modern device for sterilizing baby bottles has not abated long ago. However, many are wondering which bottle sterilizer is better to choose and what to look for? Taking into account all possible reviews, we have prepared a special rating of the best sterilizers for 2018, which will help you choose the right product for you!

Why a sterilizer is needed for baby bottles

As practice shows, the sterilizer is considered useless by those who have not yet used it. But many who have already got this assistant, consider the opposite. Please note, if you do not plan to feed your child with a bottle, then this is not a reason to refuse to purchase this item. Due to high temperatures, everything can be sterilized, starting with pacifiers and ending with small toys and bottles. Temperatures up to 100 degrees does not destroy the material, rather than traditional boiling. Given the saving of time and effort, a bottle sterilizer is simply necessary for every mother.

Varieties of bottle sterilizers

According to the principle of operation, two main groups of sterilizers can be distinguished:

  1. Steam sterilizer( for microwave).The liquid under the influence of high temperatures heats up to the boiling point, forming a vapor cloud that rises up and sterilizes the placed object. Manufacturers produce 2 types: electrical and sterilizers for installation in the microwave. Microwave devices are considered more compact and economical.
  2. Cold sterilization. Sterilization of this type occurs due to ultraviolet radiation, as well as the use of special disinfectant liquid or tablets. Such processing is very relevant if you are constantly traveling and there is no possibility to use the power grid.

Which bottle sterilizer is better to choose?

When selecting a sterilizer, special attention should be paid to the parameters and functionality, among which are:

  • Power .If we take into account the general parameters, the power is considered the main parameter when choosing. It is worth saying that sterilization time and quality depends on this. The best bottle sterilizer according to customer reviews is the one whose power is over 700 watts.
  • Sterilization time .Please note that all modern sterilizers are equipped with high-quality parts and endowed with high power parameters, so the process is only 5-10 minutes. When fully heated, the water temperature reaches 100 ° C.
  • The material from which the sterilizer is made. As you know, a quality device should be made from a dense and high-quality material. It is worth choosing models in which thermoplastic is applied. This will not only affect durability, but also completely protect you from toxins.
  • Additional features .Many expensive models have advanced functionality that allows you to monitor fluid flow, adjust power, and also have auto power off and on.

What brand of sterilizer is better to choose

In the modern market, a wide range of small household appliances for home, various companies and manufacturers. Given the quality, durability and practicality, Philips AVENT became the sales leader. This brand offers a range of different models with wide functionality. Also, the following brands are very popular: Beurer, Chicco, Tippee, Tommee, Medela, Nuk, Tefal. If you take cheaper products, the Chinese brand Maman is well established. All sterilizers are made of high quality material, taking into account environmentally friendly norms and standards. Thus, you will be completely sure that you are buying a certified product, without harm to health.

Rating of the best sterilizers for bottles

Philips AVENT SCF284 / 03

Please note that among the wide range of devices presented, the best sterilizer for bottles is Philips AVENT SCF284 / 03.Still, after all, Philips has won the recognition of many users and has the most positive reviews. The product is considered an expensive and high-quality device. Its main advantage can be noted capacity, reliability and high quality material. Also, many will appreciate the automatic shutdown feature. It is worth saying that the processing process takes no more than 6 minutes and keeps the bottles clean for up to 24 hours.

Chicco SterilNatural 3 in 1

If you need to choose the best sterilizer at an affordable price, then pay attention to Chicco Steril Natural. The device is electrical type, multi-functional and easy to use. It can be sterilized immediately 6 bottles of any type, suitable for nipples and pacifiers.

Maman LS-B302

As the rating of the best sterilizers shows, the model Maman LS-B302 is a durable and high-quality device for microwave. Multifunctional model will help to sanitize any children's dishes, up to toys.

Beurer BY 76

One of the best models in the price-performance ratio. It has a wide range of uses, and is just perfect for travelers. Small and stylish will do the job in minutes. It is worth saying that this model performs cold-type sterilization.


The best bottle sterilizer according to many users. This model contains in itself not only a sterilizer, but also a heater for baby food, which is convenient if the mixture in the bottle is cold. The device is cheap and can hold 2 tare at a time.

Miniland On The Go

The best model for walking, which is included in the main rating of sterilizers for bottles. The device has a small weight and dimensions, which is always convenient to take with you. The electric device will provide disinfection in 6 minutes. It is said that the design works at the expense of batteries, so you can not worry that it will not become a network.

TIMSON TO-01-111

Compact battery operated model. The sterilizer is made of high quality thermoplastic and has an automatic shutdown function.

Dr. Brown’s

Steam Sterilizer with High Power Performance. The design is made of dense thermally insulating plastic and is characterized by ease of use. Definitely, every buyer will appreciate the quality, functionality and reasonable price.

In this article, we presented a ranking of the best sterilizers for baby bottles and pacifiers. Before buying, do not forget to take into account the scope, material of the product, dimensions, functionality. Therefore, we hope that our article will help you answer the question: which bottle sterilizer is better and now you know what you need!

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