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For rabbits, chinchillas, dogs, nutria and chickens, special boxes from the grid are very necessary. In them, animals feel free and comfortable. It is also a godsend for the herdsman, because in such buildings you can contain an unlimited number of individuals. It is best to make such a primitive structure yourself, and it is made very simply. However, in this case, you can not do without a staple tool from China, as well as a set of brackets.


This unique mechanism allows you to make cell assembly several times easier and faster. Working with grids and other core materials, the master will not notice how quickly time passes. Moreover, the clipper is applicable to perform many other installation work. It is used to assemble:

  • car seat / seat;
  • mattresses( Bonnel type spring blocks);
  • barbed wire, as a protective fence;
  • fence;
  • netting;
  • irrigation / irrigation system;
  • gabion( galvanized mesh construction, filled with stones);
  • holder for plants.
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The versatility of this device is amazing. It easily connects all types of wire and rods. Still, the clamping tool is indispensable in the poultry industry and farming. At the same time, it helps to repair various items used in the household without any problems.

Advantages of the

model If the owner has such a device, then he will not need expensive welding equipment. The disadvantage of the connections made by welding is that they very quickly fill with dirt and animal waste. But this clamping mechanism completely replaces the wire strapping, making a reliable fastening at the junction of the boxes. The peculiarity of such a clipper is that it:

  1. Mobile. The compact size, ergonomic design and light weight of the device allow the employee to perform even the most complex tasks.
  2. Easy to use. Mounting can be carried out in hard to reach places and from an inconvenient angle.
  3. Multi-charge. In one go the master can use 30 brackets at once. As a result, he will not need to frequently refill the cassette. Thus, he saves his time and effort. The set includes 600 pcs.
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If you hurry, this miracle of technology can be purchased for only 945 rubles. On AliExpress there are discounts and promotions. In online stores, the cost of such staple-cutting tools varies from 1,200 to 1,500 rubles.

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