Cute shrub with healthy berries - shadberry

The content of the articleAmong them are a nice shrub - shadberry, berries, bark and leaves of which have a number of useful properties.

This deciduous shrub grows throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It can be found in North Africa and America, in the countries of the Far East, in the Caucasus and in the Crimea. Often it grows in forest glades, in the mountains and among the thickets of various shrubs.

Irga perfectly feels on any soil, except for the marshland, where there are still waters. The main thing is to have enough light to ripen the fruit. In such conditions, the berries are large, juicy and healthy. This is especially true for cultivated varieties. On average, from each such shrub can collect up to 15 kg of berries during the entire period of fruit ripening.

General description of the shrub and its beneficial properties

Deciduous shrub shadberry confidently takes its place of honor in the suburban areas of greenery. Especially attractive plant looks in early spring. When the first leaves appear on the branches, the bush is covered with delicate villi. From the outside, it seems that he is dressed in a silver shawl, which gives the plant a unique charm. In the photo of the irgi you can see a lot of cute flowers adorning the spring shrub. They are pink or white.

When the inflorescences begin to fall off, along with them disappear the delicate villi, which covered the green leaves. Often the shrub leaf plate may be olive or pinkish in color.

The bark of the trunk is usually gray or brown with a pinkish sheen. To the touch it is slightly velvety.

The leaves and bark of the shrub have excellent medicinal properties. They are thoroughly dried, crushed and stored in a cool place. Useful substances last about 2 years.

The plant has a thick crown of simple green or gray leaves. During the fruiting period on the shrub, you can see miniature fruits with pink barrels, collected on one hand. The unripe berries are cream colored, and when ripe, they are purple or purple.

Berries irgi have a pleasant taste. Delicate sweetness and juiciness of the fruit attracts small children and adults. Garden birds love them to eat, after which they spread the seeds of shadberry throughout the district.

Berries should be collected from the shrub only in ripe form. Otherwise, they will lose their healing properties.

The composition of each fruit includes a huge number of nutrients:

  • dietary fiber - up to 25 percent;
  • glucose;
  • fructose;
  • vitamins: C, P, B;
  • pectin;
  • phytosterols;
  • carotene;
  • fiber;
  • various micronutrients.
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Each of these components has a beneficial effect on the human body.

The beneficial properties of the irgi berry appear when it is used:

  • for strengthening the intestinal walls;
  • improve digestion;
  • in vascular heart disease;
  • with a lack of vitamins;
  • against sore throat or tonsillitis;
  • to maintain a diet;
  • as a sedative.

Often the juice from the fruits of this shrub is attributed to the elderly, for the good work of the heart. Infusion of inflorescences helps to normalize sleep and pressure. On the presented photo of the rygi berry its external features are clearly visible.

In cooking, the fruits of the shrub are used to prepare various beverages, jams or jams. Raw berries are used as a filling for pies, tartlets and even cakes. They make fragrant marmalade and purple marshmallows.

Fruits are amenable to drying, while preserving the vitamin set. In winter, one can make a decoction to increase immunity.

To get the maximum benefit from the use of wonderful berries, you should consider the contraindications and beneficial properties of irgi. For example, if a person suffers from poor blood clotting - the fruits can harm him. This is especially true of those who work with various dangerous devices. If you are injured, stopping the bleeding will be much more difficult.

Berry is also useful as a sedative, but its frequent use leads to a delayed reaction. This should be thought to drivers of cars that are in constant tension. At a crucial moment, they can lose their vigilance and suffer. Therefore, it is wiser to adhere to the golden principle - it is better to a little bit different than to focus on one thing.

In order not to lose the ripened crop of berries, it is advisable to install a scarecrow on the shrub. Otherwise, the birds, who love the purple fruit of irgie, will be replenished with vitamin reserves, and people will be left with nothing.

Familiarity with the variety of varieties

A pretty green plant that adorns country houses and villas, attracts the attention of gardeners. In the photo, the shrub irga is shown against the background of other park cultures, as its bright zest. According to some reports, there are about 25 species of this plant. Some of them are particularly beautiful.

