Error E7, 1E, 1C in the washing machine Samsung

The first time errors with 1C, E7 and 1E codes can be displayed at any stage of washing. When restarting the equipment, signals about malfunctions occur immediately after the start, even before the water is drawn. They talk about the malfunction pressostat.

In washing machines that are not equipped with a display, E7 correspond to:

  • blinking of all lights;
  • illumination of temperature indicators at 40 and 60 degrees;The
  • is illuminated with a cold wash light.

Error E7 in the Samsung washing machine was used until 2007.In later products, error 1E corresponds to the same problem. In some washers, a similar problem is coded under the sign of 1C.These trouble codes are completely identical to each other and are caused by the same set of problems.

Ignoring notifications of malfunctions, which are displayed on the screen of the washing machine, can lead to serious malfunctions in the operation of equipment. Sometimes you can remove the error and troubleshoot without calling the wizard.

But first we should understand what difficulty the washer signals and what the code shown by the technique means.

Content of material:

  • 1 What broke
    • 1.1 What to do if a failure occurs in the control module
    • 1.2 The pressostat tube is disconnected from the machine or bent
    • 1.3 There is no contact with the press breaker or the engineer in a questionnaire department, the withdrawal unit(1C or IE) signal a problem with a water level sensor( also known as a pressure switch).In most cases, this means the need to repair or replace parts.

      There are also “false” alarms when a fault can be eliminated without the assistance of a master. Let us see what the error E7 and its analogues mean.

      What to do if there was a failure in the

      control module. To test this option, unplug the equipment from the network for a few minutes and reconnect. If the reason for the failure of the washing machine controller, after a forced reboot, the fault signal will disappear.

      If the washer is still showing an error on the display, proceed to the next diagnostic item.

      The pressure switch tube is disconnected from the typewriter or bent

      Inspect the hose connecting the pressure tapping chamber to the sensor that determines the water level. When operating the washing machine, the tube may be bent or move away from the connector. In this case, the relay can not correctly measure the volume of water poured into the tank, and gives a fault message - the display will show the error E7.

      Straighten or re-plug the switch, and the Samsung washing machine will resume normal operation.

      There is no contact with the pressure switch or the

      electronic module. In case of incomplete contact with the electronics of the relay unit, the water level is not working properly and knocks out error E7.Check if the electronic components of the washing machine are tightly fixed.

      If, after the checks, the malfunctions did not disappear and the technician again gives an error, the hardware is probably faulty.

      How to troubleshoot serious problems

      The errors 1E, 1C or e7 most often lead to the failure of some elements. The table will help you figure out how to fix the problem.

      Malfunction Possible causes What to do
      The machine does not flood the water, error E7 on the board. Hose plugged, improperly connected, or mechanically damaged. Relay is broken.

      Check tightness of the drain hose connection to the washer outlet, eliminate kinks. Make sure the hose is intact.

      Replace a damaged hose or relay( using a wizard).

      Error codes are knocked out on the display immediately after starting the technique. The problem in the electronic control module of the washing machine.

      A specialist will be required for accurate diagnostics. If a resistor is blown in the module, it is enough to solder it.

      If the problem occurred in the processor of the washing machine, you need a complete replacement of the unit.

      Technique shows errors some time after the start of washing. The sensor contacts have oxidized, the integrity of the pressure switch or electronic unit wiring is broken. It is necessary to adjust the supply of current by clearing the contacts, re-twisting the wires, changing the cable.

      If you didn’t manage to reset the errors yourself, E7 is still on the screen and you do not know how to fix the problem - it is better to entrust the repair to the master.

      An attempt by a non-specialist to fix a malfunction caused by a failure of electronic systems may result in more complex( and more expensive) repairs.

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