Unusual house designs attract attention

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In this article we have prepared a selection of unique houses with an unusual design and style. You will not be surprised by the usual forms today, therefore the human imagination is looking for more and more new ways of realizing the most daring ideas.

House of Nautilus

This stunning structure is located in Mexico City. He lives in a couple with two children, who decided to move here away from the city bustle.Designed the construction of a master of organic architecture Javier Senosian.

Cubic house in the Netherlands

An unusual dwelling was built in the 70's by the project of architect Pete Blom. His idea was to create a "city forest" in which each house would represent a separate tree.

Shopping cart in the USA

An interesting building looks like a giant picnic basket. It was designed for a well-known US construction company and cost the customer more than $ 30 million. To erect a construction area of ​​more than 18 square meters. km. it took 2 years.

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The house has an area of ​​1 square. m.

In 2012, architect Wang Bo Le Menzel presented to the public his work - the world's smallest house, the area of ​​which is only 1 square. This project is considered very promising and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. In an upright position in the dwelling, you can sit, read and look out the window.If you put it on your side, you can sleep on the bed attached to the wall. The design is easy to fold and move, because it has small wheels and weighs only 40 kg. Rent of such houses in Berlin is very in demand and costs only 1 euro per day.

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Airplane in the USA

In the 90s in Mississippi through the city of Benoit passed a violent storm, which completely destroyed the house of a woman named Joan Asseri. In her pocket there were only 2000 dollars, which she spent on the purchase of the decommissioned Boeing 727. The plane was transported and installed on the bank of the river in a picturesque place. Where there used to be a first class, now a bedroom is located, and a chic bathroom with a beautiful view from the window is installed in the cabin. Emergency exits are used as ventilation for the living room, and over the four toilets, the "do not smoke" signs still hang symbolically. In total, about $ 2, 00 was spent on the arrangement and transportation of the aircraft. Joan plans to sell this unusual home, because he wants to move to a more spacious aircraft 747-th model.

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Oil Platform

In 1967, the former British Major Paddy Bates decided to settle down on an abandoned oil platform located in the North Sea. After that, he registered it as a real principality, which called the "Principality of Sealand". This small isolated state has its own monetary unit and coat of arms.The Rafs Tower is a popular tourist attraction. It is noteworthy that during the short life of the principality there was even an attempt at a coup d'état.

Inverted House

This strange house is a landmark of the town of Szymbark in Poland. The structure is located upside down, and the entrance is through a window in the attic. The construction took less than six months, and it symbolizes a revolution in the minds of people that happened in the era of communism. The author of this creation is Daniel Chapevsky.Inside, all the facilities are also upside down: chairs, tables, TV, flower pots hang from the ceiling. Tourists point out that for a long time this space does not work, as they begin to suffer from dizziness.

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Sutyagin's House

Our Motherland, too, can surprise the tourist with unusual buildings. Nikolay Sutyagin created this wooden structure without a single nail. From a height of 13 floors offers stunning views of the White Sea. It is believed that this is the tallest wooden house in the world.Today the owner lives on the ground floor and conducts tours of this interesting house. Unfortunately, neither restoration nor restoration of it no one is engaged, and the structure is gradually being destroyed.

House on the Drina River

Those who are going to raft along the Drina River in Serbia are expecting a pleasant and unexpected surprise, namely a hut located right in the middle of the water. In the distant 1968, the local children built a hut on a small island.Later, the weather repeatedly broke the wall and roof, so the house was rebuilt several times. Today it is the most popular tourist destination in Serbia, which casts a fairytale atmosphere and transforms the surrounding landscape.

The selection in this article is only a small fraction of those amazing houses that can be found all over the world. Some are created by professional architects, while others are works of ordinary lovers, but they do not become worse from this at all.

Unusual house designs attract attention

Unusual house designs attract attentionNews

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