Malfunctions of washing machines Kandy

Washing machines Kandy are distinguished by an affordable price and compactness. A convenient control system and a wide selection of programs made the technique popular among users.

However, in time, even reliable technology can fail. Can I repair Kandy washing machine by myself? Completely!

You just need to find out what the error codes on the control panel mean, and then find and repair the malfunction.

Content of the material:

  • 1The main problems with washing machines Kandy
    • 1.1No water draining in the machine
    • 1.2Kandy machine does not turn on
    • 1.3Leakage loss
    • 1.4No heating
    • 1.5Wear of movable elements
    • 1.6Problems of electronics
  • 2Fault codes of the Kandy machine, their meaning
  • 3Self-repair machine Kandy
    • 3.1Solving problems with a drain
    • 3.2How to turn on the Kandy machine
    • 3.3Replacement of heating elements in the washing machine
    • 3.4Bearing Replacement
    • 3.5Solving problems with electronics

The main problems with washing machines Kandy

Let's analyze the main problems that are typical for cars of this brand. Also find out how you can repair Candy washing machines with your own hands.

No water draining in the machine

You noticed that the washing machine Kandy does not drain the water. The program can stop right in the middle of washing. Due to the fact that the water does not leave completely, you get wet things after spinning.

What are the reasons for this breakdown:

  • The drainage system was hammered. When garbage enters the drain filter or hose, a blockage occurs. It is necessary to check the pump and the nozzle from the tank to the pump.
  • Drain pump failure. Often, small items, getting into the pump, cause it to break.

Kandy machine does not turn on

Why does not the Candy washing machine work? You habitually run the Styralk, but it does not react to your actions. Let's look at the causes of this problem:

  • A network cable or extension cable is malfunctioning. He could burn out, twist.
  • The lack of voltage in the network, or it is not enough to run SM Kandy. This can happen if repair works are performed on your site, a powerful tool is used and so on.
  • Oxidized contacts on the start button, so the machine does not respond to the activation.
  • Malfunction of the Kandy washing machine control module. The module is responsible for all programs in the AGR, so when it breaks, the technician refuses to work.

Leakage loss

If you notice a puddle of water under the washing machine, you need to urgently look for a leak.

Attention! Do not step into the water, you may be shocked. If possible, disconnect the SM from the mains or turn off the electricity supply on the switchboard.

Why there is a leak:

  • Tray-dispenser. If the tray is not cleaned from time to time, a powder accumulates in it, which clogs the nozzle. As a result, the leak is coming from the tray.
  • Discharge of the washing machine Candy. When it is damaged, water flows through the bottom of the SM.
  • Rubber cuff hatch. With prolonged use, the cuff could leak out and lose its tightness. Or it is damaged by small items during washing.

No heating

The thermostat does not start the washing process or it erases things in cold water. The reason for this is the malfunction of the heating element (TEN). In general, the element fails due to scale or damaged contacts.

Wear of movable elements

Wearing bearings, oil seals, electric motor brushes leads to various malfunctions in the Kandy washing machine. For example, you may notice a tapping and crashing while the washer is operating, stopping the rotation of the drum.

Problems of electronics

This includes problems with the closing of the hatch door, wiring between parts and the control module, a malfunction of the control board for the washing machine Candy.

How do you figure out what kind of crash happened to your car? Error codes help you.

Thanks to the self-diagnosis system, a trouble code is displayed on the display panel of the Kandy washing machine. After decrypting it, the user understands what part to check. So it becomes possible to independently repair washing machines Candy.

Fault codes of the Kandy machine, their meaning

Depending on the type of model, the CM can differently exhibit an error:

  • Activa type models with electronic control display an error on the display.
  • Models Candy Aquamatic (Kandy Aquamatic), signal a malfunction of blinking the lower bulb on the left. The number of flashes in a pause means the error code.

For washing machines Candy Holiday, Aquamatic, Activa and other models, the following error codes are typical: E01, E02, E03, E04, E05, E09.

Error code name Meaning, decoding
E01 The door of the hatch is closed loosely. There is a problem with the locking device (SDB) or mechanical latch.
E02 Error in taking water. The tank is filled above the norm, or water is not enough for washing. Probable problems with the fence valve, pressure switch, control module.
E03 There is no normal discharge of water. Time has passed for the sink. The problem is a clogging of the drainage system or pump.
E04 Water intake error. The tank is filled above the required level. Possible damage to the fill valve or pressure switch.
E05 Water does not heat up. Faulty heater, electronic controller, thermal sensor.
E07 (08, 09) Problems with the engine or its components: a tug sensor, a triac, a control module.

