F36 error in the Bosch washing machine

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Your Bosch washing machine gives an error F36 - what does it mean, what to do with it and how to eliminate a possible malfunction?

In this article we will talk in detail about this, consider the decoding of the error, its causes, signs and ways to solve the problem.

Material content:

  • 1 What does the F36 error mean?
  • 2 Self-repair: what to do
  • 3 Replacing the UBL
  • 4 How to replace the hinge or handle of the hatch

What does the F36

error mean?system. F36 error appears on the CM screen when the locking mechanism is faulty( UBL - hatch locking device).

The main symptom of a malfunction: the washing machine does not start washing, the program is “hanging”.All that happens is fault code F 36.

There may be two reasons for this:

  1. The hatch door is open.
  2. Not blocked by UBL.

Self-repair: what to do

Service center wizards recommend: if an error F36 occurs, check everything that might be involved in the malfunction. Pay attention to these points:

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  • Is the wiring to the UBL not broken?
  • Is the tongue of the manhole lock okay - could it have got stuck or missed the hole. In this case, you need to fix the jumped rod or replace the lock.
  • The laundry may have interfered with the closure of the device.

Washing machine Bosch is amenable to repair at home. Some of the work listed below can be done by yourself to clear the error:

  1. Replace UBL.
  2. Replace the handle( lock) of the Bosch washing machine.
  3. To correct a rod holding a uvula lock tongue.
  4. Replace the door hinge.
  5. Repair control board.

Of all the works, probably, only the latter will not be able to do it. Replacing the electronic module is a complex and painstaking work that requires not only experience, but also the appropriate tools.

But before you get upset and call the master, try to independently deal with other reasons for which the machine shows on the display F 36.

Replacing UBL

Consider what to do if you need to replace the UBL.We will show a good example with photos and videos on the example of a Bosch Maxx 5 typewriter:

Important! Before starting the repair, try to close the hatch more tightly, pinning it with your knee. If the error F36 is on the board again, it means that cardinal measures are needed - get ready for repair.

  • Disconnect the CM from the network.
  • Open the hatch.
  • Take the thinnest screwdriver you have and pry off the wire clamp that holds the manhole cuff.
  • Keep the screwdriver in a circle until you remove the clamp.
  • Fold the cuff around the UBL.
  • Twist the 2 fasteners located on the front panel and remove the device.
  • Disconnect the wires from it.
  • Remove the UBL.
  • Replace with new and collect everything back.

How to replace the hinge or the hatch handle of the

. If your Bosch typewriter shows an error F36 due to the fact that the handle or hinge holding the door has broken, you will need to disassemble the hatch:

  1. Remove the hatch from the Bosch washing machine.
  2. Turn the inner side up.
  3. Take a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew fasteners.
  4. Disassemble the hatch into 2 halves, taking out the glass installed between them.
  5. In the inner( lower) half there are parts of interest to you - both the loop and the handle. It is easy to replace them - just unscrew the screws, remove the broken parts, install new ones and put everything in place.

Important! If the lock of the washing machine is not broken, then look at the stock that is in the hatch: it could jump out of its grooves. Perhaps you just need to fix it.

Now, you know how to rectify the situation, if F36 was highlighted on the screen of the washing machine.

Let the error codes do not frighten you - this is an indispensable feature of the Bosch washing machine, which helps you determine the cause of the breakdown yourself and even solve the problem without the help of a wizard.

Resetting errors often does not require special knowledge, but only a little skill and patience.

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