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Aviary for puppies is not an obligatory, but very useful structure, if you keep them in a house or apartment. It is a fenced space with or without a roof, and made of various materials. This design allows you to leave dogs for a short time without supervision, without worrying about their safety and safety of things. If it seems expensive in stores, you can choose one of the ways to make an aviary for puppies themselves.

Why puppy cages?

Each puppy has his own character, but they are by nature curious and active. At a young age they are not accustomed to the commands and are not adapted to the regime of life in the apartment. Left unattended, animals can spoil expensive things and harm their own health. In addition, the puppy has yet to learn how to cope with natural needs outside the home.

An aviary for puppies in an apartment is a great way to rid yourself of all these problems. He helps the owner and protects the animal from the dangers in the house:

  • The puppy is in a safe space and can not cut or swallow inedible objects;
  • the landlord can do household chores without worrying about the pet;
  • The floor and carpets remain clean if you spread the diaper into the cage;
  • the possibility of an isolated dog holding if there are suspicions of any disease or it is in quarantine.

The enclosure for the puppy should be made of a durable and safe material. If the animal is selected from an open fence, it is worthwhile to refine the structure and add it to the lattice roof.

Ways how to accustom a dog to an enclosure

An aviary for puppies can be stressful, and the animal will try to get out of it. At first, the process can cause dissatisfaction and complaints, but if you properly arrange the design - in a few days the puppy will like it. Experienced breeders, who already managed to get a huge number of litters, including simultaneously, can give some advice to beginners:

  • The enclosure should be located in the corner of the room where the dog will not disturb people, but can see the whole room;
  • mandatory set inside the enclosure - a feeder and a drinking bowl, a lounger or a house, a diaper;
  • in addition, it is worthwhile to put all the toys of the dog there;
  • the first day you can leave the puppy in the cage for 1 or 2 hours, then you can send it there at night.

If you equip the cage with all the necessary trifles, the dog will be good at carrying the time alone.

Ways how to accustom a puppy to an aviary may be different. All dogs are different and react differently to isolation in a separate room. More phlegmatic animals without any problems refer to a new aviary and enjoy spending time alone. Active puppies should be built more aviary, so that they can move in it and play with toys. During the change of teeth, when the dog tries to gnaw furniture and surfaces, it is not superfluous to get her special solid treats at the pet store. Thus, you can protect the furniture and hands of the owner, and at the same time distract the attention of the puppy from the lack of attention.

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Varieties of enclosures for small dogs and puppies

Aviary for puppies in the apartment can have different shapes and differ in size. For a puppy of small and medium breeds it is not recommended to make its height less than 50 cm, otherwise the animals will grow quickly and will be able to get out of it. If such attempts become more frequent, it is worth supplementing the enclosure with a roof.

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On sale you can find several types of cages:

  • open aviaries of different shapes, most often used are classical polygons;
  • metal structures - cells through which the dog can observe what is happening;
  • A tent-shaped house is a small fence, often foldable.

Open cages should have high walls so that dogs can not get out of them.

Closed-type constructions are more reliable, but they can be used only after weaning puppies from the mother. If they still feed on her milk, she should be able to get to her offspring.

Self-made enclosures of available materials

A home aviary for puppies is a simple design that can be easily made by hand. The basic rule is that the enclosure should be strong and consist of materials safe for the dog. In the purchase facilities, all joints are carefully sealed, there are no sharp edges, and home conditions will have to pay attention to it. In addition, the manufacture of the cage with their own hands takes time.

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A classic open or enclosed enclosure can be constructed in several ways:

  • from wooden slats by means of a saw, self-tapping screws and door hinges;
  • from a metal grid and rods by means of a wire or a welder, pliers and door hinges.

Regardless of the material selected, the frame is cut in the form of a cube or quadrilateral. Wooden bars are connected with screws, metal rods are welded or fixed with wire. Then add 3 walls, nailing boards with nails. If the enclosure is metal, the grid is pulled on the frame and connected at the corners with wire or welding machine. The last wall will serve as a door, so it is put on the hinges, and then secure the lock (latch). Inside the enclosure it is better to put a cut of fabric, and from above, cover it with a disposable diaper. A separate bed can be equipped from a fabric or buy a lounger in a pet store.

Cages are necessary not only for street dogs to protect themselves from rain and cold. Puppies, even with housing maintenance, need a similar design for convenience and safety. The ideal option is a round-the-clock monitoring of the animal, but even the most responsible owners will not be able to provide it. Therefore, experienced breeders recommend putting the enclosure in an apartment and equipping it with everything necessary to keep the dog safe.


Simple aviary for a puppy - video

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