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Dacha, it's not easy vegetable beds, garden trees and flower beds. Dacha is a cozy house with a beautiful house and rich in natural vitamins. For a comfortable stay at the cottage in early spring, late autumn or winter, you need to think about the heating of the room. What kind of heater is better to buy for a summer residence and what kinds of devices are used by summer residents in their homes? This is today in the article.


  1. Modern thermal sources
  2. Heaters used in the country
  3. Tips for choosing

Modern thermal sources

If there is no desire or opportunity to build a conventional stove, you should find a safe alternative solution. What can heat a country house in a short period and as efficiently as possible? Today, manufacturers recommend heating houses by building a warm floor. Its design includes special films, cables or mats.

For the operation of such a modern heating system, the house needs electricity. Warm you can make not only floors, but also the ceiling, the walls. Infrared heating works only in the specified direction - inside the room.

To quickly warm up the house, in addition to the warm floor, you need to use a different type of heating.

Heaters used in the country

To create a comfortable temperature in the room gardeners are used to give gas and electric heaters.We will look at the types of appliances that are popular with owners of holiday homes.

Gas heaters for cottages

Instruments operate from propane-butane in cylinders or from a gas pipeline. In small houses, gas convectors or infrared heaters are most often installed.

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When installing in a convector room, the heating of the building is due to the constant movement of the warmed air. The convector draws in the cold air and sends a hot stream into the room, which first rises, and then cools down, moves down to the device.

Infra-red gas heaters for a summer residence heat the objects placed before them which give the heat to air.

The advantages of installing such devices in the country:

  • Easy operation.
  • The devices are economical and have an efficiency of more than 80%.
  • One heater can warm a room up to 60 m2.
  • The operation of the IR heater does not lead to the combustion of oxygen in the room and is completely safe for humans.
  • Long service life.
  • If you want, you can not heat the entire room, but only a separate area.
  • Devices operate without the use of electrical energy.

You can purchase gas ceramic heaters or devices with tubular heaters to give. The ceramic panel heats up first itself, and then gives infrared rays to nearby objects. The gas heater is heated and transmits the beams to the room using a reflector. The instruments are equipped with sensors and temperature controllers.

Analyzing consumer reviews of ceramic heaters for cottages in different forums, you can do the conclusion that these devices have a shorter service life than gas IR devices with a tubular heater.

To install a gas heater, gas service coordination is required.

Electric heaters for home and cottages

To give electric heaters are best. You just need to make the right choice among a large number of devices of different types.

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Oil Heaters

Modern models of oil heating devices have many advantages:

  • low power consumption;
  • low price level;
  • the ability to maintain a constant temperature in the room for a long time;
  • models with a fan for 9 sections and faster warm up the air in the room, even in severe frost;
  • The wheels are easy to move the instruments, and the preservation of air humidity - special water tanks;
  • timer allows you to set the device in the desired mode of operation.

Today, oil appliances are considered to be the most economical heaters for dachas. Specialists do not recommend leaving young children in the room with the heater switched on unattended, to dry things and use appliances in rooms with high humidity.

Fan heaters

Small size and low weight draw attention to this type of electric heater. If you need to work and the room is cold, install the fan heater by turning it in your direction. All models have a trip function, triggered when the unit falls. The air at the outlet does not warm up more than 40 degrees.

A fan running for a long time will dry the air and an unpleasant smell will appear in the room. The noise from the fans will not allow you to enjoy silence. You can buy wall, table and floor heaters for the dacha.

The use of ceramic heating elements greatly improved the quality of the fan heaters. At their operation there is no smell. In addition, the devices built-in rotation function, antibacterial lamp and timers. The prices for such models are slightly higher.


Today, electric convectors are the leaders in sales among heaters. They occupy little space, are completely safe, work quietly, quickly warm up the air and perfectly maintain the set temperature. A flat device does not need a special device. It can be mounted on the wall or installed on the floor.

Experts recommend installing convectors under window openings as close to the floor as possible.

For a summer residence it is more preferable to get heaters with an electronic thermostat. A high degree of protection of the devices makes it possible to use them in the bathroom.

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Infrared heater

Use this type of heaters mainly for point heating. IR rays heat nearby objects, but not the air itself. From the objects there is a warming up of air. Manufacturers produce models with a quartz and carbon spiral. Relatively inexpensive, work quietly, consume only up to 3 kW model with a carbon spiral. Ceiling heaters are in particular demand for a dacha. The device is mounted on a special mount to the ceiling in a certain place. Long stay in the working area of ​​the IR device is not recommended. The distance from the head to the switched on heater must be at least, m.

Tips for choosing a heater to give

To make the right choice of heater for a dacha, you should consider many factors:

  • the volume of the room in need of heating;
  • functionality and efficiency of the device;
  • the possibility of heating one or more rooms and power;
  • protection levels;
  • durability and reliability of equipment;
  • control system;
  • availability of additional functions;
  • appearance and quality of the heater assembly;
  • user-friendly operation.

When giving advice on the choice of a heater for a dacha, experts recommend further to be guided by personal requirements for the cost, shape and color of the device.

Check the efficiency of the selected device at the place of purchase. The sales manager must fill out the warranty card and place the wet seal of the store.

Make your right choice and provide your home with reliable heat.

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