F8 error in the Atlant washing machine

The Atlant washing machine displays the error code F8 on the display. At the same time, you notice that too much water is being pumped into the tank.

To find out how to correct the situation, you need to understand what the F8 code means.

On electromechanical models without a display, the first indicator lights up.

Content of the material:

  • 1What is the error F8
  • 2What to do in order to fix the problem
  • 3Diagnosis of breakdown and repair of washing machine
    • 3.1Filling valve
    • 3.2Pressure meter

What is the error F8

When the Atlant washing machine displays F8 on the screen, this indicates that there are problems with filling the tank. For some reason the stylalky takes too much water.

Before removing the breakdown, it is necessary to check that the drain system in the Atlant washing machine is properly connected.

What to do in order to fix the problem

To remove the error code, if F8 is displayed, and solve the problem, the following actions will help:

  • If the connection is incorrect, the drain hose is located below or above the washing tub. It is considered correct to place the hose at a level of 50 cm from the floor, if the layout is wrong, a self-draining occurs. As a result, SM Atlanta begins to gain even more water.

    Please read the user manual for reinstallation.
  • Another cause may be a "siphon effect in the sewerage the pressure increases, the water merges. Consequently, the Strelka Atlant constantly picks up and pours water. That it is possible to make: to put on a drain hose the valve "antisliv".
  • Check the tightness of the tank in the Atlant washing machine.

You've checked everything, but F8 failed to reset the error. So, the cause of the problem is elsewhere.

Diagnosis of breakdown and repair of washing machine

Independently to diagnose breakage it is quite real. It is only necessary to understand what is the cause of the error on the scoreboard. Because of the water surplus, you need to inspect the fence valve and pressure switch (pressure sensor).

Filling valve

The valve works from electricity and opens when voltage is applied to its coils. The supply voltage stopped - the valve closed. A sign of the breakdown of this part is the continuous water supply, even when the ATA Atlas is off.

What does it mean? Open the dispensing tray. Note if there is water in it, although the washing is not started, in which case it is possible to diagnose a valve failure. More accurately the part is checked by a multimeter.

More details about this you can read in the article about the error F5.

Pressure meter

When the required water level for washing is reached, the pressure switch sends a signal to the control module, the water supply stops. Clearly, failure of the pressure sensor can lead to overflow.

How to test and replace the pressure switch:

  1. Disconnect the Atlanta Stiralk from the network.
  2. After loosening the bolts from the rear, remove the top cover.
  3. The sensor is located on top, at the side wall.
  4. Disconnect the pressure switch hose and inspect for damage and blockage.
  5. Disconnect the connector with the wires and pull out the sensor.

Now you can check it. At the hose attachment point, connect a short tube of similar diameter, blow it slightly. If you hear clicks (which means switching modes), the device is working. If nothing is audible - install a new sensor.

  • Connect the connector to the new pressure sensor.
  • Pay attention to the latches on the back of the device. Fix it to a special cutout, located on the body of the washing machine Atlant.
  • Pull the hose to the pressure gauge connector.
  • Replace the top cover.

Additionally, inspect the electrical circuits from the sensor to the module. When the wires are broken, the pressure switch simply can not send a signal to the control module. Then you need to replace individual wires or the entire loop.

It remains to run the wash and check the performance of SM Atlant.

Error code F8 is no longer on the screen? Means, the malfunction is liquidated and you have found the decision of a problem.

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