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The view that it is beautiful and fashionable to look only that garden in which the owner has invested a lot of strength and money, is partly mistaken. Indeed, with a lot of free time, you can make a real masterpiece from your suburban area, filling it with flowers and a lot of fruit and vegetable plantings. However, busy people will also be able to create a beautiful garden for themselves, while not spending much time on weeding, watering and mowing the lawn. You can safely leave for a couple of weeks, while on your return to the garden nothing will change. In this article, we'll talk about the main points that will help you cope with this task.

Paved areas

The idea is to pave patches of stone and plant drought-resistant crops on them. The thicker the layer of gravel, the less the weeds will be able to break through it.

To completely get rid of harmful plants, you can lace the earth with a film, and pour a primer on top of it. Cuttings are made to plant plants in the film. As a result, you completely get rid of weeds, eliminating weeding from the list of routine cases.

We recommend you try a combination of cobbled floor and raised beds, decorated with bricks. Plant inside can be dwarf trees or shrubs.

As a variant of a drought-resistant plant, try lavender. She lives for a long time and is completely unpretentious in care.

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Planning and focus of attention

Future planning plays a crucial role for lush gardens, and for small areas in the Spartan style. When decorating the courtyard, provide for the installation of walls (for example, from bamboo) to achieve a sense of comfort and security.

If you leave space in the center of the garden, you need to carefully draw the boundaries along the sides. At key points, you can plant evergreens that will convey the overall impression. Even with a small amount, correctly placed trees and ornamental shrubs will create a picture of harmonious design with a minimum of effort expended.

A fountain can become a key point. He will take a large amount of attention, saving you from having to plant many plants to decorate the surrounding territory. This is clearly seen in the example above.

Start using different containers for decorating the garden, without planting plants in them. All kinds of ceramic vases and pots in themselves will be an excellent decoration. It is advantageous to arrange them in shaded areas, where the growth of colors would be difficult.

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You can also use large stones, statues or fragments of rocks. It is best to install tall elongated figures on level open spaces, but bright and abundant in details in those parts of the site where you need to further revive the panorama.

Minimize the number of plant varieties

The amount of time spent on caring for a garden depends not so much on the number of plantings as on the variety of their varieties. Therefore, do not rush to limit yourself to a few shrubs and 2 dwarf trees. You can plant many other plants, but use a minimum of varieties.

Combine them with stone slabs, zoning space and gravel covering the main territory. Additional effect will give small details, like patterned waves created from red stone and laid on gravel.

Often 99% of success will depend on a thoughtful design. For example, a small corner near the wall of the house, planted with heat-loving plants in a stone bed, combined with a wooden flooring, looks very stylish.

We use drought-resistant plants

The idea is that drought-resistant crops need less watering, thereby saving your time. Include them in stone slabs, eliminating the need for weeding weeds. In this case, such a coating will also serve as a background, contrasting with summer flowers.

If you organize an automatic irrigation system, you can almost forget about this kind of routine.

The landscape, executed in the style of wild nature, will look beautiful. An integral part of the decor here will be large boulders and artificially made elevations. Santolina, lavender and cereals perfectly fit in the gamut. The viewer should have the impression that he is looking at a wild garden, where all the elements are located chaotically. If you have achieved such an effect, then the landscape of the site was planned correctly.

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Create an unpretentious garden that does not require constant care, under everyone's power. You will be able to rest more among living plants and less care for their maintenance. Think about design, plant evergreen and drought-resistant plants and do not skimp on large-sized parts for the design of open and boring areas. Then with a minimum of effort your garden will look spectacular and fresh.

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