Watering hose for garden or washing machine, made in China

machine wash hoseWatering hose - a convenient and indispensable device for owners of country houses and suburban areas. With it, you can adjust the flow of water to the place you need: the garden, car, flowers, garden, lawn and other objects.

You can order goods at a good price from Aliexpress. The presented modification of the hose is best sold on the site. More than 50 different sellers offer this model. Consider a lot with the best price and good reviews from buyers.

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hose on AliexpressThe main advantage of this lot is the delivery of goods from a warehouse in Russia. This means that you do not have to wait a month or more. Free shipping will take only 5 to 15 days, as the seller claims.

The cost of goods depends on the size of the hose. The following options are available:

  1. 15 meters - 314 rubles.
  2. 22 meters - 857 rubles.
  3. 30 meters - 906 rubles.
  4. 45 meters - 1042 rubles.
  5. 60 meters - 1 226 rubles.
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soft durable materialProduct material - rubber.

water head adjustmentThe user can adjust the water pressure.

change in length under the pressure of waterThe tight structure of the hose material provides resistance to damage. Such a product will serve you for a long time.

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hose outletA similar model of a watering hose in domestic stores will cost 780 rubles per 22.5 meters. A bit cheaper than in China, however, it should be noted that the site has a paid delivery (from 120 rubles and more, depending on the weight of the package). In addition, the choice of the length of the product is missing.

Video about sending from Aliexpress with a watering hose:

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