Malfunctions of washing machines Gorenje (Gorenje)

Washing machines are burning not only in the Russian market, but also in the CIS countries and the European Union. The mass of innovative solutions in these washers is good, but there are a lot of breakdowns. Therefore, the repair of washing machines Gorenje (Gorenie) - the daily care of almost any workshop.

On how to make repairs at home, and what breakdowns are most common for this brand, read on.

Content of the material:

  • 1Typical breakdowns and breakdowns of Gorenje machines
  • 2Drain pump: check and replace the pump in the typewriter Gorenie
  • 3Leakage connection of water drainage in the car Gorenie
  • 4Burned TEN in the machine Gorenje: check and replace
  • 5Wear of brushes in the typewriter Gorenye

Typical breakdowns and breakdowns of Gorenje machines

Manufacturers of Gorenje spinners know exactly how to make technology desirable and attractive for every customer. Today, these SMA are so advanced that there are even models, the tank of which works autonomously and does not depend on the availability of water in the water supply.

Only now we will not talk about the technical novelties and merits of SM Burning, but about what are the most common faults in washing machine Gorenie, and how to fix them yourself.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the most vulnerable places of various models of this brand. Using statistical data freely distributed by the leading service centers of the Russian Federation, we compiled a list of typical breakdowns that are typical for almost any Gorenje model:

  1. The drain pump is the most vulnerable part. It breaks at a quarter of all machines of this brand. Replacing the pump is the best solution to the problem.
  2. The second place went to the thermoelectric heater. TEN breaks down at least a third of the wastes, which ended the warranty period.
  3. The third in the list is the drainage pipe of water.
  4. The fourth place is the brushes of the engine, which become unusable from frequent use and require replacement.

An additional fifth place we give to the door handle of the hatch - its breakage happens in every 5th typewriter. The most important thing with such a breakdown is to find the original part for replacement.

Important! Define the failure often help the error codes: F1, F2, F3, F4 and others.

Drain pump: check and replace the pump in the typewriter Gorenie

Pouring pumps in the burner Gorenie really break down too often and wear out faster than other knots.

Machines of this brand are characterized by increased sensitivity to water, in which there are many different impurities. Movable elements are located almost side by side, so the water stone settling on them, interferes with the work. Wear of parts is faster, in the end, the pump breaks down and requires replacement.

Replacement or self-repair of the drain pump is as follows:

  • Unplug the appliance from the electrical outlet.
  • Remove the detergent cuvette. Pour out the remaining water from it, slide it into place.
  • Put the stiralku in a convenient position.
  • It's easier to get to the pump from the bottom, so it's better to put the machine on its side.
  • CM brands of Burning are closed with lids on either side, and the bottom is no exception. Therefore, it is necessary to unscrew several screws in order to gain access to the "insides" of the machine from the bottom.

  • Now we need to inspect the pump, checking its serviceability. It takes a tester to measure resistance. Disconnect the wiring and start measuring. If the tester screen is about 160 ohms, then the pump is OK. If there are no indicators, the pump is broken.
  • Remove the pump by unscrewing the fasteners.
  • Buy a new original part and install it in place of an old pump, connecting all the wiring in place.
  • Attach the cover from the bottom, restore the vertical position of the machine and run the idle wash in test mode.

For your information! If you decide to do repairs yourself, be careful when working with the tester, so as not to throw out the serviceable pump - then the problem will remain unresolved.

If you are interested in how to clean the pump filter for a washing machine Gorenje, see the video:


Leakage connection of water drainage in the car Gorenie

This problem can be attributed to the specific breakdowns of the Gorenie brand. The specificity is that the branch pipes, despite their strength, often wear out in the knee area.

Usually this happens for one of three reasons:

  1. Poor quality of materials. Cracks, because of which leaks occur, arise due to factory marriages.
  2. Hit knee sharp objects.
  3. Too aggressive chemistry for washing.

Important! Do not become a victim of advertising, in which they say that magic means will relieve the details of the machine from scale and blockages. This chemistry is so aggressive that some details may suffer from it.

In a similar situation, the repair of the Gorenje washing machine by one's own hands must begin with checking both the hoses and the nozzles. Start with the drain hose - it's easier to get to.

To check the branch pipe, you need to know how to disassemble the washing machine Gorenje. Access to the nozzle is also provided from the bottom, it is located next to the pump.

