Error F07 in the Indesit washing machine

The system of self-diagnostics in washing machines Indesit allows the user to understand the cause of the problem. On the scoreboard of the electronic models of the SMA indesit the error F07 is burning - the problem with water.

Conventional machines with electromechanical control indicate an error by flashing the indicators "Soak" - "Additional rinse" - "Turnover". Or the "Turns" light bulbs - "Super Wash" - "Quick Wash" light up.

It is important to correctly decipher what the DTC means.

Content of the material:

  • 1Error description F07
  • 2What should I do if you find signs of a malfunction
    • 2.1Crane failure or weak head
    • 2.2Problems with the loading hatch
    • 2.3Error of the programmer or the control module
    • 2.4Inlet valve is damaged
    • 2.5Trouble TEN and pressure switch

Error description F07

What does the error code 07 indicate on the display? Washing machine Indesit can not dial the right amount of water, or broke the heater. This may be due to the shortage of water that does not cover the heater.

We'll figure out how to fix the problem yourself.

What should I do if you find signs of a malfunction

Try resetting error F07 by resetting the washer by disconnecting it from the network.

Actions did not help to remove the error, and the washing machine Indesit stopped collecting water? Try the following methods.

Crane failure or weak head

If the pressure is less than 1 atm, the water set is too slow. Open the tap and see what the force of the head is.

How to troubleshoot:

  1. Independently you can not do anything. Wait for the water to appear.
  2. Contact the representatives of the housing office, find out the reasons for the shutdown. Perhaps the service does not even know about your problems.

See if the water tap is functioning properly. Then inspect the hose for damage. What if everything is all right?

  1. Check the filter. It may be clogged, so the set is slow.
  2. Clean the filter, flush the hose.

Problems with the loading hatch

Check that the hatch is securely latched. A malfunction of the guide under the locking tongue causes the door to not lock. As a result of frequent operation, it can become unusable, or the hinges and the door will warp.

Replace the lock will help video:


Error of the programmer or the control module

When the Indesite eraser shows F07 on the display, a malfunction in the electronics is possible. What this means is that the technician does not receive a command for taking water, so it gives an error. It is better to trust the master to solve the problem.

Inlet valve is damaged

You checked the filter, it's all right. Then inspect the intake valve. If it is broken, the valve can be repaired, but it's easier to change it to a new one.

Trouble TEN and pressure switch

If the heater is defective, it needs a replacement. Is the Indesite washing machine gaining little water? Perhaps, it is impossible to estimate its quantity because of the breakdown of the pressure switch. Therefore, after the test, replace the level gauge with a working part.

Having recognized the error code F07, you will be able to correct the breakdown yourself. If you are not strong in repair, call the masters who will quickly repair SMA Indesit.

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