Growing fruit trees on trellises

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Many gardeners are faced with the problem of lack of free space on their site. For example, you really want to have your own pear or apple tree, and only 2 greenhouses and several beds are enough. An excellent solution in this situation will be the cultivation of a fruit tree on the trellis attached to the pedestal. This method was first used by the Belgians and the French.

How to grow a tree on a trellis

When growing trees by tapestry, they are located on a support in one plane. The main advantages of this method:

  • the maximum amount of light;
  • reduced risk of disease due to good air circulation;
  • more effective watering compared to the usual fruit tree;
  • good yield;
  • suitable for all varieties of trees and shrubs.

Try to choose small trees that grow slowly and do not rise too high. Be sure to check with the seller, which was used the stock, if you buy a seedling in the nursery. The vaccination serves as a regulator of the growth of the root system, and also contributes to an increase in the volume of the crop. The root can also limit the height of the tree itself. For example, take two apple trees of the same variety. One will reach 9 meters in height, and the growth of the other will stop at 2 meters. This is the influence of the stock.

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For growing on lattices, use plants on the rootstock, which will limit the growth of the tree by a dwarfish, or semi-dwarfish stage. The formed tree should not exceed a meter in height.

We form the crown

The Horizontal Cordon

This method is often used for pears, plums and apple trees. The trunk must be one. It will serve as a kind of column. The two main branches are bred to the sides and tied to fences parallel to the ground. The lateral processes should be raised to half a meter in length, and then trimmed. You can choose their slope, giving the desired shape of objects or figures. By the way, if there are more trunks, then this is called a "double cordon".


The trunk of the plant is shortened to half a meter, and the lateral branches are directed by rays along the horizontal and diagonal lines. They form additional shoots. This is a universal way that can be applied to any type of tree.

Tapestry and palmetta

The branches of the tree diverge parallel to the earth in numerous tiers, the distance between which should be about 30 cm. Palmetta differs in that the branches diverge upwards at an angle of 45 °.

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Installation and landing

For the location of the future fence, choose a place well-lit by the sun. The basis of the construction will be the posts to which the wooden slats are attached, or the wire. The stem of the plant is attached to the pole. Fix the bridges in the desired position and secure them on the lintels.

Requirements for planting seedlings, pit depth, soil composition and irrigation schedule are the same as in the case of ordinary trees. Planting can be close to each other, depending on the skeleton of the basement.

Arrange tree species so that the best cross-pollination is achieved.

An interesting effect is achieved by installing a trellis with a solid wall, to which dwarf trees are planted at such intervals that their grown branches come into contact forming a single green fence. It looks very beautiful, and the fruits growing on it give this building even greater charm.

The variety of shapes and angles, under which the frame branches will go, is limited only by your imagination.


Pruning fruit trees is the most important part of the whole process. It is necessary to maintain the shape of the crown, prevent disease and prevent excessive sprouting of shoots. Young trees should be pruned once a year in early spring. The exception is cherry and plum, which is best cut at the end of spring - early summer.

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When fruiting begins, begin summer pruning. It is necessary to ensure that the tree does not spend resources on actively growing leaves, but entirely devotes them to the production of fruits. Try to cut off shoots as short as possible, and remove diseased and dried branches completely.

In addition to pruning branches, you should also thin the fruit. Yes, this will somewhat reduce the yield at the output, but it will contribute to improving the taste of the remaining fruits.

The trellis method of growing fruit trees is easy to implement, saves space and transforms the garden beyond recognition. Set the trellis on the wall of the old barn and plant the cherry. The unattractive structure will turn into a beautiful object.The same can be done with the wall of the house or garage, or create a small labyrinth in the courtyard from green walls, on which flowers will grow in the spring, and your children will be able to play there in the morning to evenings.

Planting apple trees under the trellis - video

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