How to install a dishwasher under the countertop

Well, when in the design of the kitchen provides a place for appliances. But most often we have to install appliances in an already equipped kitchen set. Where to find a place for a large dishwasher? After all, in addition to placement, it must be connected to communications. In the article we will reveal the secrets of how to install a dishwasher under the countertop with your own hands.

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work steps The installation nuances of the PMM

If your kitchen already has furniture, the optimal place to put the dishwasher is under the countertop. For these purposes, it is better not to choose large freestanding machines. The width of their body - from 60 cm;large enough to fit compactly in the space provided.

Ideal - built-in dishwasher. The width of the models does not exceed 45 cm. Most embedded PMMs are equipped with feet-wheels, which are height-adjustable and conveniently slide into the niche.

Manufacturers "Bosch", "Siemens", "Electrolux" produce not only narrow models, but also compact ones. The equipment can be installed under the sink, tabletop or on the table.

An important point! You must consider the location of communications. It is recommended to place the dishwasher on the right or left of the sink.

With the choice of place you have decided. If there is a cabinet in the niche, then it should just be dismantled, making room for the equipment:

  • remove the cabinet door from the hinges and set aside;
  • remove all shelves and back wall, leaving free space;
  • remove the bottom panel.

If you can not remove the back wall, you can make holes in the side panels for hoses. Many furniture manufacturers provide niches for dishwashers in advance, so they are slightly larger in size than the appliance itself.

Embedded machines are equipped with special mounts. Therefore, with how to fix the technique in a niche, difficulties will not arise.

Preparation for

Installation Before embedding the DIP, prepare the necessary tools and parts. Consider what may be needed during installation. How far is the outlet - you may have to carry a separate cable. And also think about how to protect the countertop from the steam, what material is needed for this. Here is a sample list:

  • European-type outlet, moisture-proof;

  • three-core copper wire for wiring;
  • difavtomat;
  • brass tee with tap;
  • fum-tape for sealing;
  • hose clamps and gaskets;
  • siphon with two or three conclusions.

So you can connect not only the dishwasher, but also a washing machine.


  • adjustable wrench for tightening the nuts;
  • pliers for working with fasteners;
  • slotted and cross-head screwdrivers;
  • roulette and level;
  • drill for the manufacture of new holes.

Components are ready, it remains to install the equipment in place.

Stages of operation

The first step is to arrange the wiring and output socket. For this work it is better to invite an electrician. The moisture-proof socket should be located no higher than 45 cm from the floor, since the PMM power cord is short. A groove is prepared in the wall, copper wire is laid, and a difavtomat is installed. We wrote about this in more detail in the article “How to connect a dishwasher” to .

If the countertop is above the cabinet and you have already dismantled the shelves, then install the dishwasher. There are two options:

  1. Connect communications, and then embed the machine.
  2. Place the PMM in a niche, and then connect the hoses and electricity.

Many users are wondering what they put between the countertop and the dishwasher. To protect the wood from moisture to the inside of the table top you need to attach a metal sheet. Next, do this:

  • connect the suction hose to the tee outlet;
  • drain hose connect to the siphon;
  • seal connections with a fum-tape;
  • plug into the outlet.

Slide the vehicle into the niche. To protect the machine from additional vibrations, fasten the holders on the cabinet walls. Separately, you can order the front panel to completely hide the dishwasher in the headset. Some models have attachments for hanging the door or a remote control panel, which is also convenient.

It is possible to make an independent installation in the finished furnitureBut there are many subtleties and nuances. It's easier to think in advance about the place for the dishwasher, before ordering a kitchen set. Then the masters will make the necessary measurements, and you will only have to enter the equipment in the space provided.

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