LED lamp for gardening from China

LED lamps allow you to create bright lighting in the house and on the street. Lamps for the garden can be installed on the external walls of the house or on the fence. China Internet Platform Aliexpress is an excellent platform for selecting country products, including lighting products.

Consider a standard LED lamp for street lighting, which can be purchased on the site.LED lamp for street lighting

The cost of one sconce is 313 rubles. The price is quite affordable. For comparison: the cost of lighting for giving in most domestic online stores is several times higher than on Aliexpress.

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LED Recessed LightMore expensive lamps have a large illumination area and are made of durable materials. This explains their high cost. However, if you do not want to spend an impressive amount of coverage of the dacha, look at the inexpensive analogues from Aliexpress.

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Sconce RAIMOND CL555511The voltage that is necessary for the operation of the lamp from Aliexpress is 12 V. The body is matte and completely made of plastic. The matte finish allows you to create a subdued and uniform illumination in the territory.

Of course, to achieve the desired level of illumination, one lamp will not be enough. At one time you need to buy 5-10 lamps (depending on the dacha area).

Product Features:

  1. The size of the lamp is small, only 13 cm.
  2. The lamp is powered by solar panels. In the daytime, it will be nourished by sunlight, whose energy is enough for 5-6 hours of stable operation. You can also use an AA battery.
  3. The lamp is waterproof.
  4. In the case of the lamp are 6 diodes.
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The battery does not come with the lamp. It can be ordered from the seller for a fee or purchased independently.

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