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Effectively blooming lilies from ancient times attracted the attention of the foreheadcentury. Modern classification, describing the species, hybrids of lilies, varieties with photos and names, will help to assess the diversity, will amaze with incredible brightness and splendor of colors.

Perennial flowering plants, forming a numerous genus, have been known since antiquity. Mention of lilies and images of large flowers can be found in sources from ancient Greece, Egypt, the countries of the Middle East and southeast Asia.

Species variety of lilies

Our ancestors admired the perfect shape of flowers, their aroma and variety of colors. Today, lovers of garden flowers have access to varieties of lilies from different parts of the world, as well as hybrids and varieties obtained from their crossing.

White Lily( Lilium candidum)

In Europe, with particular trepidation, they treated the white or snow-white lily( Lilium candidum), considering it to be the benchmark of divine purity and integrity. The plant from the Mediterranean region was valued by the Hellenes, later, with the spread of Christianity, it was revered as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. And then the funnel-shaped flower with a diameter of up to 7 cm became the prototype for the heraldic royal lily, which decorated the emblems of many royal dynasties of Western Europe. Today, the species is well known to flower growers; on its basis, many remarkable varieties and hybrids have been obtained, which differ from wild ancestors by their greater endurance and large flowers.

L. martagon lily( AS martgon)

Another known variety is the martagon lily( Lilium martagon), which many people know as royal curls or Turkish lily. The name of a plant up to 150 cm tall is due to the flowers of the original turbid-shaped form with petals curved or twisted outwards. Coloring lilies may be different.

Most often they are found with pinkish-lilac flowers, however, thanks to the efforts of breeders, white, wine-red and even almost black lilies, characterized by remarkable endurance, winter hardiness and regular flowering occurring in the first half of summer, are obtained.

Regal Lily( L. regale)

The regal lily( Lilium regale) won incredible popularity among flower growers due to the beauty of flowers and fascinating scent.

The plant is originally from the Chinese province of Sichuan, forms an upright stalk in height from 100 to 180 cm. Flowering begins in mid-July, and at its height up to three dozen large buds can be found on a single plant. Flowers with a diameter of up to 15 cm are highlighted with a tubular form, pinkish coloring of the outer surface of the petals and a soft yellow spot in the center of the corolla. The stamens covered with bright yellow pollen give additional decorativeness to flowers.

A popular species widely used by breeders. On the basis of this variety, many tubular hybrids and lily varieties have been obtained, the photos and names of which make the hearts of thousands of garden flower lovers tremble.

Tiger lily( L. lancifolium)

From Asia, Russian tiger lily or lanceolate( Lilium lancifolium) has fallen into Russian gardens. An unpretentious, vegetatively propagated plant can be easily recognized by the lanceolate pointed leaves arranged alternately on the stem, and the orange-colored or yellowish talmiform flowers. Petals cover brown or black spots, because of which the lily got its specific name.

The flowering of plants up to 120 cm in height begins in the second half of summer, with up to 15 showy flowers may open on the stem. In addition to varieties with ordinary flowers, today breeders offer terry varieties of tiger lilies, as well as its hybrids with other related forms.

Hybrids and varieties of lilies with names and photos of flowers

Once in the hands of scientists and breeders, lilies from different parts of the world became the source material for obtaining interspecific hybrids and unique varieties with amazing appearance.

The emergence of all new plants has forced experts to seriously engage in a new classification of lilies. In the middle of the last century, such a registry was created. Today it includes a dozen, constantly replenishing and changing sections, most of which are devoted to hybrid forms.

Asiatic lilies: varieties with photos and names

The most numerous is the family of Asiatic hybrids, bearing features of such species as tiger, spotted, pennsylvania, dwarf lilies, as well as David and Maksimović lilies.

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Brief descriptions, photos and names of Asian lily lilies will help you to get an idea of ​​the magnificent garden plants with unpretentious character, high winter hardiness and long flowering period. The group has more than five thousand varieties, striking stunning monophonic and multi-colored petals, simple and terry corolla with a diameter of up to 14 cm.

Depending on the variety, plant height varies from 40 to 150 cm. Flowering takes place from June to late summer. Therefore, the grower will not leave the labor to choose Asian lilies for any place on the flowerbed.

The only drawback is the lack of smell, which is so attracted to royal lilies and other hybrid forms.

Bright yellow petals in mid-summer are attracted by the lily of Nove Cento. The variety is distinguished not only by the duration of flowering, but also by the size of the rims on the stems up to a meter in height. Flowers with a diameter of 16 cm in the center are covered with a reddish-orange blush, which emphasizes bright pollen.

A yellow lily of Fata Morgana with spectacular double flowers up to 16 cm in diameter is ready to become a vivid accent in any flower garden. Petals in the center are covered with brown-orange speckles, reminiscent of the origin of the hybrid. The height of the stem, covered with stiff dark green foliage, is 90–100 cm.

