A11 error in dishwasher Ariston

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If the dishwasher "Ariston" gives an error code of 11, then there are problems with the circulation pump. Hotpoint Ariston dishwashers are equipped with a control module that detects system failures. As soon as a breakdown occurs, a fault code is displayed. The decoding of the symbols is indicated in the instruction manual.

We will understand how to fix the situation yourself.

Causes and solutions

If the PMM displays an A11 error on the display, the Hotpoint Ariston system warns you about problems with the pump. The reason that the car can show the code is the lack of power to the engine or its blocking with a foreign object. There may have been a break in the winding, wiring is damaged.

Checking the integrity of the wiring in a11 error in the dishwashers Ariston

What to do? Everything needs to be checked and replaced with defective parts. First of all, a system failure is excluded when a module mistakenly displays icons on the screen. To reset the code:

  • unplug the PMM plug from the socket;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • repeat the launch.

Are the A11 characters on the display again? Then you need to look for a problem.

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To check the engine, you need disassemble the car. How to troubleshoot and replace the pump:

  1. Open the chamber door.
  2. Remove the baskets from the bin.
  3. Unscrew the drain filter.
  4. Unscrew the bolts securing the circulation unit.Analysis and removal of the elements of the circular unit in the dishwasher Ariston
  5. Turn the technique "on the back."
  6. Remove the screws around the perimeter of the bottom cover. Remove it and set aside.
  7. Inspect the engine. To check the winding and electronic parts, use a multimeter.Inspection and testing of the engine in the dishwasher Ariston
  8. Check the wiring at the time of the burnout.
  9. Remove the block and see if there is a foreign object stuck inside.

Notice the problem? Then replace the part. If it is a blockage, then enough to eliminate its cause and install the pump in place. Cleaning with chemicals is useless in this case. If the repair seems too complicated, then it is better to call the master.

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