Malfunctions of washing machines LG

Washing machines LG with direct drive are in demand among buyers. The new design has significantly increased engine life, while SM belongs to an affordable price segment.

But such equipment is subject to breakdowns, and maintenance of washing machines LG in the service center is sometimes expensive. Therefore, we will tell you about the typical faults of this brand and the possibilities of self-repair.

Content of the material:

  • 1The main faults of washing machines LG
  • 2Trouble codes for washing machine AlGi
  • 3The LG machine does not turn on
    • 3.1How to replace the mains filter
  • 4Water is recruited normally, but washing does not begin
  • 5Water does not enter the tank of the LG machine or it is too slow
    • 5.1How to replace the pressure switch
  • 6Knocking and crashing while the LG Stirka is in use
  • 7Does not work the sink in the car LG
  • 8The door does not open

The main faults of washing machines LG

According to statistics, breakages of washing machines LJ with direct drive happen after five years of operation. In order to understand how to begin troubleshooting, we will analyze how the direct-drive CM and the standard machine work.

Look at the layout of the LG washing machine:

In the first case, the drum is rotated by means of a drive belt. In the second - the drum rotates the motor directly. Such a motor also does not have brushes that wear out constantly. In the event of a breakdown, you immediately determine what the cause is in the motor, and not the parts surrounding it.

We dismantled the principle of operation, now we will consider which nodes most often fail:

  • Heating element (TEN). You notice that washing is done in cold water, the powder is poorly soluble and leaves stains on clothes. Verify the failure of the heater is possible by measuring its resistance by the tester.
  • The failure of the pressure switch. The pressure sensor monitors the amount of water in the tank: when it breaks, you can notice a permanent drainage, or the system signals a water overflow. Repair and replacement of the sensor can be done by yourself.
  • Bearings and stuffing boxes. When the driving elements are worn out, you will hear a roar, noise during the operation of the stylalki. It's easy to learn about this simply: turn the drum by hand, if you hear a rattle, then it's a matter of bearings.
  • Electronics often suffer from voltage surges. The main module breaks rarely, the wires and terminals are often burnt.
  • Drain pump. Its design in LG's SMA is such that the drain system is often clogged. Therefore, if you notice that the stylalka badly drains the water, it is necessary to check the pump.
  • Problems with the inlet valve also occur. To repair the ElGi stilalki with your own hands is quite possible, replacing this element.

Trouble codes for washing machine AlGi

How does the user understand exactly where the LG washing machine broke down? For this, there is a self-diagnosis system. If a problem is detected, the system displays the AlJ error codes on the display.

You need to decode the code and find the problem.

DTC Value
AE Auto power off error. There was a leak. Aquastop worked.
CE There was an overload of SM.
dE The hatch is not closed until the end. Washing does not begin.
FE The water norm in the tank is exceeded.
E1 The water got into the tray. Check for leaks.
HE Breakage of the heating element (TEN).
IE There is no water inlet for 4 minutes.
OE There is no draining of water for 5 minutes.
PE The water did not reach this level for 25 minutes.
UE There was an imbalance.
tE Thermal sensor failure.
E3 Incorrect download.
SE The failure of the tachogenerator.
LE Broken door lock (UBL).

Now you know the meaning of the errors and will be able to start repairing the automatic machine with your own hands. Consider the typical faults that may occur during the operation of the LG washing machine.

The LG machine does not turn on

What are the reasons for the stylalka not to turn on, how to troubleshoot the washing machine?

  1. Check that the door is securely closed. Press it tightly until it clicks.
  2. Check the outlet - there may be too low voltage on the mains. To do this, connect another home appliance to it: if it's working, then the reason is not in the network.
  3. Inspect the cord of the styrler and the plug for damage. Perhaps you need to isolate the defective parts, and it is better to replace the power cord.
  4. Turn the inlet valve. If the water is blocked, the washing process can not start.
  5. Lastly, the AGR posting is inspected. To do this, remove the top panel of the machine by unscrewing the two screws from the rear. Inspect the interference filter and its wiring at the time of the malfunction.

