Interesting ideas for creating a modern and practical barbeque area

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Once the villa site was associated only with the greenhouses, beds and visits for routine maintenance of the garden. However, today owners of private plots prefer to work in nature, so they do their best to Possession to be able to gather with friends in the yard, cook food on open fire and just comfortably spend time. Self-made barbecue made of bricks - in our article!

Fire always carried a unifying function. Around him gathered families to warm up, cook food and listen to the placating crackling of the branches in the flames. This is an excellent way to get rid of stress after a hard day and completely relax.

Today, the barbecue oven has ceased to be a luxury that we could observe in American films. This is quite an affordable device, which can be installed even in the smallest areas, but can dramatically change your life.

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Why do I need a barbecue?

The device has two main functions. On the one hand, it serves to cook food on fire in the fresh air, and on the other hand, it is a social object serving as a gathering place for families and friendly companies. This kind of outdoor fireplace and BBQ in one building, only protected from wind and rain. In addition, the oven closes the doors, so you can not be afraid to be near during cooking or smell of smoke.

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The barbecue area is the decoration of any area where you can have a good time after working in the garden. In addition, there is nothing better than to independently prepare a dish with a smoke on the fire in the oven and share this meal with the family.

General moments

Most often, the barbecue area consists of a stove, furniture, awning or gazebo and other attributes selected in a similar style. The canopy protects from bad weather, and cozy armchairs allow to arrange with pleasure those present.

The more you are in the open air, the better you will feel. To bring to life a good tradition of periodic family gatherings by the fire will be an excellent solution for strengthening family ties and spiritual harmony.

If the issue of lack of free space is worth it for you, then you can use the mobile version of the barbecue oven. They can be installed anywhere, and then folded and cleaned. They are cheaper than stationary options, and places take up much less. Nevertheless, in mobile ovens there is no smoke removal function, and their functionality is severely limited.

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Choose a place for the oven

To choose a place should be approached very carefully. In addition to the mandatory combination of the zone with the surrounding landscape, you should pay attention to the following things:

  1. The presence of a roof plays a huge role, because the canopy makes you independent of weather surprises.
  2. It is desirable that the garden paths lead to the barbecue area.
  3. Leave space for the installation of a dining table and chairs.
  4. Smoke should not be carried by the wind to a recreation area or a children's playground.
  5. Do not install the oven near the house, under the trees and near the bushes to minimize the risk of fire, as well as near the neighboring fence in order to avoid possible conflicts.
  6. It is best to build a platform for the entire barbecue area, so as not to spoil the lawn.
  7. All combustible substances should be removed further away.

Often, you will be in the barbecue area in the evenings, hence additional lighting is required. For this, portable lights, hung on trees, LED garlands and lamps are suitable.

Examples of design for BBQ ovens

The barbecue area should be combined in style and materials with the surrounding landscape. If the area is decorated with boards, and above the head rises the wooden roof of the arbor, then the elements around the oven must also be decorated with a tree. However, remember that in view of the increased fire risk of such a construction, special protective impregnations will be required.

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The stone facing of the stove and the decoration of the rest area with tiles will look harmonious if there are statues of stone, paved paths and various stone objects in the garden.

Brick lining is another interesting way to decorate the space around the stove. It is best to choose different shades.

If the walls of the main building are painted white, then decorate the barbecue area in the same tones. Brilliant stainless steel fits perfectly with the polished surface of the milk color table.

Lovers of modern design in high-tech style should pay attention to the facing of MDF panels with glossy PVC film. Sharp corners of all shapes, minimalism in detail and steel shine of the stove give the impression of high cost at relatively low costs, and make the design ultramodern.

You can install a barbecue oven anywhere, even if you do not have your own site. In this case, adjoining a stationary furnace to one of the walls of the house can not be avoided, so seriously approach the issue of fire safety.

In any case, this fashionable and practical attribute of a private home will add comfort to your country life, and will also enable the whole family to enjoy tasty food cooked on charcoal.

Ideas for a barbecue in the country - video

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