Errors of washing machines LG

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Today, all LG washing machines are equipped with an "intelligent" and simple system for self-diagnosis of malfunctions. Errors in the models of the "AlJ" of the new generation are not so many, but with the help of these alphanumeric codes it is possible to diagnose any breakdown.

Knowing the meaning of each code, you can quickly understand what the problem is, and take the first steps to troubleshoot.

Errors of "ElG" errors: signs, causes and elimination

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Code What is the problem Causes of occurrence and / or how to eliminate
AE Automatic shutdown error. The error code AE ‚Äč‚Äčilluminates when the float type sensor is triggered. It is necessary to check the machine for leaks.

It is necessary to inspect all the nodes, joints and parts in contact with water in order to eliminate the root cause.

CE The ECA electric motor is overloaded. 1. Unload the drum if the excess weight of the laundry becomes the cause.

2. Check the operation of the motor and electronic controller.

3. If you have a direct drive engine in your CMA LG model, you should check for a jitter on the drum.

dE The hatch for loading linen is open or not loosely covered. 1. Close the hatch more tightly.

2. Ensure the electronic lock is in good condition - UBL.

3. Inspect the controller for damage.

FE The tank is full of water, so the water level sensor signals an increased value. 1. Inspect the sensor, its connection and wiring to make sure it is faulty / faulty.

2. Check the status of the solenoid valve - it may be stuck in the open state, and there is a constant water intake into the system.

3. Examine the controller.

E1 The water flowed into the washing machine tray. All components working with water must be inspected for leaks: hoses, nipples, valve, drain pump or filter.
HE The electric water heater (TEN) has failed. 1. You need to make sure that the heater is working. To do this, check the tester. At the same time, ring the heater on the breakdown to the body. Broken and burnt TEN (as well as if it breaks), you need to replace it with a new one.

2. Ensure the integrity of the electrical circuits of the heater and the temperature sensor.

IE The time of filling the tank with water is exceeded. It takes more than 4 minutes to fill in, as water enters the system too slowly. 1. Perhaps the water supply is not strong enough pressure - inspect the tap or contact the plumber.

2. Check the pressure switch.

3. Inspect the solenoid valve. Call the priming valve coils to make sure they are energized.

OE The water leaves the tank longer than usual - more than 5 minutes. 1. Ensure there is no obstruction in the drainage path. If the drainage pipe, pump, filter or hose clogs, clean them.

2. Ensure that the level sensor and the electronic module are working.

PE Water heats up too long - more than 25 minutes to the minimum level.

A PE error can also light up on the scoreboard if the tank fills up too quickly.

1. It is necessary to check the head in a water pipe - the pressure can be either insufficient or too high.

2. Examine the pressure switch.

UE Imbalance in the CMA drum. 1. Probably, the drive mechanism of the electric motor is broken or the controller has failed - it is necessary to exclude these failures.

2. Distribute laundry in the drum manually.

tE Broken thermistor (temperature sensor). 1. The sensor and its wiring are called at the time of an open or short circuit. If a fault is detected, the thermistor must be replaced.

2. The controller is examined - it can also become the fault of the appearance of this error.

E3 Loading error. The code appears when the controller fails.
SE The Hall sensor is broken. Typical engine failure in a direct-drive AGR.

It is necessary to check the efficiency of the sensor and its wiring. Replace the item with a new one if it is broken.

LE The hatch lock is broken. 1. The cause of the situation may be insufficient voltage in the mains.

2. It is necessary to check the UBL, engine, electronic module.

Now you know how to react when your AlGJ machine has highlighted the error code. The main thing is to notice the failure in time, try to eliminate it or contact the master. Before contacting the service or proceeding with repair, still restart the machine to exclude a possible software malfunction:

  • Switch off the machine.
  • De-energize the equipment.
  • Give her time to "rest" - about 15 minutes.
  • Plug the machine into the network.
  • Try running the Stiralk.

If the DTC disappeared from the display and does not appear again, it was a normal program failure. If the code lights up again or appears after a while, it's time to sound an alarm.

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