How to replace the mains filter

  • After disconnecting the styralka from the mains and removing the top cover, you will see a filter at the top.
  • Unscrew the filter mounting screws on the rear panel.
  • Pick up a new part and alternately switch the wires from the faulty filter to a new one.
  • Then fasten it to the body with the bolts.

Now you know how you can repair your LG washing machine yourself if there is a wiring failure.

Water is recruited normally, but washing does not begin

You turned on the SMA, went to the water intake, but the washing does not begin. What is the reason?

  1. The heater (heater) is defective. Water does not heat up, so washing does not begin. If you need to wash your laundry urgently, try to choose a washing course without heating. To replace an element, the video will help you:
  1. Failure of pressure switch or thermistor. A defective pressure switch does not give a signal that the optimum level of water in the tank has been reached. If the thermistor fails, the module does not receive a message about the heating temperature. Need replacements.
  2. The main module of the washing machine LG has failed, which gives the nodes of the machine the command to start working.
  3. Fault in the LG washing machine motor with direct drive.

More information about the repair, see the video:


Water does not enter the tank of the LG machine or it is too slow

How to repair the washing machine:

  1. Unscrew the shut-off valve to full capacity. Perhaps it was blocked or not open until the end.
  2. Inspect the fence hose. He could bend over or get stuck.
  3. The filter-mesh was clogged with debris. It is located between the filler hose and the valve - remove and clean.
  4. There is a malfunction of the water supply valve. To inspect and replace it, you need to remove the top cover - the valve is located on top of the wall. You need to ring his contacts with a multimeter, and also check the membrane that could wear out. In case of malfunction, a new part is installed.
  5. If the pressure switch is broken, you can perform a self-repair of the LG washing machine.

How to replace the pressure switch

  • After disconnecting the CM, remove the top panel by unscrewing the mounting bolts.
  • Disconnect the connectors from the pressure switch, unscrew the screws that secure it to the body.
  • Remove the level sensor, disconnect the hose.
  • Install the new part in the reverse order.

Knocking and crashing while the LG Stirka is in use

If, during the rotation of the drum, there are loud knocking, grinding, rattling, the reason may be in insufficient laundry. Just load more things into the drum.

A more serious breakdown is the wear of bearings and seals. To replace them you will have to completely disassemble the washing machine and start repairing the drum. Replace the bearings will help you with the video:


Does not work the sink in the car LG


  1. Wrong mode selection.
  2. Litter in the drain system (filter, pipe, pump).

How to fix malfunctions of the LJ washing machine with your own hands? It is necessary to check the drain pump. For this:

  • Open the hatch and remove the yoke, bending the cuff aside.
  • Disconnect the door lock connectors and close it.
  • Remove the water using a drain filter.
  • Unscrew the bolts, remove the filter cover.
  • Raise the top panel by unscrewing the screws.
  • Remove the dispensing tray.
  • Remove the bolts behind the tray from the front and back.
  • Remove the control panel by unfastening the latches.
  • Remove the front panel screws. Take it away.
  • Loosen the clamps of the circulation and drain hoses. Remove the hoses.
  • Disconnect the hose clamps of the pump by loosening them.
  • Unscrew the pump assembly bolts.
  • Unclip the clamps and remove the pump.
  • After unscrewing the screws, pull the pump out of the cochlea.
  • Look, there are no threads on the impeller, which can interfere with the work.
  • In case of malfunction, install a new part.

The door does not open

A similar malfunction can occur if the water is not completely drained from the tank. To open it, you need to manually remove the remaining water through the drain filter.

Maybe the program is not finished yet and the drum rotates, so the hatch does not open. Wait until the end of the cycle.

Malfunction can be called a broken door lock - UBL. Repair the door of the washing machine LG can be done at home.

You will be helped by video on the topic:


Note that the cause of the failure in almost any case can be the control module. To troubleshoot and repair the module, you will need an electrical circuit for the LG washing machine. In such cases, it is better to contact the master, since the card is a complex and expensive part.

Having studied the basic breakdowns of the LG washing machine with direct drive, you can start repairing. Always observe safety precautions!

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