Self-repair machine Kandy

First of all, if you notice an error code, reload the Stiralk. Disconnect it from the network for 10-20 minutes.

If the code does not disappear after the inclusion, you need to continue searching. The photo shows the device of the washing machine Candy, so that it would be easier for you to navigate.

You can also look in the instruction manual of the washing machine Kandy.

Solving problems with a drain

We'll figure out how to get rid of clog. Self repair:

  • Clean the drain filter. It is located from the bottom: on the front panel, behind a small hatch. Unscrew the filter, inspect for blockage.
  • Check the drainage pipe. It is necessary to lay the stylalk on its side and get it to the pipe through the bottom. For more information on cleaning and replacement, see the video:

At the same time with a branch pipe, inspect the drain hose, which could also be clogged. For cleaning, you can rinse it under the pressure of water.

  • Check the pump (pump) is performed after inspecting the impeller. Take out the drain filter, look into its hole. By lighting the flashlight, notice whether the impeller is spinning or not. If it's standing still, it means that there were malfunctions with the pump, or a thread, a piece of cloth, was wound on the axis of the impeller.

To remove the error from the screen and return the CM functionality, you need to get to the pump.

Self repair:

  1. Disconnect the SM from the network and communications.
  2. Put the stylalk on its side, opening the bottom.
  3. Unscrew the pump mounting bolts.
  4. Unclip the connectors by disconnecting the wires.
  5. After removing the pump, inspect the impeller for blockage.

If the pump is faulty, install the new part in the reverse order.

How to turn on the Kandy machine

If your styralka does not turn on, does not give an error code, do a repair yourself:

  • Check the power cord and extension cord (if connected through it). Connect any household appliance to the extension cord. If it works, then the extension cord is working. If the wire is broken, its replacement is required.
  • To find out if there is any voltage in the network, connect one of the devices to the outlet. If it does not work, you need to call an electrician.
  • To inspect the power button and its contacts, remove the front panel.

What you need to do:

  1. Remove the top cover of the washer by unscrewing the bolts from the rear.
  2. Remove the dispensing tray.
  3. Loosen the screws holding the output tray.
  4. Unfasten the latches and remove the panel.
  5. Disconnect the wires from the control module.

Now inspect the button contacts. Perhaps they will have to be replaced.

Replacement of heating elements in the washing machine

When using low-quality powders and hard water, the heater is coated with scale. Subsequently, the scum can cause combustion of the heater. If the heater fails, the corresponding error code appears on the display.

To replace the element, you need to remove the back panel of SM Candi. Repair yourself:

  • After unscrewing the screws and removing the panel, below the tank you will see the TEN.
  • Disconnect all connectors.
  • Unscrew the central nut and press the bolt inside.
  • Gently pulling along the edges, pull out the element.

Visually assess the condition of the heater. Additionally, you can check the heater while it is in the car. To do this, attach the probes of the multimeter to the TEN contacts, measure the resistance. The serviceable part will show from 20 OM to 30 Ohm.

If there is a breakdown, install a new one.

How to check the heater and its thermostat, see the video:


Bearing Replacement

To replace the bearings, you need to know how to disassemble the washing machine Kandy. Getting to them is very difficult, and not everyone can.

See detailed video instruction:


Solving problems with electronics

What are the signs of this breakdown in the washing machine Kandy? You are trying to start a wash, but the process does not begin. The scoreboard lights up an error code.

The reason may be in the open hatch door. If the lockout device fails, the hatch is not locked at the electronic level, so washing does not start. Self repair is to replace the UBL:

  1. Having de-energized the SM, open the door.
  2. Bend back the rubber cuff, and use a screwdriver to remove the metal clamp.
  3. Unscrew the bolts securing the locking device.
  4. Unbolting the cuff, detach the lock from the panel.
  5. Having disconnected electric sockets, get out the lock and rearrange on a new detail.

Problems with electronics can be caused by a disruption of the wiring between the control board and the rest of the machine. Therefore, you need to examine everything consistently. To do this, you will need the electric circuit of the Candy washing machine.

With sudden voltage drops, the board itself, or its elements, could burn.

Repair of the main component of the washing machine Kandy is better not to perform by oneself, but to entrust to the professional.

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