To repair household appliances we use a soldering iron from China


Not every gardener is a professional electronics specialist or an electrician. Nevertheless, from time to time he has to repair all sorts of household appliances at the dacha. Soldering wires, as well as microcircuits can not be imagined without a soldering iron. A soldering iron from China comes to help the craftsman.

Chinese manufacturers have created a universal model for all occasions. With the help of such a tool it is easy to connect LED strips, which so transform the dacha. In other cases, he will need to repair the music center, without which the life of the gardener would lose all meaning.

From characteristic to quality

The presented version of the tool belongs to the group of electric soldering irons. The heater type is nichrome with ceramic insulation. Thanks to such a combined structure, the device is instantly and strongly heated - in 15 seconds to 350 ° C. Moreover, it has a much longer service life than other types of this equipment. But with a power of 60 watts the master can solder:

  • wires;
  • simple microcircuits;
  • small household items.

Nevertheless, ceramic models have two sides of the coin: it is rapidly heated, but at the same time is very fragile. It can not be dropped or struck. If a cold liquid gets onto the heated element, it immediately bursts.

The kit includes six soldering tips of different shapes and calibers.They are presented in the form:

  • Needles;
  • cones;
  • scapula.
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Unfortunately, they are not copper, so cleaning them from carbon deposits will be much more difficult. At the same time, the equipment can withstand heavy loads and does not burn out. The compact size of the tool does not affect the power it produces.

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Everything's under control

The original feature of the Chinese soldering iron is the possibility of adjusting the temperature regime. During work with a convenient wheel, the master can set the desired temperature: from 200 to 450 ° C. With this function, the nozzle will not be eaten too quickly.

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The plastic handle significantly reduces the weight of the device, making cooperation with it more comfortable. However, due to its rapid heating, it limits the operating time of the tool. Many will like that as a gift the buyer will receive wire brazing and rosin.

When buying, you need to consider how often and how much work the wizard will perform. After all, for household matters, the economy variant is also suitable.

On АлиЭкспресс there is on sale the offered model of a soldering iron for which ask 494 rbl.In other stores such products are more expensive - from 600 rubles. It is important to understand that these are all "pseudo-ceramic" devices, since real soldering irons of this class are very expensive.

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