Hydroponic plant from China


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. The plant receives all nutrients from the solution in the required quantities. If necessary, the plant can be transplanted into the soil without any problems. When transplanting, the roots of the plants are not injured and are very well established in the ground.

Advantages of hydroponics:

  • you can grow any plant;
  • the plant grows strong and healthy;
  • roots do not suffer from lack of oxygen or drying out;
  • do not water the plant every day;
  • no pests threaten the plant;
  • plants do not absorb any harmful substances that are usually found in the earth (heavy metals, nitrates and so on);
  • easy to use;
  • weighs a little and takes up little space;
  • no need to mess with the ground.
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As a substrate, chemical neutral fibers are used, including expanded clay, nylon, mineral wool and so on. That is, the substrate will cost the same amount (or even less) than a similar portion of land in volume. Thus, the cost of maintaining the plants in the hydroponic system is minimal.

The hydroponics system can be built independently, but many gardeners prefer to buy it. Unfortunately, in stores in Ukraine and Russia it is quite expensive - from 1, 00 rubles. High cost is the only disadvantage of the hydroponic installation.

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But there is a way out: order from Chinese manufacturers. In China, the hydroponic system is very popular. At Alyekspress hydroponic plant will cost only 7 743 rubles.


  • material - plastic;
  • has 36 seats;
  • White color.

Hydroponic plant is sent in disassembled form. But gardeners will not have any problems with the assembly, installation and placement of this system. In addition, the hydroponic system can be folded in different ways. For example, use only 18 seats, and the rest - just remove.

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Hydroponic plant with Aliexpress allows you to grow any plant right in the house at any time of the year. It is great for growing any products that are often used in the kitchen: green onions, basil and so on. With the help of hydroponics, you can do business. For example, grow strawberries and sell it even in winter.

In the end, it is better to order hydroponics directly from Chinese manufacturers than buy in domestic stores.

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