Top damage the dishwasher tank + how to resolve their own hands

Dishwasher - it worthwhile, attractive, removing extra care of utensils for care. However, there is a technique that works perfectly all their operational life. Often the problems are created by a tank dishwasher. Owner should know what to do in such a situation. Do you agree?

We will talk about what damage can be eliminated without any problems on their own. Prompt, in what cases the repairs are best left to the representative service workshop. Taking into account our advice you in any case be able to quickly recover the machine with your hands or fix all with the assistance of the master.

The content of the article:

  • Briefly on the dishwasher structure
  • Breakage of the tank and their elimination
    • Problem # 1 - the emergence of water on the floor
    • Problem # 2 - No set / Water drain
    • Problem # 3 - physical defects of the working chamber
    • Problem # 4 - poor quality dish washer
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Briefly on the dishwasher structure

Despite the kind of magic that rewards housewives dishwasher in the kitchen, this technique, from a technical point of view, it is quite simple.

In fact, it represents a waterproof box-like bath, inside which the hot water is atomized.

The design of the dishwasher

External image of the car does not tell the user that in front of him a unique technically advanced machine. An ordinary closet, where is placed the dirty tableware and removed completely clean at the end of the operating cycle

Typically, the aqueous soap solution is used, which contributes to better dishwashing. This solution was passed through the injector, are watered cleaning objects. Dirty water is collected in the bottom of the tank, the pump is sucked and removed. Then the drying process dishes included.

Automatic dishwasher

One of the many variants of the automated control panel dishwasher. Just a few of the function keys in the vicinity of the liquid crystal display. This set is sufficient for complete control

The system is controlled by automation, the difficulty level of which depends on the manufacturer and model of the project. Detail with the general principle of operation of various grades dishwashers introduce articleDevoted to this interesting question.

automatic controls include different functions, if necessary:

  • water spray;
  • loading the detergent from the dispenser;
  • extracting water from the tank;
  • pumping water;
  • filling of water and its removal;
  • incorporation of the heating element.

Hot water is poured into the dishwasher through a delivery hose, which is connected through a check tap water centralized water supply.

Additionally, the water supply to the dishwasher is controlled inlet valve installed inside - under its body. The inlet valve is electronically controlled and connected with the basic components of construction.

The inlet valve dishwasher

Approximately one looks thus often breaking parts - an inlet valve, which is carried out adjustment of water supply. Often due to wear and tear of its own components (gaskets, rod), this item becomes defective

The valve is opened and closed, for example, as necessary supplying water to rotating spray. The system comprises a spray nozzle is usually placed at the top and bottom of the tank.

Due to the nozzles and the water pump inside the dishwasher tank creates a high pressure water, whereby the tableware is washed clean.

Plastic tank dishwasher

Tank in plastic - these components, generally have a range of cars from budget models. Meanwhile, in the operation of the savings on the working chamber flows into extremely unpleasant consequences

actually dishwasher tank is the main structural member as all other elements schematically to stand exactly around it. It is therefore logical to consider primarily the fault associated with the tank, and possible causes.

Breakage of the tank and their elimination

Technically correct to call this item is not a tank, and a working chamber or bath. Given the need to seal the working chamber, it becomes clear that one of the primary fault, which may manifest itself during operation, is depressurized.

Problem # 1 - the emergence of water on the floor

Working machine chamber has a charging port. When the washing machine is loaded with dishes, the hatch must be tightly closed doors. The seal provides a special gasket.

But over time, it may lose its properties. At deterioration of the seal is broken sealing the hatch-door module. The consequences of such a defect is obvious. The water in the cleaning process filters through disturbed areas, runs on the kitchen floor.

Seal loading hatch

Gasket - the reason why the machine dishwashing often becomes faulty. In particular, the failure lies in the depressurization dining utensils download channel. Seal loading module is usually necessary to change

Find similar fault easily. If the floor under the machine dishwashing water appeared, should be carefully examine the perimeter of the loading hatch to determine where in the the dishwasher requires Remont, and where sealing is not broken.

And it is better to take a piece of toilet paper, crumple in your hand and received "crumb" slowly walk around the perimeter of the loading door. In places where the leak will certainly get wet paper - will point depressurization.

Fit sealing strips

Pictured attempt to adjust the door trims, which sits sealing harness. Sometimes, due to such an operation, it is possible to get rid of water leakage due to depressurization of the doorway

Remedy the defect associated with the depressurization of the loading hatch is only possible by replacing the sealing material. Attempts to apply some covers to nothing lead.

Not only that - options such repairs only exacerbate the situation. The truth is sometimes tightness restored after careful adjustment of pressing the door to the hatch window.

Replacing the door gasket

Process a complete change of the sealing plait. In principle, the operation takes a little time and freely performed with his own hands. The main thing - to have a replacement kit, as well as a standard tool

Defects due to depressurization tank machine dishwashing may also occur in other places. For example, at the point of connection of the water supply or in the nodes in the supply of the spray arm.

Typically, the feed to the filter assembly is located below the bottom of the tank and connects with the working chamber through the junction, also equipped with a compactor. If it is damaged, leakage is inevitable.

Problem # 2 - No set / Water drain

To start the process inside the bathing tub of the machine must be present a certain water level, which is determined by the level sensor. If the tank is not filled up to this level, automation does not start the dishwasher.