Anyone who is not indifferent to delicate pink flowers will definitely like Elodie Lily with terry corolla about 15 cm in diameter. Close to the center of the flower, black dots and purple are easy to noticepink touches. The mouth of the corolla has a greenish-yellow color. In a flowerbed, the plant will not be lost due to upright stems up to 120 cm high. Flowering, like in other Asian lilies, lasts the entire first half of summer. With the onset of the cold period, the bulbs do not require digging and withstand temperatures down to –30 ° C.

Flowers of Asian hybrids can be not only monophonic. A photo of a lily variety with the name of Mystery Dream invariably causes a lot of excitement among the most sophisticated garden flower lovers. Greenish-white petals are decorated with raspberry or wine brushstrokes and splashes.

Another spectacular variety is Lily Black Eye, bred by Dutch breeders. Its white petals are framed by a purple border, and in the center of the corolla up to 15 cm in diameter from afar there is a thick, almost black shade. With proper planting and proper care, flowering of this plant lasts up to four weeks, from June to July.

Lilia Lollipop is one of the most famous varieties of this magnificent ornamental plant. Stems 70 cm high crowned with simple white flowers with pinkish and crimson brushstrokes on the tips of the petals. Unpretentious culture grows well in the garden, can be used for gardening balconies, terraces and for off-season forcing.

A selection of such variegated varieties will make a flower bed unique, unforgettably bright. The bright color of lilies Lion heart combines rich yellow and purple-black tones. Plants grow up to 80 cm in height and at the height of summer are covered with flowers with a diameter of about 10-14 cm.

Asiatic lily Marlene was especially famous. A plant with large, odorless, white-pink flowers is prone to fasciation, that is, to splicing a few points of growth, the formation of one powerful stem and many buds on it. Thanks to this phenomenon, the grower can observe the simultaneous flowering of several dozen spectacular rims.

Oriental lily hybrids

Spectacular oriental lilies that amaze with the magnificence of large flowers, fancy colors and shapes are the result of painstaking selection work, which was based on varieties originally from East Asia.

The group of eastern hybrids unites almost one and a half thousand varieties. With all the variety, these plants can be recognized by common features. These are:

  • corrugated edges and colored edging along the edge of the petals;
  • mainly pink, red and white colors;
  • bloom in the second half of summer and in September;
  • is thermophilic and demanding to the quality of care.

Lilia Stargeizer, as well as other representatives of the eastern group, is equally good in a flowerbed and in a vase. On strong leafy stems with a height of 80 to 150 cm, very large white and pink flowers with a white border on the edge of the petals and raspberry specks scattered in the center are revealed. The flowers are fragrant, their diameter is 17 cm.

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Lily Salmon Star is even more tall and decorative. Fragrant flowers of this variety reach a diameter of 20 cm and keep on the stems up to 200 cm tall. The color of the petals is dominated by pale pink, salmon and golden yellow tones. The central part of the corolla is covered with orange and reddish specks.

Tubular lily hybrids

As a result of the crossing of Asian species, they poured with an elongated corolla shape, an unassuming temper and high winter-resistance were called tubular hybrids.

These plants rarely get sick, they are not afraid of Russian winters, they bloom for a long time and continuously. In addition to these advantages, they have the ability to multiply and vegetative methods, and seeds, and their flowers are extremely fragrant. Today, at the disposal of flower growers, hundreds and thousands of spectacular varieties of a wide variety of colors, from pure white to deep pink and bright yellow.

White Haven white lily blooms are fragrant white flowers that open gracefully on meter-high stems. The variety is distinguished by the refined shape of the rims, their large size and unpretentiousness in care.

The flowering of tubular lilies takes place during July and August, accompanied by a rich aroma that intensifies in the evening.

Pink and lilac flowers of Pink Perfection lily rise 120-180 cm above the soil level. The corolla is 13 cm long and the petals open 11 cm. In the inflorescence there can be from 3 to 7 buds that do not fade for a long time and can be used for cutting.

Interspecific hybrids of lilies

The possibility of obtaining not only closely related, but also interspecific forms of lilies inspired scientists to create plants, the appearance of which in nature would be simply impossible. Today, hybrids, named after the first letters of the parent species, are becoming more and more popular.

Hybrid specimens take the best qualities from their ancestors, so there is a real chance for florists to replenish their collection in a flower bed with spectacular and strikingly easy-to-care flowers.

OT-hybrids and varieties of lilies with photos and descriptions of

OT-hybrids that are in demand today originated from oriental and tubular lilies. Although the first plant varieties were obtained only 20 years ago, over the years the group has become one of the most attractive for growers. Reason for success:

  • combination of large buds, forming a multi-flowered inflorescence;
  • a huge selection of colors, including two-and even tricolor options;
  • are tall stems that allow you to call these hybrids "tree lilies," such as the Priti Wumen lily.

The flowering period begins in mid-summer and lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. At the same time, the varieties of this group are fragrant, which for many fans the lily is an indisputable advantage.

