F63 error in Bosch washing machine

In this article we will look at what the error F63, which Bosch machine gives, is, what to do and how to eliminate the failure on its own.

In many modern washing machines of the Bosch brand (also referred to as the Maxx and Logixx series) there are function, which shows error codes on the display, if there are malfunctions during washing and malfunction.

Often an understanding of what error means allows the user to solve the problem on their own.

Content of the material:

  • 1Decoding and signs
  • 2Self-repair error
    • 2.1Repair of the machine on error F63
  • 3Additional signs
    • 3.1Causes of failure

Decoding and signs

Error code 63 lights up on the electronic display if functional protection is triggered. And this means that there was one of two possible problems:

  1. The processor broke.
  2. An error has occurred in the software.

If you see the code F63, then to confirm the breakdown, pay attention to the external signs:

  • AGR is short.
  • Does not turn on.

Self-repair error

If you are interested in knowing how to fix the situation when F 63 is burning, proceed as follows:

  • Unplug the machine from the mains for 15 or 20 minutes.
  • For the specified time, the electronic module must reboot.
  • Turn on the machine: if the screen does not show an error, everything is fine.
  • If the display again showed F63, then you need to take drastic measures.

Repair of the machine on error F63

Usually, masters eliminate the problem by performing one of three possible repair operations for this case:

  • The SM processor is being repaired.
  • Repair the control board if the processor is functional.
  • Change the control unit.

It is not recommended to independently check and repair the processor and the board - a professional should work with such complex equipment. If in the course of an unsuccessful repair the board burns out, the repair will cost you an exorbitant price.

Additional signs

Often trouble codes, including F63, are accompanied by other malfunctions in the operation of the styralke. They can be a whole lot, as they say - trouble does not come alone.

The most common symptom is that the machine knocks out the machine or plugs. This can happen for a number of other reasons - due to a broken TEN, engine or "START" button, but sometimes due to a board failure.

If F 63 burns, and the Bosch machine at the same time knocks out the plugs, then with high confidence it can be stated that the functional protection has worked precisely when the electronic module fails.

Causes of failure

Because of the high humidity, contacts could oxidize, and this causes a short circuit: as a consequence, the AGR can knock out the machine or plugs. Depending on the degree of damage, you can talk about the repair or replacement of the board.

If you can not remove the error by disabling and turning on the styralka, and the machine still knocks out the plugs, it means that errors can not be reset. Repair is required.

The maximum that a normal user can do, if he wants to repair the SM himself, is to call the tester with all the elements of the board. But the matter is painstaking and long. Especially, you can aggravate the situation.

Therefore, if an error occurs that indicates a breakdown of the module, it is better to contact the repair service.

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