Garden Saw from China

Garden trees require no less attention than vegetable beds or flower beds. Pruning of fruit and berry plants is necessary to regulate the load and increase yields. Removing the dying off branches improves the penetration of light, speeds up the circulation of nutrients and has a rejuvenating effect.

Sanitary pruning of trees is carried out in the spring before the onset of the growing season. For “green patients,” this process should be as painless as possible, so there are always the necessary tools in the arsenal of experienced summer residents.

In addition to the pruners and pruners that are familiar to us, a garden saw is used for cutting trunks and thick branches. This tool is easy to find in any hypermarket, household goods store or building materials.

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Folding garden saws are in the greatest demand because of their compact size. For example, the product of the Finnish brand “Fiskars” weighs only 0.13 kg. The stainless steel blade( length 16 cm.), Ergonomic handle and teeth, divorced in two directions, make boring country work a pleasure. Such a garden saw will cost at least 1300 rubles.

On AliExpress, a large Chinese market, they often order folding hacksaws made of manganese steel. For safety reasons, the manufacturer has installed a “safety lock”, preventing accidental unfolding of the saw. Discounted product price - 587 rubles.

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Reviews note a comfortable rubberized grip and optimum blade length - 17.7 cm. One of the buyers tested the product from China - the hacksaw perfectly coped with a 15-centimeter branch. Removing dry branches with a garden saw does not require certain skills or the use of brute force by men, so even fragile young ladies will be able to tidy up their apple orchard.

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During the operation, it turned out that manganese steel has poor contact with water. After sanitizing wet wood, the saw must be wiped and stored in a dry place.

Most buyers, despite the "fragility" and detected minor defects of the blade, were satisfied with the purchase. Based on the reviews, we advise you to buy a garden saw from China only on sales days, because in Russian and Ukrainian online stores you can easily find similar products at a low price.

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