Glowing stones for garden decor made in China


Some gardeners consider landscape design a waste of time. However, there are several successful ways to decorate your site without resorting to the services of expensive specialists.

A well-groomed view of the "six hectare" will give proper illumination. These can be small lanterns located along the tracks, as well as LED garlands that can decorate the veranda, gazebo or porch.

Another way is to create a flower garden. Marigolds, petunias, daffodils, irises and other seasonal plants will certainly please the eye. You can safely combine juicy summer shades, create flower beds of a bizarre shape and decorate them with the help of shiny pebbles.

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Among landscape designers and gardeners-lovers, luminescent pebbles became popular several years ago. In Russian online stores, you can easily buy the necessary amount of material to decorate the flower garden or the path leading to the house. Stones most resemble natural river stones, but their weight is several times smaller.

Pebbles during the day accumulate the energy of sunlight, and with the onset of darkness begins to sparkle with bright colors. The duration of the glow directly depends on the amount of energy - after a sultry summer day you will be able to admire your own creation long enough. The shelf life of the stones is not limited, there are no harmful substances in the composition. The cost of one kilogram of luminescent pebbles in Russian online stores - from 900 rubles and more.

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On the AliExpress website, glowing stones for the garden are sold in lots of 100 pieces in each (total weight about 300 grams). Some buyers are not lazy to find out the exact number, and it turns out that even 5-10 stones can be invested in the package. Each pebble is about 2-3 centimeters in size.

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In general, the reviews mark the high quality of luminescent pebbles. On sale there are up to four colors, but the most common are blue and green. As for the difference in domestic online stores and on AliExpress, there is no one-sided opinion among buyers. Packing (100 pieces) weighs about 300 grams and costs 400 rubles - it turns out that it is more profitable to buy a kilogram of glowing river stones in Russia.

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