Graphic designation of sockets and switches on electrical circuits according to GOST

Graphic designation of sockets and switches on electrical circuits according to GOST


Sockets and switches are necessary elements of electric networks on which convenience of use of light devices depends. The consumer is often dissatisfied with a set of standard electrical systems, equipped in residential buildings and buildings, therefore, is engaged in their conversion. To create a preliminary design of electrical equipment for a residential house or apartment (location of switches and sockets) is not difficult. Sockets, switches and switches have a certain graphic coding, which provides the relationship between the design and construction of electrical systems.


  • 1Documents regulating the designation of switches and sockets
    • 1.1Designation of sockets on the scheme
      • 1.1.1Sockets of open installation
      • 1.1.2Sockets of the closed installation
      • 1.1.3Waterproof Sockets
    • 1.2Designation of circuit breakers and switches in circuits
    • 1.3Designation of a common switch box with a socket

Documents regulating the designation of switches and sockets

In the development of building drawings and in the process of installing electrical equipment, a unified system of graphic designations is used. Despite the fact that the normative documentation allows the designation of elements in an arbitrary form, the use of standard drawing marks is preferred for the design and manufacture of construction and installation works.


GOST 21.614-88 establishes conditional graphic images of wirings, linings of tires, cable lines and the electric equipment on plans for the laying of electrical networks and the location of electrical equipment for buildings and structures of all industries and national economy.–88


Using the signs specified in GOST 21.614-88, and also having a minimum knowledge of electrical networks and electrical equipment, you can independently develop the necessary outline designs.

Designation of sockets on the scheme

When designing and building electrical systems, it is very important to properly design technical schemes. Graphically, the sockets are very easy to identify - in the form of a semicircle with a set of lines, which makes it easy to apply images to drawings, diagrams or sketches.

Sockets of open installation

The sockets of the open installation are used for outdoor wiring and are attached to the walls with the help of a jar. With an open installation it is easy to visually detect the location of the wires on the walls and ceilings.

Legend of outlet sockets

Sockets of the closed installation

Often, electrical wiring is hidden. This type of installation is more aesthetic and suitable for any interiors. It is very important to make the right choice of rosettes location in the design process, as the wires are laid before finishing and decorating the premises. For concealed installation, sockets are used that are built into the wall structure, that is, the installation is almost flush with the wall surface.This arrangement is also called an internal installation.

Legend of the sockets of the indoor unit

Waterproof Sockets

When there are special conditions for the operation of electrical appliances, for example, high humidity of premises or installation of a socket in the street, it is necessary to install special sockets with protective elements. In this case, waterproof sockets are used, which are equipped with protective curtains preventing moisture and dust from entering the device. The degree of protection of such outlets is determined depending on the conditions of use.

Legend of moisture-proof outlets (IP 44-55)

Designation of circuit breakers and switches in circuits

Switches and switches also come in different types of installation and degrees of protection. Most common in homes and apartments using conventional key switches.They are called unipolar.When the installation is open, the switches, like the sockets, are attached to the wall, and when closed, they are built into the wall. The switches are shown as easily as the sockets.

Symbols of single-pole switches

Switches and switches are selected depending on their purpose and conditions of use. Selection of switches and switches for the use of complex electrical networks are made by specialists. A variety of options displayed can be displayed in the table.

Graphical representation of switches and switches of different design

Designation of a common switch box with a socket

For the convenience of installation and use, it is sometimes possible to install joint socket outlets and switches. This option is convenient if you need a complex installation and it is possible to lay electrical wires. There is nothing difficult in the designation of such blocks.

Conditional designation of a block from a bipolar socket and a single-key switch

If necessary, different types of sockets and switches are selected. Everything depends on the purpose of such a device. There are several types of combination of socket outlets and switches. They are labeled differently.

Legend of sockets and switches of various types

The notation system is universal, which ensures interaction between customers, designers, manufacturers and installers. But to use graphic images it is necessary very carefully, since each element of the sign has a value. Each sketch should be shown to a specialist so that he correctly selects the necessary electrical devices.

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