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Urban apartments are served tap water, suitable for drinking. However, almost every family has a water filter, which produces additional cleaning. Bad ecology, pollution of rivers and lakes, uncontrolled discharge of sewage made filtration of drinking water a necessity not only in urban conditions, but also in the country. With the help of filters you can soften the water, enrich it with the necessary trace elements.

Polluted water in the country: how to identify the threat

Many believe that the water from wells and wells is perfectly clean. Sometimes it is, but often it contains chemical impurities, pathogenic bacteria and toxic substances. To assess the quality of water, it is necessary to make a chemical analysis in the laboratory. This will give full information about its quality, composition and structure.

You can independently check the presence of impurities and the purity of water visually:

  1. Pour a little water into the transparent glass container.
  2. Put for 2-4 hours in a shaded place.
  3. See if there is a sediment on the bottom. Impurities settle on the bottom of the bottle in the form of grains, plaque or brown flakes.

It is impossible to study the structure of impurities independently and the presence of pathogenic bacteria. Water can contain hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen, ammonia, which enter the well as a result of the decay of waste products of plants or animals.

If the dacha is located next to an industrial complex, a plant or a field planted with crops, then you fall into an area of ​​high risk. Fertilizers, fertilizing, chemicals, which treat plants from pests, get into groundwater. Runoffs from factories, factories and industries pollute the nearby rivers and lakes. Wastes in the livelihoods of animals on farms change the structure of water, penetrating into the soil.

Do not drink water from unfamiliar sources. Transparent in appearance, it can be poisoned by chemicals. If necessary, boil water for at least 9-12 minutes.

If you live away from industrial production and agrotechnical complexes, there is still no guarantee that chemicals from neighboring areas will not enter the water. The owners can fertilize the soil with chemical preparations, poison pests and parasites with poisonous agents, dig in medicines, mercury wastes, heavy metals into the soil. Getting into the ground, it all disintegrates and is inevitably mixed with ground and surface water.

Stiff water contaminated with bacteria adversely affects the body:

  • causes allergic reactions, rashes, redness of the skin,
  • impairs the structure of hair and nails,
  • exacerbates chronic diseases of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.

For safety and full confidence in the purity of water, it is recommended to install a filter. It will purify the liquid by removing chemical impurities and harmful bacteria.


Types of filters for a private house and cottage according to the degree of purification

A filter for water in the country is a necessity that protects against poisoning and discomfort. There is a wide variety of filters that vary in size, cleaning method, installation method and principle of operation.

Flow through main filter

If the suburban area has a water main, then a main filter is installed. It cleans and softens water, improves taste and color, increases the service life of plumbing equipment.

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At the cottage, the main water filter can be of two types:

  1. Reticulate. It is a multilayer mesh with a thin mesh, located in a pipe made of metal. It cleans water of an admixture of rust, sand, slurries of clay. Choose the reverse flushing system: more foreign particles are retained in this filter.
  2. Cartridge. It catches the smallest admixtures and suspensions, clears from chlorine, removes iron. Do not forget to change the cartridge in time, the quality of drinking water depends on it.

When the main filter is attached to the pipe, the water pressure decreases. To save it, purchase the product with minimal hydraulic loss.

Trunk water filters in a private house are installed separately on a pipe with cold and hot water. This helps to accurately pick up the product and extend the service life.

Filter "Pitcher"

Plastic container with a convenient handle has become popular among summer residents.

Filter advantages:

  1. Low price. The average cost of the product is 500-1700.
  2. Replaceable middle-level cleaning cartridge. Removes chlorine, sand particles, and rust.
  3. Ease of use. Does not require special installation.
  4. Can be used in houses that do not have running water.

To the disadvantages of the filter can be attributed a limited amount of water to be purified and frequent replacement of cartridges. 2-3 liters of liquid are placed in the jug. It does not protect water from small particles of suspended matter and chemical impurities. Change the cartridges after 250-350 liters.

Attachment on the crane

A flow-through filter for cold water in the form of a nozzle is installed on all types of cranes: it is screwed onto the thread of the spout and fixed with special clamps. Some species are installed near the shell.

Cleans water from rust, bleach and lime particles. Replaceable cartridges with resin impregnation reduce the hardness of water and improve the taste.

You can choose models with 1 or 2 degrees of purification. Pleasantly surprise the price of the product: 150-250 rubles.

If your house does not have a central water pipe, and water pumps using a pump, use the nozzle on the faucet with care. It reduces the flow of water, causing the pump to work with overloads and jerks. Continuous on-off of the engine has a disastrous effect on technology.

Sets "under the sink"

Excellent filter for water purification in the country and in a private house. The filter system qualitatively cleans water of all impurities, bacteria and suspensions, makes water transparent and tasty. Multistage cleaning allows you to retain even the tiniest particles.

The disadvantages of the product include the operating conditions:

  1. It is installed only in houses connected to the water supply.
  2. Frequent change of the cartridge, which is quickly clogged with an admixture and suspension. It is filled with activated carbon, in which pathogenic bacteria and microbes multiply. To change the cartridge will have to dismantle part of the design, and this is not an easy job.

The cost of the filter: 3000-15000 rub. The product is installed by specialists. Maximum degree of cleaning: 4.

Membrane filters

They operate at the molecular level, are equipped with a deep purification degree. With the help of the filter, it is possible to purify sewage, desalinate salt liquid, remove scale and sediment. After cleaning, water can be drunk without boiling and settling.

Suitable for a house with running water. Ideal filter for dacha, protecting against the excess of iron in water.

