Malfunction washing machines Miele( Mile)

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The high build quality of Miele washing machines allows the manufacturer to give a 20-year warranty. But this does not mean that washing machines never break.

There are breakdowns that the user can fix with his own hands. If you are interested in how to do an independent repair of the washing machine Mile, read this article.

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Mile washing machine components are made only at the company's plants, so there’s no doubt about their quality and originality. Then why do the washing machines fail?

The causes of the malfunction are improper operation, unstable voltage in the network, with sharp jumps in which there is a short circuit of the electronic components of the CM.

One of the main reasons is hard water with impurities, which affects the heating elements. The heater is overgrown with scale, as a result of which it can not only break itself, but also damage the control module.

In order for you to better understand the reasons for the occurrence of SMA Miele breakdowns, consider a table that lists the fault codes and their meaning.

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Error codes CM Miele

Self-diagnostics erasers allows you to quickly calculate the damage and try to fix it. When the system finds a malfunction, error codes are displayed on the display of Miele Revolution washing machines and other models.

Error code What does
mean F01 Drying thermistor is faulty.
F02, F03, F04 Problems with the temperature sensor drying.
F10 There was a malfunction when inlet water.
F11 There were problems when draining water.
F15 High temperature water intake.
F16 Foaming exceeded.
F19 Water sensor malfunction.
F20 Fault in the heating system.
F29 Problems with drying heater.
F34 The door does not close tightly.
F35 Door lock.
F39, F41, F43, F45, F50 Problems with the electronic unit.
F46 Incorrect connection of the scoreboard.
F47 There were problems with the BAE / SLT interface.
F48 There were problems with the SLT interface.
F51 Problem in the operation of the pressure switch.
F53 Speed ​​sensor broken.
F55 An error of the time control AGR.
F56 Reduced speed( does not reach 400 rpm).
F62 Mode control does not work.
F63 The water path control system does not function.
F64 Trajectory sensor problems.
F65 The drum lights are not functioning.
F81 Drying control does not work.
F83 Non-standard temperature during drying.
F92 The probability of hitting the washer mold is high.
F93 Breaking an additional block relay.
F96 No additional water supply included.
F100 Connection with IK6 was broken.

The Mile

drain pump is not functioning. How can the user understand that the CM pump is faulty? Waste water will not drain from the tank.

This may indicate not only a problem with the pump, but also its blockage - the drain nipple and filter could also be blocked. Consider the possibility of self-repair washing machines Miele.

Start checking the elements in the order of the queue:

  1. Disconnect the CM from the network, turn off the water supply.
  2. Open the front door at the bottom.
  3. Unscrew the drain filter behind it.
  4. Clear it from clogging.
  5. Reinstall the filter.

To get to the drain pipe and the pump in the Millet washing machine, you have to remove the front panel. You can do the repair yourself:

  • Remove the top cover of the washer by unscrewing the two screws at the back.
  • Remove the detergent tray, unscrew the bolts behind it.
  • Remove the bottom panel, pre-drain the remaining water from the filter.
  • Having opened a door, remove a metal collar of a cuff of the hatch.
  • Disconnect the blocker connectors.
  • Remove the remaining bolts securing the case and remove it.
  • Place a water container before removing the nozzle.
  • Loosen the hose clamps, open the pump harnesses.
  • Remove the fixing bolts, remove the pump with the pipe.

Inspect the parts and clean them under running water. How to repair the pump in case of breakdown, see the video:

The pressure switch of the washing machine Miele

is defective. This sensor is responsible for monitoring the water level in the tank. When it fails, the washer may produce an error of water intake, the signal "Empty tank" or "Water overflow".

Unfortunately, the sensor can not be repaired. But it is easy to replace it with a new device.

  • Removing the top panel CM, you will notice the pressure switch at the side wall.
  • Disconnect the hose from the sensor and check for blockage.
  • Remove the pressure switch and disconnect all wires from it.
  • The installation of the new part is carried out in the reverse order.

There is no heating of water in the Mile

machine. If the washing takes place in cold water and the laundry is washed poorly, the reason for the failure of the heater is. Replacing the heater also occurs through the front panel( how to remove it, we have already written).


  • Down below the tank you will notice protruding exits of the heating element.
  • Unclip all clips and disconnect wires.
  • Loosen the central nut and push the bolt inward.
  • Hooking the edge of the heater with a screwdriver, remove it from the machine.
  • Install serviceable heater for washing machine Miele.

The drum does not rotate

You start the washer, but the drum does not rotate, or the program stopped in the middle of the cycle? This indicates the wear of the drive belt, which transmits the engine speed, rotating the drum.

Sometimes a belt falls off a pulley from a top-loading Miele washing machine. In any case, you need to inspect and, if necessary, install a new belt.

  1. Remove the left panel of the case.
  2. Inspect the drive belt.
  3. If it slips off or gets damaged, install a new item.
  4. First put the belt on the engine pulley.
  5. Then, turning on the drum pulley.
  6. Reinstall the panel.

Incorrect operation of the

electric motor If you notice that the drum during washing drastically changes the speed and direction of movement, the reason lies in the tachogenerator of the motor. This part is responsible for the speed of the engine, allowing you to adjust them for individual programs.

Checking the tachogenerator in the Mile washer:

  • The tachometer is located on the electric motor shaft.
  • Attach the multimeter test leads to the sensor contacts, measure the resistance.
  • The normal value is 70 ohms( ± 20 ohms).

In the event of a malfunction, the sensor cannot be repaired, it can be replaced with your own hands.

Electronics malfunctions

Electronics problems better not to try to fix it yourself. To do this, you will need not only the electronic circuit of Miele washing machines, but also the skills of such repair.

The components of the module are made using modern technologies, so even to test it, you need to be connected to a computer. We recommend that you contact a service center for assistance.

Having understood the troubles of the Miele washing machines, you can try the repair yourself. If the machine is still under warranty, it is wiser to contact the specialists.

Do not forget to adhere to safety measures during works.

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