How to use the mode "Hand wash" in the washing machine

Do you want your clothes not to stretch when washing? Then it is recommended to install the “Handwash” mode in the washing machine.

Let's see what benefits this program gives us, how effective and easy it is to use it.

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  • 1 Handwash program effectiveness
    • 1.1 Designation
    • 1.2 Proper use of
  • 2 Alternative choice

Handwash program effectiveness

What does it mean that the program is hand-washed? Installed in an automatic washing machine, it helps to wash things delicately, neatly due to the low water temperature( 30-40 °).

If you are interested in how to wash in a washing machine without spinning, make a choice in favor of the manual mode. Spin in this case is not carried out, and the drum slowly scrolls.

Due to the smaller load of linen( half of the maximum capacity), things are not so crumpled and rub against each other. Therefore, less wear, and rinsing takes place qualitatively.


How to choose the right mode of handwashing in a washing machine? Different brands of styralok provide their own designations. Some display a hand icon with a basin of water. Some simply sign each program. Let's understand:

  • The brands of Bosch washing machines have badges that are easy to decipher thanks to the manual. Even if the user's manual is lost, and your things need careful cleaning, set the temperature to no more than 30 degrees and turn off the spin, or keep it to a minimum.
  • Samsung manufacturers have designated standard modes with icons, they are easy to read and remember.
  • CAN models from Zanussi allow you to set the temperature by turning the selector on the control panel. Then use the keys to set additional parameters.

In some models, you can choose a delicate program. What distinguishes hand washing from delicate? Only by the fact that for different brands it is carried out either with or without spinning.

Proper use of

A manual program is not allowed to erase every thing in the AGR.Too soiled linen is not washed, it is better to pre-soak for 20-30 minutes.

Use a hand-wash program in a typewriter for:

  • delicate materials with lace, frill, pleating, decor;
  • natural fabrics( wool, silk);
  • membrane things;
  • bright linen;
  • outerwear: jacket, down jacket, coat.

If you find it difficult to determine the type of fabric, look at the label that is on the clothes. Usually there is indicated the required temperature.

To help you table with the legend:

How long does the handwash in the washing machine last? Approximately 1 hour and 2 minutes. Based on the model you have, time may vary slightly.

Find out what program can be installed for careful cleaning of things in addition to hand washing.

Alternative choice

We have already told you how to set the manual mode yourself. Now how else can you carefully care for things. For a particular brand, you can choose "Delicate" or "Gentle washing."Also the mode of washing specific fabrics, for example, wool or silk.

If the label states the prohibition of machine wash, do not neglect these recommendations. Sometimes hand care is justified to preserve the quality and attractiveness of the fabric.

Choose the right programs for each fabric, then your clothes will keep a bright and neat appearance longer.

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