In addition to the advantages, the product has drawbacks:

  1. High price. The price of the filtering complex: from 1, 00 rubles.
  2. To keep the filter working, you need to ensure a strong pressure. A powerful pump consumes a lot of electricity, is difficult to operate.
  3. Large intake of liquid. To obtain 4-6 liters of pure water, 25-35 liters are passed through the membranes. The rejected liquid pours out into the cesspool, which quickly overflows.
  4. Along with impurities and microorganisms, useful salts and bacteria disappear from the water. Water becomes "dead". You can buy a specialized solution to restore the salt balance of the liquid, but this will significantly increase the cost of the product.
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Membrane filters do not suffer from acid, alkali, abrasive particles. Can withstand high pressure. Filter service life: 10 years. It is not required to replace parts and parts of the structure. Contamination of the membrane can be removed manually or by backwashing.

Types of filters according to the principle of operation

Water filters for the house differ according to the principle of action. From particles of sand and suspensions rid the products of mechanical cleaning, from bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms - models with fine cleaning.

Filters for coarse cleaning

Prevent the ingress of solid particles into the water supply system and heating, reduce the load on the thin filter, increase the service life of washing machines and dishwashers. A coarse filter is the best option for purifying water from a well at a dacha for household needs.

Product types:

  1. Reticulate. A metal grid with a thin cell is filled with impurities and particles. For high-quality operation, it is necessary to clean the filter in a timely manner. Some models are equipped with automatic cleaners that work after a certain period of time. The filter can be supplemented with a pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve.
  2. Cartridge. Disperses small particles of impurities. Does not miss rust, sand, is effective in cleaning water from mud, silt, algae and slurry clay.
  3. Pressure head. A universal filter that cleans water of impurities and particles. It filters out solid and viscous suspensions. With the help of a drainage tube softens water. Inconvenient that it works effectively only in heated rooms. Large dimensions create problems during transportation and installation.

Mechanical filters are designed primarily for primary water treatment. Do not affect its bacterial composition and the number of microorganisms.

Filters for fine cleaning

It is recommended to install together with mechanical filters. Purify water from pathogenic bacteria, chemical impurities and microorganisms. Change the structure of the liquid, make the water soft.

Product types:

  1. Sorption. A filter that cleans water from the well from bacteria, chlorine compounds and heavy metals. In the reservoir is a sorbent - activated carbon. Eliminates the unpleasant smell of water, removes foreign taste, makes the liquid transparent. You can choose a deironing or disinfecting sorbent. You can carry out replacement of the replacement cartridge yourself.
  2. Ion exchange. Reduces excess water hardness and relieves it of chemical compounds. The disadvantage of the filter is the use of salt solution and regeneration tanks. Parts of the product require specialized disposal. In the purified water, an admixture of resin remains, after the ion exchange filter, install the coal. It will remove the remaining impurities.

Filters for fine water are ideal for a holiday home. They will protect your family from pathogens and microorganisms.

Manufacturers of filters: choose quality

On the shelves of stores there is a wide variety of filters from different companies. How not to make a mistake and choose a quality product? Dachnikov worried about not only the durability of the model and good water purification, but also the cost of the filter.

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The basis of the assortment is pitchers and nozzles on the crane. Affordable price and ease of operation made the brand popular. Filters are convenient and compact, do not take up much space in the room. The cartridge is replaced by yourself.

The company guarantees the quality of its products. The buyer can choose a model that fits the color and shape for the design of his kitchen.


The company offers a choice of models with several degrees of purification. Replaceable cartridges can be combined depending on the contamination and water structure, creating an individual cleaning option. Filters disinfect water, making it suitable for drinking without heat treatment.

The company gives a guarantee on all products and accessories. Consultants can get all the necessary information on installation and operation of each specific model for water purification in the country.


The manufacturer offers a wide range of filters from jugs to purification systems. The highest quality products made the company a leader in the market. Installing in the house or at the dacha filters "Aquaphor you can not doubt the safety of purified water.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee on the goods and accessories. Specialists of the company offer assistance in the installation of equipment and proper operation.

«Ecowaters System»

The company produces high-quality filters for domestic and industrial use. There is on the market more than 100 years. Products are distinguished by their durability, high-quality materials and modern technical characteristics.

The cost of this company's filters is high. The most budgetary option is 6, 00 rubles. Installed as a central water pipe, and under the sink. The manufacturer gives a guarantee on all kinds of goods and accessories.

We clean the water in the apartment

Water filters for the plumbing in the apartment are necessary. Chlorine and impurities contained in tap water are detrimental to the human body. Children and elderly people are especially affected, they are more susceptible to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and skin.

Processed water at the water supply station requires additional treatment of rust impurities, chlorine compounds and lime. Filters improve the taste of water, disinfect and soften it.

Trunk filters are installed in the water pipe, which protect the ingress of coarse particles into the plumbing, washing machine, heating system. First put the mesh filters for rough cleaning. Then install mechanical filters with polypropylene cleaning. They filter out the smallest particles of the slurry. Fine filters are placed directly in the kitchen. They disinfect water, killing pathogens.

To mitigate and deodorize, individual cartridges suitable for a particular water structure can be used. In the shower cubicle, it is recommended to install a filter nozzle that will protect the skin and hair from the harmful effects of chlorine compounds, eliminate the unpleasant odor.

For final cleaning, drinking water can be passed through a filter jug. The water will be softer and more delicious. If you need a small amount of highly purified liquid, use an aquarium filter. It will rid the water of all hard and viscous particles, pathogens and bacteria.

Filters for water must be installed not only in the apartment, but also in the country. Apparent clean and transparent water from a well or water pipe, can be detrimental to the health of your family. Chemical impurities and suspensions poison the body, exacerbating chronic diseases. By properly selecting and installing the filter, you can not doubt the safety of drinking water.

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