Proceed according to the following scheme:

  • Buy a new original part.
  • Twist the clamps holding the spoiled old branch pipe.
  • Remove the branch pipe.
  • Put a new one, fasten the yokes, assemble and turn the stiralk.

Attention! When mounting a new pipe, ensure the tightness of all connections. But do not over tighten the clamps too much, so as not to damage the part.

Burned TEN in the machine Gorenje: check and replace

TEN is a vulnerable node of any car, including the Gorenie brand. The heater breaks down for a number of reasons:

  1. Rigid water with heavy impurities, which in the form of a water stone settle on a thermoelectric heater. A thick layer of scale does not pass the heat generated by the heater, so it burns out.
  2. Voltage drops in the network.
  3. Features of use - wrong switching off the machine, washing at high temperatures, etc.

In general, if your SM has stopped heating the water, and you want to do repair of the automatic machine with your own hands, you need to start with a heater check - it may even have to be replaced.

Work is carried out in this order:

  • Disconnect the AGR from the mains, drainage and water supply.
  • Expand the back wall to yourself - the work is complex, you should be comfortable.
  • It is necessary to open the service hatch, covered with a panel, fastened on several bolts.
  • You will see the heater.
  • Remove the drive belt from the pulley so that it does not interfere with your actions.
  • Remove the wiring from the heater contacts. To not then look for a scheme of a washing machine Gorenje, mark the wires or take a picture of their location.
  • Armed with a tester to check resistance. Set the min value by turning the selector wheel. Leave the test leads to the end contacts on the heater shank. The working element will have a resistance of 10-30 Ohm or more. And if the display shows the numbers 0 or 1, then the heater will have to be changed.

Attention! If the heater is not broken, but the water is not heated, check the temperature sensor (it is on the heater) and the wires coming from it.

Consider how to remove the old TEN from under the drum:

  1. Take off. You will find a nut between the two heater contacts - right in the center.
  2. Press the pliers on the bracket to remove the heater. But do not overdo it so as not to break other details.
  3. Grasp the contacts and loosen the TEN, pull the part to yourself. If everything is completely bad, and the TEN is very tight, use the universal grease, type WD-40, and again swing the heater - it must succumb.
  4. Taking out the old heating element, do not rush into installing a new one. Fingers (preferably with gloves), clean the hole in which was TEN - at the bottom of the tank you will find a whole mountain of debris, especially if your machine is not the first year.
  5. Now put a new part. Insert the heater into the groove and check whether it is firmly seated.

Important! Together with the heater the masters are advised to change also the rubber gasket.

  • Tighten the nut, but not too tightly so as not to break the thread.
  • Return the wire to the place, put the drive belt on the pulley.
  • Close the hatch, install the styralka in place, connect to all systems and turn on the test wash.

Wear of brushes in the typewriter Gorenye

The wear of the engine's brushes is no less a rare breakage for the Gorenje spinners. You can determine it by such signs:

  • The power of the engine is significantly reduced, so the drum starts to rotate slowly.
  • From the machine can go unpleasant smell of burnt rubber. When washing, when the engine starts, you can hear a crash.
  • The wear of brushes is often recognized by the self-diagnosis system. In this case, the fault code F4 is lit on the display.

Repair of washing machines Burning in this case is to check the engine. In 8 out of 10 cases the problem is in it. The check should be carried out as follows:

  1. Open the door on the back of the machine.
  2. Under the drum you will find a motor.
  3. Remove the drive belt so that it does not interfere with the inspection.
  4. Remove the bolts that hold the engine.
  5. Go around the AGR and remove the powder receptacle, drain the waste water and set the cuvette back.
  6. Put the stylalk on its side, remove the bottom.
  7. Remove the wiring from the engine.
  8. Strong and precise movement, pull the engine off its seat.
  9. Now your task is to remove the brushes and examine them. If the brushes are worn, you definitely will not confuse them with the new ones. Old brushes are too shabby, worn out and the smell of burning emanates from them.

  10. After making sure that the brushes have become unusable, install new ones.
  11. "Plant" the engine and lead the wiring.
  12. Close the bottom of the panel.

Important! The engine should be installed all the way to prevent breakdowns in the future.

  • Put the machine in the working position.
  • At the rear, screw the motor bolts.
  • Replace the drive belt by pulling it onto the pulley.
  • Install and fasten the service hatch.
  • Connect the machine to the communications and run a test wash. You've done it!

If you are interested in other breakdowns, for example, how to disassemble the door of a washing machine, read about this in more detail in our other materials.

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