The lily Anastasia should definitely be included among the large-flowered plants. The spectacular OT-hybrid strikes with pink beaters with a diameter of 20 to 25 cm. Petals of flowers are effectively bent, painted in crimson-pink tones and form a wide funnel towards the center of the corolla. The central line on each petal is drawn with a bright carmine shade. The center of the flower and the edges of the petals are almost white. In the best way the plant shows its qualities in well-lit areas with fertile, friable soil.

Lilies prefer neutral or slightly acidic soil, need regular weeding, watering and feeding, especially in preparation for flowering.

The height of the stems, the type of lily, Pretty Vumen, reaches 180 cm, and the flowers that bloom on top can compete in size with table plates. The diameter of the white fragrant corolla is 20–25 cm. The variety is rightly recognized as one of the most spectacular among OT hybrids and other garden lilies.

Large flower buds and just opened corollas are painted white, pale pink and greenish yellow in the center of the flower tone. While flowering lasts, the whisk gradually turns white, but does not lose its rich flavor.

Universal flowers demonstrate resistance not only in a flowerbed, but also in a bouquet. Despite the seeming fragility, the buds can be transported, they are perfectly fresh in cutting and do not fade for about two weeks. Expressive flowers with folded petals and spectacular color are decorated with tall stamens with reddish-brown anthers.

Adult bulbs with full care can grow two-meter stalks of two meters and carry up to 30 large buds. Flowering begins in mid-July and lasts about a month under favorable conditions.

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Lilia Exotic San - an example of a hybrid with semi-double flowers. The corollas of a lemon-yellow color really resemble a bright sun above the lush green of the rainforest. The diameter of the flower is about 20 cm, on the stem with a height of 100 to 120 cm such buds can be from 1 to 5.

The variety of lilies Frizo derived by Dutch breeders belongs to abundantly flowering species. The corollas bear the features of the parental, oriental species, as indicated by the pink-crimson base of the petals and the white wide border around the edges. The wide neck of the corolla is colored greenish or yellow. Stems, compared with the fellow group, are small. Their height is 120 cm.

The variety of lilies Friso is distinguished by unpretentiousness and winter hardiness. Under a thick layer of mulch, fallen leaves, or under other shelter of a bulb, they endure frosts up to 35 ° C without loss.

Lily Apricot Fuji is not like any other variety. The uniqueness of the plant consists in the original form of flowers that more resemble tulips than lilies. The second feature is the warm, apricot hue of the petals and the pistils towering above them. As the color of the petals dissolves, yellow nuances appear that become prevailing.

Stems, compared to other varieties of OT hybrids, are low and barely reach a length of 100–120 cm. The flowers have a diameter of 12–16 cm.

Fans of garden lilies, not indifferent to dark colors, rich colors, will appreciate the variety of lilies Purpl Prince. Crowning strong, erect stems buds are painted in dark purple, almost black shades. When the halo opens, the color of the petals becomes purple-carmine, iridescent, noble, like aged wine. The luxurious appearance of 25 centimeric flowers is supported by petals bent outward, as if made of silk.

The lily family of garden varieties is constantly expanding and being replenished with new original plants. Hybrids take the best traits of ancestors.for example, endurance, expressiveness and duration of flowering.

Lilies belonging to the groups of longiflorum and oriental varieties, as a result of crossing gave hybrids, called LO.Delicate flowers, painted in yellow, white and pink tones of varying intensity, in shape resemble a short tube or funnel with a diameter of 10 to 20 cm.

Buds stick on stems covered with dark green leaves up to 130 cm in height. As they dissolve, flowers fill the air with stronga scent that does not fade until the flowers wither.

Bright lily African Quinn instantly attracts attention due to the orange and cream color of the petals and the elongated corolla typical of tubular hybrids. Large buds, combined by 3-5 pieces, when opening, become flowers, the diameter of which sometimes exceeds 15 cm. With proper care, the stems grow to a height of 120 centimeters. The variety is suitable for group and single planting, will not be lost in a flowerbed or in a vase with other plants.

A bright large-flowered lily Triumphator from Dutch scientists and flower growers will become a real flower garden decoration. The variety created at the beginning of this century attracts attention:

  • high, up to 140 cm stems;
  • flowers with a diameter of 20-25 cm;
  • coloring more characteristic of eastern hybrids;
  • persistent sweet aroma.

Mass flowering lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, from the second half of summer. Durability of flowers is preserved after cutting, so the lily is desirable in the most lush bouquets.

Hybrids obtained from the crossing of Asian and long-flowered lilies by the names of their parental forms were designated as LA.the plants took the endurance and vividness of flowers from the oriental ancestors, and the lilies longiflorum provided the new varieties with outstanding rim sizes.

An example of such a successful union is the variety of lilies presented in the photo with the name Royal Sunset. Flowers in the red and yellow tones are equally good in the sun and in the shade, the bulbs are not afraid of frost and form buds by the middle of June.

Another new group of hybrid plants obtained from the Oriental and Asian varieties. OA hybrids are not as high as the oriental varieties, but they are no less beautiful and, like the eastern lilies, are not very demanding to care.

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