Rostov hosted a forum of southern agrarians

Agrarian Forum in RostovIn the last days of February in Rostov, agrarians summed up the results at the 17th Southerners Forum. The event traditionally united the Agrotechnology exhibition and the Agrosalon Interagromash.

In the last days of February, namely from 25 to 28, in Rostov-on-Don was the next, 17th in a row, forum-fair of agro-industrialists. In addition to the two traditional events (the Agrotechnology exhibition and the Interagromash salon), the program included a new section - Agrofarm.

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More than ten countries-manufacturers presented their products for one hundred and thirty participants. Four days were full of seminars and conferences, at which experts shared new experiences and knowledge. For the first time, a regional competition of agricultural enterprises and farms was held in the framework of the forum. Many of them have gathered their first seasonal harvest in the form of letters and diplomas. In addition, the winners received a new prize from sponsors - a discount on the purchase of agricultural equipment and equipment for their enterprises.

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In conclusion, the Governor of the Rostov Region thanked the farmers for their work last season and assured them of implementation of the planned measures to support the development of the agricultural complex of the region in 2014.

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The program of the event also included entertainment moments. After all, a real fair is not only business communication, but also attractions, folk dances and concert performances. The holiday was a success, allowing rest and gain strength before the start of the new season. Spring is already on the threshold, and with it new concerns and difficulties for workers in the industry.

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