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Irga Canadian

A charming variety in the territory of northern latitudes - Canadian shad. Some people know it as a wine berry or northerly grapes. From its wonderful fruits prepare a miracle drink, which is similar to wine.

Shrub can grow up to 7 meters. Its oblong stems form a broad, dense, oval-shaped crown. The leaves of the shrub have an ovoid shape, an unusual color. When the plant is only blooming, they are brownish, in summer - gray-gray, and in autumn - reddish or golden.

To the touch, the sheet plate is soft with a soft fuzz, slightly rough. A shrub blossoms in late spring with large white flowers that are collected in elegant brushes.

The fruits of the shrub resemble wild rose. Round light pink "apples" as they ripen acquire first a blue and then a purple tint. Ripe fruits are covered with wax. The taste is sweet, because the berries contain little acid and a lot of sugar.

In nature, there are various types of such shrubs. Description varieties of shadberry Canadian indicate the charms of this useful plant:

  1. Slate .This Canadian irga is distinguished by large black fruits, which have an increased sweetness. The bush grows up to 2 meters and is decorated with a wide crown of drooping gray branches. In the spring, the leaves are colored green, and in the fall they become bright red.
  1. Mandam. The peculiarity of this variety is round sweet berries, sometimes flattened. The bush has a spreading crown and grows up to 3 meters.
  1. Ballerina. Bred variety breeders. Reaches 6 meter height in adulthood. Feature - color leaves. At first they are bronze-colored, and eventually become green. In the fall they get a purple hue.

Snow-white inflorescences are collected in brushes on which dark red fruits develop. As they mature, they become almost black.

If there is a desire to grow bushes in urban environments, “Ballerina” tolerates gas pollution. In this case, the berries do not accumulate harmful substances.

Irga Lamarck

Deciduous large shrub plant - Irga Lamarck reaches up to 5 m in height. Differs in green leaves of an oval form with a gear frame.

Inflorescence small size, white. On the bush appear in huge quantities, which looks very beautiful. Fruits of irgi Lamarck have useful properties, so they are widely used in cooking.

Irga vulgaris

This fruiting, deciduous, upright shrub grows up to 3 m in height. It has a wide crown, consisting of thin branches. At first they are silver in color, and with age they acquire a brown tint. On the tips of young shoots formed corymbose inflorescences resembling stars. The buds are usually white with a pinkish tinge. Bloom about 10 days. During this period, the bush looks especially attractive against the background of other garden plants.

Irga vulgaris can grow in one place for about 15 years. She is not afraid of strong winds, droughts or frost.

Healing berries appear when the shrub is at least 4 years old. In size, they are slightly smaller than those cultivated by artificial means. Color - dark blue, almost black with a whitish bloom.

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Irga round-leaved

Deciduous garden shrub - round-leaved shad reaches 4.5 m in height. Her young shoots slightly lowered. They are painted in bright brown color.

Sheet plate, on average - 3.5 cm wide, and 4 cm long. The upper part is painted in dark green color, the bottom - with a pale white tint. In the autumn period becomes scarlet and bright yellow. Form in the form of an ellipse, the tip is oval. Framing sheet toothed.

Inflorescences in the form of corymbodoid racemes up to 10 flowers of white, yellowish or cream color. The berries on the bush appear first green, then scarlet. When fully matured, they acquire a dark blue, almost black color. Each fruit is distinguished by a gray bloom. They have beneficial properties, slightly acidic in taste. Ripen gradually, starting in July.

Irga spiky

A shrub of this type during the flowering period resembles a fragrant bird cherry. It is a compact version of an ornamental plant in height from 2 to 6 m.

Irga spikelet has oval-shaped leaflets with small notches. During flowering, they are almost invisible due to the variety of white or pinkish inflorescences. Later, the shrub is covered with medicinal berries with an unusual sweet taste.

Representatives of this variety live to 30 years of age. This makes them leaders against the background of other fruit bushes.

Irga spiky can tolerate frosts over 15 degrees, for which it is valued by the inhabitants of Siberia.

Acquainted with such a pretty plant, you can see that it is a double benefit. This is the original decoration of the suburban area, and a storehouse of useful substances at hand. Is it wise to pass by the magnificent garden irgi? This is worth thinking about.

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