Clean dishwasher filter

It appears approximately the dishwasher filter, which is installed in the line supplying water from the central water supply system. However, depending on the machine model, the filter performance can vary

Traditional reason for the lack of water is filter blockage. To solve this problem is simple. It is only necessary to open the filter and to clean or replace its elements. If a set of operating water level in the tub in all normal equipment but still does not give "good" for start-up, is likely to cause a failure of the water pump.

Stacked tank to the required level of liquid to be supplied by the pump to the injectors. If it does not, then you should pay attention to the pump and injector holes. Perhaps spray device simply clogged with dirt.

Rotating nozzles Machine

Spray device, the structure of which comprises a plurality of nozzles. It rotates at the time of operation of the machine, thus achieving an even distribution of water in the tank area. But nozzles often clogged with dirt

Another defect which can also be attributed to the working chamber and which is connected to the water circulation - is the lack of drainage of waste liquid or, on the contrary - it overflow. tray design also provided with a level sensor (float).

If it is OK, the pump and removes the waste water drain (drain) is turned at a certain level. In case of poor drainage or complete absence of, for example, due to a faulty pump effect produced overflow. The sensor is triggered, and includes automatic warning function.

The circuitry of the machine pallet

Circuitry pallet machines, where the sensor-float. In this part of the washing machine there are a few points - potential targets of defects. This can be a sensor itself and seals at eyeliner

So, does not exclude damage to the sensor, the float and such cases are not rare in practice. The result is the same: non-operating machine or a water leak on the floor.

Where to look for and how to properly choose spare parts for the repair of dishwashers? Practical advice and recommendations, see the article, proposed by us for consideration.

Problem # 3 - physical defects of the working chamber

This type of failure is a rare event. Nevertheless, such incidents do occur. Usually, physical damage to the dishwasher tank is happening on the stage of its long-term operation. That is, the time does its work - wear materials.

The lion's share of cases with physical wear and tear of the tank is necessary to design, made of plastic, are now popular. That plastic processing chamber, having worked an average of 3-5 years, is able to crack from frequent changes in temperature and exposure to chemicals that are added to the cleaning process.

Machine stainless steel tank

Tank dishwasher, made on the basis of stainless steel. The choice of technique in this configuration ensures its long-term service, particularly with respect to the working chamber

When such a defect dishwasher technically valid as usual. The technological process of washing is not broken.

But on the floor of the unit constantly accumulates water. The larger the tank cracks in the housing, the more often the puddle and makeup switched network. A way out of such a fault only - complete replacement of the working chamber.

With his hands to perform this type of work is difficult, as you have to disassemble the car almost completely. Therefore, the replacement of the washing bath is conducted mostly through customer service.

Complete disassembly of the dishwasher

Complete disassembly of the machine dishwasher is required in case of replacement of a faulty tank. This operation is difficult to perform on their own in a flat

Completely eliminate the problem with a physical defect of the working chamber may be a simple way - with the purchase of select model, which uses a working washing tub made of stainless steel.

Problem # 4 - poor quality dish washer

How do you explain the poor-quality car wash dishes? Operating the camera in such cases, as if, at anything. At first glance, so if you do not take into account that the electric heater (TEN) is still built it in the tank body, and not the other parts of the dishwasher.

Replacing heater dishwashers

Electric heater - component, which too often has to deal with. In particular, replace because of failure. In practice, it noted: The quality of heating element depends on the brand of the manufacturer

So, if the water temperature is in the process of bathing ware reaches 60 ° C, the there is every reason to see at the end of the washing cycle, the dirty plates / cups / glasses.

Inability to set the optimum temperature - is evidence of faulty heater. This fault can only be determined using a special power - the tester.

In addition, try to determine the integrity of the electric heater to people who are not friends with electricity, it is not recommended. This is the work of masters of the service center. Electric heater should ping tester to make sure it is the fault completely. Then, the heater is subject to a new replacement.

Most manufactured nowadays machines are equipped with warning of system failure. how to understand the codesFor example dishwashers Ariston Hotpoinnt, learn by reading offered us very useful information.

About that, how is the replacement of the Bosch brand dishwasher heating element, described in detail in next article, With the content which we encourage you to read. Given in her tips on choosing and technological details to help cope with the problem of his own.

Nozzle head shower

Diffuser dishwashers, acting in the upper horizon tank. Common causes of failure (failure) of this element - clogging debris nozzle holes

Poor pomyvka loaded into the machine sets and other accessories canteens also possible due to partial clogging of the nozzles holes. When such a defect, too dishes coming out of the tank with food remains, as in the process of washing water jets just do not capture the entire dish.

The solution here - dismantling of sprinklers and cleaning of clogged holes. This work is the strength to perform on their own.

Useful tips and proven remedies breakages dishwashers ElektroluxInherent typewriter indicate the brand, help their owners to restore the work of home appliances.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In this video the author tells about all the intricacies of repair dishwashers in the home. Popularly explains the functioning of parts of the machine unit and explains how to perform the repairs yourself:

A video about how to troubleshoot this problem, as the appearance of leaking tank cars (part one):

Further work to address leakage tank (second part):

Breakdowns machine designed to wash tableware, often appear exactly at the points of construction, directly interconnected with the working chamber (washing bath). This part of the dishwasher has to be repaired after the first 2-3 years of operation, and later still the same as some of the details need to be changed.

Dishwasher - a handy technique, significantly increases the level of comfort. However, for comfort in any case have to pay time and money spent on the elimination of breakages.

Tell us about how to deal with the typical violation of the dishwasher with their own hands. Share your proven method to eliminate breakage. Leave, please comment in the box located below, ask questions, post pictures of the article.

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