Review of Haier washing machines

Washing machine Haier is not so common on the territory of the Russian Federation as "Atlant LG or "Bosch therefore not every buyer knows where the cars of this brand are produced. Let's say right away that "Hayer" is a Chinese company that produces household appliances at attractive prices.

Next, we'll look at the details of the production, the pros and cons of the machines of this brand and make a brief overview of the popular models.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do Haier washing machines
  • 2Characteristics of washing machines "Hyer"
  • 3Which model to choose
    • 3.1Haier HWD70-1482S
    • 3.2Haier HW60-12266AS
    • 3.3Haier HW60-1082S
    • 3.4Haier HW80-BD1626

Where do Haier washing machines

The manufacturer is based in China, the company was founded in the 80s of the XX century. Translating the word "Haier" into Russian, we get the word "sea". Quite justified name for the brand, which produces a huge variety of home appliances, electronics, TV and audio devices.

The first factory the company built in the 20s of last century - then the company produced only refrigerators. And by the 84th year the corporation nearly went bankrupt. To avoid collapse, the brand was transferred to the management of the "Qingdao Refrigeration Company" - then the name was changed to Haier.

Where do Haier washing machines

The Haier brand, known not only in Asia, but all over the world, has taken on the goal of creating high-quality innovative equipment tailored to the needs of the market. And the main "chip" of all the products of Hayer is an acceptable cost.

The fact that the main offices are located in the PRC does not mean that all the sticks are for sure Chinese - the factories are scattered all over the world. So, production is established in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, in Jordan and the United States. As many as 5 plants are in Africa.

There is a plant in Russia, and its location is the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

Where do Haier washing machines

Despite the fact that there is a Haier plant in Russia, you can find another assembly in stores. Therefore, ask the seller where the equipment is being manufactured, which is being sold by a particular store.

Characteristics of washing machines "Hyer"

Based on the reports of service centers and customer feedback, it is possible to highlight the advantages and disadvantages, the main characteristics of the "Hayer" brand cars. Among the advantages we note the following:

  • Economic performance. These machines save not only electricity, but also water, so there is a real chance to cut expenses for the communal.
  • High quality of washing. Users especially praise the program for washing children's underwear, as well as a mode for down jackets and down duvets.
  • Modest dimensions. Narrow stylals have long attracted buyers - with them you can save a lot of space. Chinese Haier models are not inferior to the world trend, while still quite roomy - up to 6 kg of laundry. Small sizes do not affect the quality of washing - contrary to prevailing stereotypes.
  • Relative noiselessness. It is known that silent SMA does not happen, but the engine with direct drive, in which there is no belt transmission, reduces noise at times. Another positive point - 12 years warranty for the electric motor.
  • High functionality. All necessary programs are provided, accompanied by intuitive controls. There is a quick wash function, designed for only a quarter of an hour (15 minutes).
  • Innovation in every new line. So, the Smart Dosing option is created to calculate the required volume of powder and rinse aid for each wash cycle. A clever system analyzes the washing schedule, turbidity and water hardness.
    No less useful function Smart Dual Spray is guarding the purity of the seal.

Characteristics of washing machines

  • Pleasant value. From a wide range, you can choose a model at a price of 25 000 to 70 000 rubles. This does not make technology the cheapest, but does not refer it to an expensive segment.

Important! Another plus that distinguishes the washing machine brand "Hayer" - a three-year warranty.

There is no technology without flaws, so Haier's stilettos have a number of drawbacks, which we have no right to keep silent about:

  • According to users, during the spinning at the highest speed, things are torn and spoiled.
  • More than once, buyers have noted not the best rinse quality and the need to use an additional rinse cycle, which makes the operation of CM more expensive.
  • Insufficient functionality of individual models, in the description and functionality of which important modes did not enter, such as separate rinsing, regulation of spinning power and so on.
  • Failure until the end of the warranty period, even in the first months of use.

Attention! All these disadvantages can be subjective - before using the machine, read the instructions. This will protect against spoilage of things during spinning or from breakages in the early stages of the operation of equipment.

Which model to choose

To make your choice definitive, we offer an overview, which includes the most popular and functional models. Read the technical specifications of Hyer machines to make a purchasing decision.

Important! The review presents the most popular models, about which you can find reviews on the network.

Haier HWD70-1482S

Haier HWD70-1482S

Full-size machine with drying. The LCD monitor helps in the management.

For 1 cycle, you can wash 7 kg of laundry and dry 4 kg. There are 12 modes, and the maximum spin speed is 1400 rpm.

Built-in disinfection technology that protects the manhole cuff. The detergent drawer is covered with a layer that prevents the development of mold. The system of protection on 9 steps is introduced, among which the protection of the electric motor from excessive heating is especially important.

The price of the model is within 50 000 rubles.

Haier HW60-12266AS

A narrow machine, the depth of which is only 45 centimeters. With such dimensions, it erases up to 6 kg of laundry, squeezes at a speed of up to 1200 revolutions.

Provides all the necessary modes, among which there are "Children's things "Sportswear" and others. Users are positive about the model, as it erases and works quietly.

Among the shortcomings - an inflated price for a modest functional and the lack of the ability to separately rinse the laundry.

The price on the market is about 2, 00 rubles.

Haier HW60-12266AS

Haier HW60-1082S

Another model for a small room, designed for washing 6 kg of things. Spin - up to 1000 rpm; 12 programs, among which users mark "Removing stains". The most optimal ratio of cost and quality according to customers.

Among the minuses, users noted the rapid attenuation of the display. The market price is within 27 thousand rubles.

Haier HW60-1082S

Haier HW80-BD1626

A machine with standard dimensions for washing large quantities of laundry up to 8 kg. During spinning, the drum accelerates to 1600 revolutions per minute.

The model is equipped with 16 programs. Functionality is expanded due to the modes "Jeans "Removing stains "Starching". Antibacterial function, a system that prevents leaks, the option of self-diagnosis of breakdowns.

The car is worth more than 60 000 rubles, which is hardly reasonable - competitors with the same functionality offer more attractive prices.

Haier HW80-BD1626

As a conclusion, we say that AGR of the brand "Hayer" refutes rumors that goods from China can not be of high quality. Production of machines is exclusively factory, which is confirmed by certificates of the European model. Therefore, safely choose the right model, the main thing - determine in advance what functionality you need to not overpay.

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